This is a loose translation, just to give you an idea of what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate Japanese into proper English, due to obvious cultural and linguistic differences. I’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the original text. Feel free to contact me if you notice any typos, or weird sentences. Enjoy!

In Bahrain, small paradise of the Middle-East, a fateful morning has come.

Until now, this peaceful place has harbored ancient ruins, upon which the sun has risen watchfully every morning for more than a 1000 years.

Howevever, in a few moments, an unprecedented and most terrible drama is about to unfold.

Waiting to lauch her last offensive, a very determined Mikarin is waiting silently.  

The group, who had decided to continue the trip without the Love Bus for Omami's sake, are using the vehicule just for today, to observe their companions.

They would become witnesses to a drama unparalled during the 6 years of Ainori's history.

Finally ,Suuzan showed up.

Arashi: [It's ,Suuzan]

Have you ever seen a boy and a girl in total shambles? Part III

~The Turtle Girl's final offensive~

*(Mikarin was nicknamed "The Turtle Girl" because once she burried herself in the sand when she got drunk.)

Mikarin ["Sigh" Thanks for listening to me yesterday. I'm glad I could come on this trip and meet you. I'm really happy. We've travelled together across four countries, and I saw many of your good sides. And all the time we spent together was really great.I like you, so please come back to Japan with me.I really like you. Please let me hear your answer.]

And Suuzan replied:

Suuzan [The first time I saw you, I really thought you were cute. When you got so drunk in the UAE I noticed you had your eye on me, and I wanted to reciprocate. But the reality was I couldn't repress my feelings.Actually, when we were in the UAE, I had Natchi on my mind.]

Mikarin [What!? ]

Suuzan [ To speak frankly, since she went back to Japan, I keep thinking I should have talked more with her. So now, with Natchi on my mind, I keep wondering if it's right to go back to Japan with you.Like, I can't get a feeling of fulfillment with my trip. That's why I can't go back to Japan with you.]

Mikarin [ I won't have it! I'm sure I can make you forget about her.]


12 minutes have past.

Suuzan [I... ] (Literally: [bu],)

What do you think Suuzan was about to say? (Literally: What came next to this [bu]?)

Probable Answer: I'm dumping you. (literally: butchake)

Note: This is a VERY loose translation. Actually, it's hard to understand within the context. I'll have to ask a Japanese friend.

More silence...

Suuzan [You said you would leave here without any unfinished business, right. I wanna go home and be able to say the same thing.]

Mikarin [You can do that (i.e. put your feelings in order) even in Japan.](Ready Answer / Quick Reply)

Suuzan [Eeerrr ]

More silence...

Suuzan [I feel unfulfilled.]

Mikarin [What do you feel unfulfilled about? What do you expect?](Ready Answer / Quick Reply)

Suuzan [Like, I have mixed feelings. I'd like to reciprocate, but my feelings escape me.]

Mikarin [ No they're not!](Ready Answer / Quick Reply) [You knew what I felt about you, and you were reciprocating, weren't you?]

Suuzan [Frankly, I also often wanna be by myself.]

Mikarin [(Sob)]

55 minutes have past. At 0.59 minutes, the cameraman said:

Cameraman:[Crap! I'm running out of tape!]


The 59 minute tape was over. A minute later, the staff said:

Staff:[Rolling! Ok!]

Suuzan [Here's the plane ticket.]

Mikarin [ I don't wanna take it back!]

Suuzan [Eerrr... ]

Mikarin [(Sobbing) I don't know what's going to happen...]

Omami and Takano [Hang in there,Mikarin! ]

The boys had complex expressions on their faces.

Mikarin [Am I not good enough? I'll support you. I don't wanna go back to Japan by myself.]

Suuzan [There's nothing wrong with you. The problem is with me. I'm sorry.]

Note from the translator: What do you know? The "It's not you, it's me." routine in Japanese! What are the odds?

Mikarin [Is it really that bad? Can't you find even 1% of willingness to come back to Japan with me?]

79 minutes have past.

Mikarin [I know I'm being selfish, but I can't be without you. I can't imagine being with anyone but you.]

Suuzan [ Thanks.]

Mikarin [ (Sobbing) If you can find it in your heart, just a bit of desire to come home with me. I'm sorry, I know I'm being selfish.]

Suuzan [ I drew the picture I promised you. Wanna see it?]

Suuzan had drawn his own special representation of the group lively running towards the sun setting on the Persian Gulf. Beside his picture he had drawn Mikarin's.

Suuzan [You have to understand.]

Mikarin [I know...]

Suuzan [Thanks.]

Mikarin [I'm so glad we met.]

Suuzan [Me too.]

Mikarin [(Sobbing) You taught me so many things... I'm so glad I got to like you.]

Suuzan [I'm glad we met, too.]

Mikarin [I'm sorry I was so selfish in the end.]

Suuzan [That's ok. I'm really happy you care so much about me. Thank you very much.]

Mikarin [You should go, now. I'm really sorry.]

Suuzan [Ok, thanks.]

The longest final meeting in all of Ainori's history: 1 hour 36 minutes.

The time to say goodbye had come. Mikarin had to walk to the Love Bus, bid farewell to the group, and shut the door herself.

Staff:[Hang in there!]

Mikarin [(Sobbing)]

Omami [Hang in there, Mikarin]

Hide [Hang in there, Mikarin, come on, all the way.]

Takano [Hang in there, Mikarin]

Omami [Just a bit more, hang in there, Mikarin]

Suuzan [(Sobbing)]

Takano [Hang in there, Mikarin, come on. You did good, come to us.]

Omami [All the way over here, come on, hang in there, Mikarin. You made it!]

Mikarin [You too, you were hospitalized by yourself for a long time, and when you came back your were making such a nice face. That's why I could make it.]

Omami [Hang in there!]

Takano [You really hung in there!]

Mikarin [We've talked so much, and don't know what else to say to you.]

Takano [(Sobbing)]

Mikarin [Suuzan, I hope you get what you're looking for so you can go back to Japan.]

Suuzan [Yeah, I'll do that.]

Mikarin [Thank you so much.]

Suuzan [Yeah, thanks to you, too.]

Mikarin [I'll be cheering for you guys from Japan. I'm shutting the door, now.]

Mikarin was left behind as the Love Bus drove away.

Mikarin [(Sobbing)]

That was the end of Mikarin's trip.


"You're cute. You're cute. You're cute. You're cute ."

A dungeonic confrontation !
The pathos of girls violently colliding!
"If you're so worried, you should go your own way."

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