10:55     Yep, Itfs May already. I guess some of you were a bit surprised with last monthfs gpink crazeh, but I made damn sure you got the meaning of it. This month, those of you who have never been to Japan will probably wonder: gOk, whatfs with the flying fish!?!?h On May 5th, the Japanese celebrate gKodomo no hih, (i.e. Childrenfs Day - click here for another definition). This holiday used to be called gBoyfs Dayh, and the carp symbolized strength and perseverance, as it swims up even waterfalls. Those qualities being desirable in boys (hey, hey, hey, I didnft make the culture, I only work here! All you girls with a feminist side, keep your panties on!), the Japanese used the carp as a symbol for that holiday. The tradition was kept even when the name of the holiday was changed, and during the month of May, you can see gkoi no borih (i.e. carp streamers) hung on polls, flying in the wind everywhere. I know, I know, the definitions I gave you say the Japanese use them only on May 5th, but in reality, they are used from the end of April until late May. Hey, those babies cost anything between $100 CAD and $1000CAD, so if I were Japanese, Ifd use them for more than a day too!!! As for me, they symbolize spring, since they are associated with warmer temperatures. Enjoy the gFlying Carpsh.


A typical display of carp streamers. The caption says:

gSwimming carp streamers in the May skyh.


Ifm starting to get quite a few pictures of, ahem, unusual food by NON-JAPANESE STANDARDS. Ifm too busy now, but when the termfs over Ifm gonna make a gFood Pageh with all the pictures I put in my blog. Anyway, here is one more item:


How about some soft ice cream? We have all your favorite flavors: Strawberry, green tea, and black sesame...


GREAT NEWS: My best friend Patrice and his girlfriend Sylvie had a beautiful baby girl called Chloé! Congratulations, dudes!


The new baby girl, Chloé.


The whole family: Patrice, Sylvie, Bianca and Chloé.


Nos sincères félicitations à vous deux pour la belle petite Chloé. Sylvie, repose toi bien si tu peux, et Patrice si tu fais de lfinsomnie on peux toujours chatter.