11:57@ @Went out last night and finished the evening with a glass of very delicious Japanese sake. As usual when I drink moderately, I canft sleep very late in the morning... Head buzzing and everything. Need coooooofffffffeeeeeeeeeeeee Yesterday I went to work in Ishinomaki, and Yumi gave me a mixture of milk and coffee jelly to drink. Ok, Ifve been away from home for almost 7 years now, and I kinda feel disconnected sometimes. Is it just me or is the idea of coffee jelly completely weird? I looked it up on the internet, and it seems to be served mainly in Asian countries. If itfs common back home, forgive me for being surprised. Ifve seen it before, so I knew it existed, but never had the gutz to try it. I guess if it had been advertised by Naoko Iijima (one of the most fabulous babes in this big-ass universe), it wouldfve been a different story. Anyway, since Yumi was kind enough to make it for me, I couldnft refuse, of course. The texture was definitely weird (try mixing Jello with milk and drink it down!), but it wasnft that bad after all. I definitely prefer beverages that donft have things floating around in them, lest theyfre ice cubes.

Looks pretty weird!


Itfs sold in a carton, just like milk!!!


Of course, there has to be some funny English on it.


Now I get it! Only a Simpson could have thought of that!


Ok, itfs decided: this yearfs hanami party will be held next Sunday (April 24th) in Tsutsujigaoka park, providing weather is fine. Ifm gonna make a special page today, just for that! (^-^).


Today is pretty gloomy... I gotta go shopping, and go to Dengeki Souko to get my electronic dictionary back. It went crazy last week, but since I had paid an extra 926 yen, the guarantee was extended to 3 years, and I could have it fixed for free. Good call! Toshi is working at Yamanakaya in Yoshinari this week, so wefre gonna go and pay him a visit today.