20:18@ Yesterday I made an ge-flyerh for this yearfs hanami party. I also made one for cell phones, and it worked. Itfs very basic, but I didnft have time to make a fancy one. Just yellow text on a pink background and a link to a GPS map. If I had more time on my hands Ifd really like to make my blog available through cell phones, but now work and studies are pretty crazy, so I guess this one will stay on the backburner for a while. Yesterday we went to see Toshi at Yamanakaya in Yoshinari. He has to work there for a few days to learn the menu, which will be the same at the new restaurant in Tagajo. He was really happy to see us.


I finally got my electronic dictionary back yesterday. I really was starting to suffer from e-dic deprivation. I always have it on me. I use it for work and for studying like at least fifty times a day – no bullshit. I really am technologically addicted. Ifll expand more on that one later. After picking up the dictionary we went to Yamaya, a shop specializing in alcohol and imported foods. I couldnft resist taking this gfunny Englishh pic.


I didnft know Yamaya had shoes, too! Cool!

*Of course, they do NOT sell footwear. Itfs just another obscure pseudo-English expression.



Then we stopped at Nakayama Jusco and I took more pictures.


This is a HUUUGE Buddha in the back of Nakayama Jusco. Every time I see it, for some reason, I canft help singing the theme from Hawaii 5-0. I think itfs because they showed a glimpse of a statue like that in the opening sequence. Either that or itfs some weird flashback!!!


Man always insists that I take a picture of her when wefre IN A PARKING LOT! Go figure...


These dolls are sold for a holiday called Childrenfs Day on May 5th. For those of you who are not familiar with the yen exchange rate (you can try this currency calculator), this one is about $170 CAD / $137 USD. Itfs the CHEAPEST I could find!!!


$344 CAD / $276 USD


$923 CAD / $743 USD


$1 153 CAD / $928 USD


$1 476 CAD / $ 1 189 USD@ Ifm sorry I couldnft find a more expensive one, but THERE ARE. Donft think they donft sell well, or that only rich people by them. I donft know one Japanese family who doesnft buy one of those at least once. Sure, theyfre beautiful, but no regular Joe six-pack back home would spend that kind of money on that!!!


A PINK TV SET!!!@ Am I the only one who feels their sense of sight is being atrociously violated? WARNING: Donft stare at the picture too long unless you truly enjoy puking!


More funny English! Last year Ian and I bought a few T-shirts with similar gslogansh. I gotta take pictures and post the pix when I dig them out for the summer.