23:25@ Yesterday was the schoolfs yearly excursion, which is one of Japanese HSfs main extracurricular events. The third grade year went by chartered bus to Fukushima, the prefecture south of Miyagi. We went for a BBQ to Mount Bandai, which is an active volcano!!! In 1888 it fiercely erupted, spewing lava and hurling rocks for a distance of a few kilometers, killing hundreds of people, burying several villages and even creating large lakes in the process. Talk about a nice place for an outing!



Thatfs a mountain we saw on our way to mount Bandai. When the temperature gets warmer, the snow melts in such a way that it creates the shape of a rabbit every year. Itfs appearance marks the beginning of spring for the locals.


Mount Bandai, one of Japanfs many active volcanoes, located in Fukushima.


The 1888 eruption wreaked havoc in the area, making a local river overflow and creating many new lakes in the process. This is the largest of these lakes.


One of the classes for which I am an assistant homeroom teacher.


Getting ready for a Japanese BBQ. What do we have here? Meat, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, eggplants, pumpkin, and cabbage hidden underneath the meat.


Of course, it wouldnft be complete without rice, a bowl of noodles, Japanese pickles, mushrooms and Chinese radish, and tea.


Put everything on a heated pan covered with a sheet of aluminum foil, and voila!




At night, we had the schoolfs general welcome party. It went on until two or three in the morning, but I canft really be sure because I fell asleep sometime during the 3rd party!!!


Today marks the beginning of Golden Week, which means Ifll finally be able to rest a bit, and more importantly, hit the books. Ifm soooo behind in my readings, itfs crazy. Fortunately, most of my private students are away for the holidays, so hopefully Ifll be able to concentrate on my studies. Knock on wood!