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The group is in Bahrain , and small paradise in the Middle East , which is famous in Japan because of soccer. On that day, the group was off to one of the town's restaurant.

「 Look at what we're getting! 」 「 There's so much of it! 」

They got the restaurant's largest and most popular set meal.

Deep-fried mackerel curry, grilled chicken, and rice costs only 250 yen per person.

TK「 It's close to Japanese food. 」

Arashi 「 It's really good. 」

Hide 「 Yeah, it's good. 」

While everybody was talking, Takano and Omami remained silent, remembering Mikarin's intense meeting with Suuzan.

From Takano's diary: “Mikarin gave me a lot of courage and power. I'll persevere until the day I'll declare my intentions (to Hide).

From Omami's diary: “Why did I come back? That's it, there's no more avoiding the situation.”

The girls' pathos are ready to clash. Right here in the Arabic peninsula, the most terrible struggle between two girls in all of Japanese television's history is about to happen.

That afternoon, the group are sailing on the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is actually one of the few countries in the world where it is possible to find natural pearls. Pearls are created when a foreign body gets into a pearl oyster,The oyster reacts by coating the irritant with layer upon layer of calcium carbonate for years, producing the mysterious crystallization. Since even tourists can try to dive for pearls, the boys take up the challenge immediately.

Takano「 Hide, Hide, Hide, get a lot of pearls, ok! 」

Suuzan 「 What a lust! 」

With the longing of the girls on their shoulders, the boys jumped into the water.As soon as they dove down, they found many pearl oysters on the seabed. The boys are hunting for pearls as if they were in a dream.

Suuzan 「What about this one? Is this a pearl oyster ?」

Guide 「Good 」

Suuzan 「Yes! 」

After they came back to the harbor.

「Wow, great! 」

The boys managed to bring back 63 pearl oysters. Will they be able to find pearls ?

Arashi「 Hey, there's nothing! 」

Suuzan「Yeah, nothing. 」

Takano 「You brought back so many, but there aren't any. 」

At that moment:

Hide 「Sensei, sensei! 」

Takano「Oh, it looks great!

Omami「 Wow, that's great Hide! 」

Hide 「How much? 」

Guide 「 Thousand dollor 」

「What!? 」

They managed to get a 100 000 yen pearl !

Takano 「Thanks, Hide 」

Omami「 Aaaah, aaaah, it's so big! 」

Takano「 Show me, show me, show me! 」

Omami「 Look, it's golden! 」

Somehow they discovered a golden pearl, which could be worth up to 150 000 yen.

Takano「 Whaaat ! 」

Omami「 I'm so lucky!♥」

Takano「 Really, 150 000 yen? Crap! 」

After coming back from the sea, the group is walking around town.The group, who had decided not to use the Love Bus due to Omami's back problems, had forgotten about something very important.

Hide 「 It looks like he wants to drive 」

Takano「 Oh, no! 」

Hide 「 It's so awkward 」

Right. They have to tell Elias the driver that he won't be needed anymore.

Hide 「 Look at his face. It's like:”I'm sure you'll be riding from now on” ・・・」

Arashi「 What should we say ? 」

Hide 「 Let's just be honest 」

Hide 「 You're fired 」

Wow! But Elias remained undiscouraged.

Elias「 I'll be your guide in Bahrain even if you walk 」

So Elias took the group to his place.

Hide 「 Salaam Aleikum 」

Omami「 Hello 」

Takano「 Nice to meet you 」

「 Hi. Hello 」

Elias' wife, Nada. His eldest son, Heisaru, 7, and his second son, Hussein, 5.

The group will spend the night at Elias' place.


The next day.

Omami「 What should we make ? 」

TK「 Let's make something the kids will like 」

Takano「 Yeah, good idea 」

To show their gratitude for letting them spend the night over, the group decided to cook for their hosts. They borrow the kitchen and start cooking right away.

Hide 「 Omami, is there anything I can help you with? 」

Takano「 Listen, Hide, why don't you help me with the onions? 」

Hide 「 What? 」

Takano「 Help me with the onions 」

Hide 「 You want me to peel them ? 」

Upon hearing that...

Omami「 Listen, Hide, how about chopping up my onions ? 」

Hide 「 Ok. 」

Omami「 Wash them, and cut them up like this, please. Ok? 」

Hide 「 Ok 」

Takano「 You don't have to wash them 」

Hide 「 Is that so? 」

Takano「 Yep 」

Omami「 Did I say to wash them ? 」

Takano「 Oh, I don't know, I wasn't listening at all... 」


What with one thing and another, they got the food ready. Takano made an omelet containing fried rice. Omami made boiled vegetables.

