21:04     Wow, itfs been a while since Ifve blogged, hasnft it? Thought I had given up on you guys, havenft you? Maybe you wondered if I had given up on blogging all together? Not a chance! Quite the opposite, actually. Sure, I was busy with the seemingly insurmountable mountain of readings I have to go through to complete my mid-term paper, but more importantly, I was busy researching blog technology. When I started blogging, I had seen only a couple of other blogs, and BAM, I just started doing it too, much painstakingly may I add, using MS Word to create my whole site! Poor unsuspecting little naïve moi... I somehow imagined that bloggers were actually putting everything together themselves (oooooh, the admiration I had: I was awestruck!), without realizing for a minute that there is actually TONS OF BLOG SOFTWARE OUT THERE! I stumbled into that world quite by accident, trying to figure out how all those blog gods could design those cool layouts, create gizmos so people can leave commentaries, etc. I had no idea blogging was within reach of any Joe six-pack with an internet connection. Even kids do it! How embarrassing! The past couple of weeks I spent surfing, downloading, uploading, reading about weird and obscure anagrams like CCS, CGI, PHP, (no idea what Ifm talking about? Thatfs what Ifve been up to! ) were quite enlightening. To tell the truth, Ifve even started doing something I had sworn Ifd never do: I started learning fuckinf HTML code. Yep, Ifve SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL, so to speak. I mean, who in their right mind would spend hours learning and writing endless lines of code instead of using software? Or so I thought. The thing is, anyone can actually modify and customize what software canft, by understanding and rewriting those lines of code to their liking. Itfs just a matter of learning it. Obviously, the control freak that I am WILL NOT be content with other peoplefs designs, so I just jumped in it... up to my nostrils. I know, itfs not wise for me to do so right in the middle of the term (like Ifm not busy enough with my usual 60 hour work weeks, my studies and the intermittent drinking), but hey, Ifve been known not to make wise decisions before... Ifm getting ready to enter the grealh blog community at the beginning of June, so keep posted!