19:24@ @Today I was lucky enough to find the Alien VS Predator DVD in the return basket at my video rental shop. Hey, hey, hey! Gimme a break here, the DVD just came out last week in Japan! Anyway, being the HUUUGE SF fan that I am, I really loved it. Only one problem, it was way too short, or at least it seemed that way. I donft wanna spoil it for those of you who havenft seen it (yeah, right), but the final scene looked like the perfect set up for the sequel...




Yesterday I wrote about how I had this weird urge to sing the theme from Hawaii Five-0 whenever I saw the huge Buddha behind Nakayama Jusco. Today while I was working, I couldnft shake off that thought. When I finally could take a break, I looked for web sites about that old TV show that aired from the late 60fs through the 70fs, and I found a web site with everything about Hawaii Five-0. Apparently, I wasnft victim of a weird flashback from the 80fs, but rather of some kind of mix between two scenes that were part of Hawaii Five-0fs opening. Consider the next two pictures:


The gAloha Towerh, from H5-0fs opening.

The gwhite statueh, from H5-0fs opening.


Now consider this one:


Nakayamafs gGreat Buddhah.


My theory is somehow, Nakayamafs gGreat Buddhah was reminiscent of the two previous scenes I had seen numerous times in my childhood, and therefore I would unconsciously start singing the theme from Hawaii Five-0 every time I saw it. If inanimate objects could reproduce, Nakayamafs Great Buddha would be the (possibly illegitimate) child of the Aloha tower and the white statue. Donft you all feel better from exploring and understanding that insignificant part of my screwed-up mind? Neither do I! @


gTa-ta-ta-taa-taaaa-taaaa, ta-ta-ta-taa-taaaa... h