Hide 「 Welcome 」

「 Let's eat 」

「 It's good 」

At that moment,

Takano「 So how's the omelet ? 」

「 It's good 」

Nada 「Very Nice」

Takano「 Really ? 」

Arashi「 Yeah, really 」

Hussein 「 It's good ! it's really tasty !」

As Takano's food is getting favorable reviews:

Hide 「The vegetables really rock. Yeah, they're good 」

Has they finished the meal...

Arashi「 (Talking to Elias' wife) What did you see in Elias? 」

Nada 「 His face. It was love at first sight for the both of us. 」

Hide 「 What? Mutually? 」

Omami「 Really ? 」

Arashi「 Really? Mutually... 」

Omami「 Do you still go out on dates? 」

Elias「 Once a week, without fail 」

Omami「 Even after 8 years (of marriage), the fact you still go out on dates once a week is great. You really get along. 」

That night...

Hide 「 Did I keep you waiting? 」

Takano had asked Hide to come and have a talk.


Takano「 Eeerr, between me and Omami, honestly whose dish was better? Honestly, whose dish was better? 」

Upon hearing the question...

Hide 「 Well, the omelet, I guess. 」

Takano「 You like kids' food, don't you, Hide? 」

Hide 「 Right, right, right. That's why...yeah. I love it, I love it. I really love omelets with rice. 」

Takano「 You're just like a kid, right ? Cutie♥ Cutie♥ Cutie♥ Cutie♥」

Hide 「 You're so cute when you don't say anything 」

Takano「 These words hurt my feelings. It's like:"Shut up, woman!" 」

Hide 「 But I prefer when you talk, you know. 」

Takano「 Now that makes me happy ! 」

Hide 「 I mean it ! 」

That night...

Takano「 That's it, right ? He's ready for the next step. 」

Takano was in the staff's room.

Takano「 That's it, right? 」

Staff 「 What do you mean? 」

Takano「 I'm going home, right? I'll kiss him and we'll go home, right? Ha,ha,ha. 」

Staff 「 Are you ready to declare your intentions ? 」

Takano「 Yeah, but...As a woman if no man declares his intentions to you, not even once, it just doesn't cut it. 」

アラビアンナイトクラブ The next day, Elias took the group to an Arabian dance club. Elias comes here everyday.

TK「 Everyday you come here? 」

Takano「 She's pretty. She has such a nice body. 」

That pretty dancer is apparently Elias' friend.

Hide 「 Very nice, really, really. 」

But next, Hide got a suspicious vibe when she passed by the table.

Hide 「 Hey, what was that ! Just now, What was that ? Yo! 」

Hide knew exactly what was going on.


The next day...

Hide had asked Elias to come in a back alley to talk.

Hide 「 Do you love your wife ? 」

Elias「 Yes, of course 」

Hide 「 But just now, you looked to the left. You know, humans have two brain hemispheres, and when you look to the left it means you're lying. Now I'm wondering if you're lying or not, so tell me, which is it? 」

Elias「 It's nothing like that. I love my wife, but I have a girlfriend. I'm engaged to the woman at the club. 」

Hide 「 What? Really ? Really ? 」

In fact, although Elias was already married, he was engaged that dancer.


That is why Hide calls the group for an emergency meeting. All are surprised to hear Elias' secret.

TK「 How do you expect to take care of your family. That's not right 」

Hide 「 How old are you again, Elias? 」


Hide 「 You're 27... You're still young. You should get rid of that bad habit while you can 」

Elias「 Islam allows a man to have many wives 」

Everybody: 「 Ooooohhhh 」

TK「 There's nothing we can do about that 」

Takano「 Man can choose many women, but women can only have one man. One's man love divided like, that, if it was me I wouldn't have it. I've despised that one man-many wives system since I can remember. You should give it up 」

Elias「 What's wrong is people being unfaithful, no? 」

Omami「 Like what you're doing is not unfaithfulness ? 」

Elias「 Of course not, I'm going to marry her. 」

Islam allows a man to have up to four wives. In the past, since men would often die in wars, getting married to many wives would allow life to go on, so one man with many wives was allowed.

Arashi「 If he's getting married, I guess, it's...ok ? 」

Takano「 We're speechless... 」

Omami「 But, you go see other women. Some women must get so jealous, they go insane and die. Such stories are found in ancient books, you know. I think no matter what the culture and the customs are, all women feel the same way about it. 」

That day in Omami's diary:“ If Hide thinks of Takano as his first wife, then I'd be number two? I can't stand it!”

That day in Takano's diary:“ I'd die before I become a second wife. I can only be first!”


The next day...

The group was visiting one of the town's parks.

Takano「 Hide, let's go ! 」

Hide 「 Let's go ! 」

Omami「 Aah 」

Takano, aspiring to the first wife position, was quick to invite Hide. While Omami, who is also aspiring to the first wife position, was looking the other way, this happened in just enough time for her to say "Aah".

