21:40     Finally, I feel like Ifm making some progress in my readings. Thatfs good, because I wasnft quite feeling like I was a grad student anymore. Yesterday we went shopping, again. (I think my wifefs addicted!!!) Anyway, it was a great opportunity to take MORE pictures (another addiction?), so here they are. Let es start with the food:





This is gtakoyakih (left) i.e. octopus dumplings (itfs great, I swear), and gyakisobah (right).


A close-up on the yakisoba. The red stuff is pickled ginger, and the fat is NOT trimmed off the meat, of course.


A close-up on an octopus dumpling. It is usually generously covered with mayonnaise.


We also had an gokonomiyakih, which literally means: gCook what you likeh. It is also generously covered with mayonnaise and fish flakes. This one is Kansai style, as opposed to Hiroshima style.


A view of the inside. Itfs so green I got healthier just looking at it. Okonomiyaki really rocks!



As long as Ifm talking about food-related items, get a load of this. I took those two pix a couple of days ago but forgot about them. We were served disposable chopsticks, also called gwaribashih, in a wrapper that claimed it was not made from wood. HELLO!? Disposable chopsticks are mostly made with Aspen trees, mainly harvested through clear cutting methods that are environmentally damaging because they speed up erosion, pollute fisheries and streams, destroy travel corridors for the animals which inhabit the forest, and damage the indigenous population's culture and lifestyle. What a victory for the environment! These should come with a promotional chainsaw.


This is outrageous! Guess whatfs inside this wrapper: disposal chopsticks! WTF!?!?


Can you believe that shit? Thatfs beyond irony. What a fuckinf fraud!!! The worst part is disposable chopsticks are sold in huge bunches held in ONE bag. This is like when cashiers put my garbage bags (that are already in a plastic wrapper) in another plastic bag. Shit!



Ok, breathe, people, breathe. To cool off a bit, Ifll finish with some funny English:


Great! If youfve ever been told: gGet a life!h, herefs where you can get one.

How many flavors do they come in?


I knew Japanese society tended to be sexist, but this is too much. gITh!?