20:09     Today is gChildrenfs Dayh (see this link, too), which marks the end of Golden Week. Most people I know went on trips for the holidays, but we stayed home since I had to catch up with my readings. The good news is my professor emailed me and said I didnft have to worry too much about the assignmentsf deadlines, since many students got their textbooks late, like I did.





I changed my web hosting option for a cheaper one, so I had to re-publish my whole site to a new server today. That meant updating links, reworking a few thinks, create a mirror folder on my hard drive to make it easier to upload and edit stuff, bla-bla-bla (insert your favorite technical mumbo-jumbo here). Tonight at 22:00 is another episode of a program called hKegareta shitah, i.e. gThe Dirty Tongueh, with Naoko Iijima, one of the sexiest babes to grace the presence of the Land of the Rising Sun. Me very happy.