Tiếng Việt


Hi there, Ifm Sylvain. Thanks for dropping by. First, I am NOT Sylvain Bouchard the speed skater, the professional whistler, the singer, the musician, the lumber production machinery dealer, or La Côte-de-Gaspéfs CLD president. I am NOT Sylvain Bouchar (spelled without a gdh) the painter either. So I have a popular name, sue me! This is my very first personal webpage, which I decided to create mainly for my friends and family, who are scattered all over this small planet we call Earth. I also decided to create this page just for the simple pleasure of having my mug on the net. Although this site will probably be mainly written in English, as it would be the lingua franca shared by most people I know, it will also be written in French, Vietnamese and Japanese. Ifm not quite sure yet what it will become, but I intend to keep a biography, a web log, photo albums, a billboard, and who knows what else. One more thing: if you donft know me and are still reading this, take a minute to think about how useless it is to read perfect strangersf websites, and GET A LIFE! After having a hopefully painful epiphany, if you still insist on reading my page, beware! You may be suffering from Internet Syndrome.