Omami「 It's difficult... 」

While Takano is alone with Hide, she suddenly starts reading him a letter.

Takano「 To Hide. Even if we spend every day together, eating and talking, if I were to be asked:” What’s Hide like?", I'd have a hard time answering. I think that it's not because I don’t know you, but rather because since we met in Oman, I've seen so many different sides of you 」

Omami, seeing the two together, started worrying.

Takano「 Hide, what will you do when you go home? 」

Hide 「 When I go home...? 」

Omami「 Crap. They can see me 」

Omami started walking towards them, determined to cut in.

Omami「 Aaaah, it's hot 」

Hide 「 Yeah, it's hot 」

Omami「 You guys are busy? 」

Takano「 Could you give us a little more time. Sorry. 」

Omami「 Ok. When you're done do you mind if I borrow Hide ? 」

Takano「 Sure 」

Hide 「 Mind if you "borrow" me ? What am I, a pet? 」

Omami「 Well, then, I'll be over there 」

Takano「 Sure. Sorry about that 」

Omami「 I can't take it, I can't take it. 」

Omami「 What am I gonna do ? What do you think I should do ? 」

She talking to a tree ?

After talking to the tree for a while, she decided to go back for a second charge.

As she did...

Takano「 Sorry, just a little more time. Sorry 」

Omami「 Ok, ok. I got it. I'm sorry you know 」

Takano「 I'm really sorry about that. 」

In view of Takano's impenetrable iron curtain, Omami was helpless.

Omami「 I can't take it! 」

That night, Elias had taken the group to the beach.

Takano「 What? What's this place? 」

There was a bunch of huts.

In Bahrain, it's difficult to date freely in broad daylight, so couples come to the beach's huts at night, and having enjoying evening picnics has become a custom.

TK「 Elias, how old were you when you got married ? 」



Arashi「 That's young. 」

Elias「 When you love someone, you should marry as soon as possible 」

TK「 Once, this girl I wanted to marry dumped me. She left me for a guy who had more money than me 」

Elias 「 If she had really loved you, she would not have gone with the other guy 」

TK「 Yeaaah, right... 」

Next, Elias asked a blunt question:

Elias「 Omami, you like someone now, right? 」

Omami「 Yes. I'd like for us to be a couple 」

Omami shared her feelings in a proud manner in front of her rival, Takano.


The next day, the group came to visit Bahrain ’s most prideful Al-Fatih Mosque. As prescribed by Islam, women most wear clothes called abaya in order to enter the Mosque.

At once, the group enters the place of worship.

Suuzan「 Beautiful 」

Hide 「 It's fantastic 」

A huge room with a 30m high ceiling. In this truly magnificent prayer hall, up to 5000 believers can offer their prayers to Allah. There, Hide and Omami are by themselves.

Hide 「 When you came back, suddenly Suuzan declare his intentions (to Mikarin), and I think you really panicked. But what's important is now 」

Hide had been thinking all along that Omami liked Suuzan.

Hide 「 If you like someone, you should go for it 」

Hide 「 Are you ok? 」

Omami「 (sobbing)Why is it only me...Why am _I the only one who got back problems, you know... We... We almost didn't travel together 」

And then Takano arrived, at the worst possible moment.

Takano「 Hide, can we talk a bit ? 」

Hide 「 Oh, just a moment, ok? Sorry 」

From Takano's diary: “When Hide talks to Omami, I feel like crying”


15 minutes later, Hide came to find Takano...

Hide 「 What's up ? 」

Takano「 Did you wanna talk more with Omami ? 」

Hide 「 No, it's fine. That conversation is over. She's very sad, now. She has a lot of worries. She wasn't with us for more than two months, you know. It most have caused her a lot of anxiety. But you know, somehow she'll.. 」

Takano「 You praise Omami all the time, why don't you say anything about me. It's hard for me, I'm worried ! 」

Hide 「 No. I know. I know, but... 」

Takano「 You're always like "Omami this, Omami that" ! 」

Hide 「 That's because, because the two of... 」

Takano「 Why must you say that to her. You could say these things to me instead! 」

Hide 「 No, that's not it. Listen to me... 」

Takano「 Why should I listen to you? Why to I have to hear about her feelings from you? I don’t know why you do that. Why do you make me look bad ? You're talking to me about her, which means you only think about her, you know! ! 」

Hide 「 We should mutually... 」

Takano「 If you're so worried about her why don't you go see her, right? 」

Takano「 I'm sorry...I'm sorry 」

Hide 「 You're quick to apologize 」

Takano「 I'm sorry 」

Next week: Heading towards the most terrible climax of the remaining girls' struggle, never seen before in all of Japanese television's history.

"Let's see who Hide is going to talk too"
"Hide, can I talk to you?"

"But I wanna talk to Hide"

"I'm not asking you!"

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