17:11@ Yesterday at school we had the entrance ceremony for the first year students. This marks the beginning of the new school year, and the crazy workload started already. I came out of the school around 19:30, which is not unusual since Ifm back on the special activities committee. I had to prepare signs for every club activity, because wefre gonna have a special day next week so they can recruit new members.


Today I had my first class with that group of toddlers I talked about before. It went pretty well, I think. We went through the alphabet and basic vocabulary items, numbers from one to ten, and we all colored alphabet sheets together. They made pretty awesome works of art! We ended up playing with Lego blocks, and then played soccer on the street. After the kids were gone, I had gsobah (i.e. cold buckwheat noodles) topped with gnorih, served with a broth of hot gshouyuh (i.e. Japanese soy sauce) mixed with onions and gwasabih to dip the noodles in.@

It was delicious!


Aimy and Ian came back from Jamaica @last week, and Aimy finally posted her pix on Yahoo. Thanx, Aim, awesome pix. Here are a few of them:


Young, good-looking, and takinf it easy in a tropical country...

What else could you ask for?


Same comments as the previous pic, but sexier...


Aimyfs dad kissing a fish!!!@It has to be some kind of fetish considering...


... Aimyfs mom, whofs a real babe!@

No disrespect intended, she (rightfully) says so herself, ok!


Aimyfs brothers, Adam (right) and Alex (left). Maybe I could use their picture to encourage Japanese high school girls to learn English!!!


For those of you who know Ian and Aimy, and interested in seeing the whole series, here they are. This morning I sent a message to Aim on MSN messenger, and what a coincidence, Masaaki was taking a tour of the house at that very moment! Too bad I was already gone to work by the time she replied to me. Hey dude, have a good time in Canada! Gimme a call when youfre back!


Ok, in March I wrote a long bit about how drinks I like in Japanese convenience stores keep disappearing on me. Well, I went back to my first love, Georgia coffee (yep, coffee in a can... look at this page if you think thatfs weird!!!), which is actually a branch of Coca-Cola. By the way, have I ever mentioned I started to drink Georgia coffee, the original, because Naoko Iijima (one of the prettiest babes to walk this earth) was advertising it when I came to Japan? Anyway, not to diverge too much from the subject at hand (although I could argue that Naoko is intrinsically part of it, being the one who was advertising Georgia coffee when I came to Japan, and if I may purposefully repeat myself, one of the hottest babes in the big-ass universe we live in), I think itfs a safe choice. The reason I believe it PROBABLY wonft magically vanish from the shells as soon as I walk into a convenience store, is because the new can of Georgia coffee says: gSince 1975h. Is it unreasonable to assume that a product thatfs been selling for 30 years (that being part of the marketing strategy, and all) will keep on selling for a little bit longer? Only time will tell. Cross my fingers...




Naoko Iijima, one of my favorite Japanese babes.

Naoko Iijima,@advertising Georgia coffee.

Georgia coffee,

the original can.

Georgia coffee,

the new can.

Since 1975 (close-up).