16:40     Yesterday Yuri came to visit us from Kogota. We went to meet her at Sendai station, and while I took the car back home she and Man went shopping downtown. I met them back around six ofclock on I chibanchou street, and we went to a game center while waiting for Yuuko who was meeting us at seven. Then we went to a restaurant called gIchigoh (i.e. Strawberry), which specializes in tofu dishes (here is an alternative link). We had the following excellent food:




gOtooshih. i.e. appetizer: In most Japanese restaurants, it is standard procedure to serve customers with one of these and charge for them, even though they are not ordered. Itfs like a table charge, and you usually get them only if you order drinks. You CANNOT choose what you want.


Spring rolls.


Bacon and tofu salad.


Duck slices. It was pretty good. It tasted like chicken.


Raw tuna slices served with vegetables and a sweet and sour sauce.


Raw tuna and tofu. The waitress told Man to tell her when to stop grating cheese on it, but by the time Man understood what she meant it was more like a cheese dish with some tuna and tofu underneath.


Thatfs chicken tsukune, i.e. minced chicken meat usually broiled, this time in a piece of bamboo. Dip into raw eggs to get the desired texture.


Yakitori, i.e. chicken skewers, always a big favorite. With salt on the left and tare on the right.


Tofu lasagna.


Tofu gyouzas


Soy milk and cheese fondue...


With bread, and fried potatoes!!!


It was all great food, but a bit expensive. Although we ordered a lot, we didnft feel so full and Yuri wanted to eat some beef tongue, for which Sendai is famous all over Japan. As expected, we ended up at Yamanaka, but unfortunately they were all out of beef tongue. Too bad, Yuri Chan, better luck next time. Afterwards, we all went back to our place for more drinks, and the two ended up crashing here. We really had a great time.