This is a loose translation, just to give you an idea of what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate Japanese into proper English, due to obvious cultural and linguistic differences. I’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the original text. Feel free to contact me if you notice any typos, or weird sentences. Enjoy!

The group is in Bahrain, a small paradise in the Middle-East, known in Japan mostly for its soccer team.

Because of Omami's back problems, the group has agreed to continue the trip without the Love Bus. On that day, they are walking around the city.

TK「Hey, it's a theme park」

The group had found a them park!

Takano「Let's meet back here at 17:00.17:00 ok?」
Takano「Great. Hide, let's go」
Arashi「Wanna ride something?」
TK「Yeah, let's go」

遊園地 Omami, the honor graduate,Arashi and TK decided to walk around the park.
Arashi「It looks like the place is falling apart, isn't?」
TK「A rundown theme park?」
Arashi「There's nobody. People don't come here twice, eh?」

TK「That roller coaster looks dangerous」

They had found the roller coaster, the park's most popular attraction.
Arashi and TK decided to try it.

Arashi「It hurts」
Omami「I wanna try the Merry-go-round. I love it.」
Arashi「Let's try it」
Omami「Like, sounds like the music they're playing is pretty surreal. I'm looking forward to rude it.」
Arashi「Have a nice ride」

At that moment:
It was Hide and Takano.
「That's funny」
TK「I guess we got here without knowing they were already riding it, right?」
Arashi「Looks like they're having a good time」
TK「It's too surreal」
Omami「Too surreal?」
Arashi「The fact there's no music is funny」
Omami「Right, there's no music」
Arashi「Ha, ha, ha」
Omami「What? Like, I've got this surreal impression」

Only Omami didn't realize that her situation was really surrealistic.

Takano「It stopped in a weird place. Hurry up, hurry up」
Hide「I can't」
Takano「Are you gonna be sick?Are you gonna be sick?」

Omami had realized the whole situation.

From Omami's diary: “I was so shocked, I could only laugh”

But one of the boys noticed Omami 's attitude was out of place.

TK「I'm starting to get a little pissed off」 TK, the Yankee flavored boy.

午後 That afternoon...

TKOmami, I gotta talk to you」

TK had asked to talk with Omami.

TK「I got something on my mind... It may sound real harsh, but it seems to me you're putting on an act in order not to get despised by others」
Omami「I'm putting on an act?」
Omami「Well, yeah. I don't wanna hurt other people's feelings, but I'm also putting on this act mainly so other people don't dislike me. I know it's one of my bad sides. Right now it's coming out little by little. My silent anger, too...」
TK「Yeah, that's right, that's right.」
Omami「I get revolted...」
TK「Right! I'd like you to get angry. More, more... I don't know. Maybe if you don't get mad that anger is meaningless.Mightas well have stayed in Japan.」
Omami「Yeah, that's it. It's so unfair.」
Omami「I'm just putting on an appearance...」
TK「That's right. If you're showing a facade to others you're not really mingling, you know. That's the problem」

TK's heated rudeness encouraged Omami to turn over a new leaf.

She was heading towards the climax of the most horrible girls' struggle ever seen before in all of Japanese television's history.

翌日 The next day, the group was visiting a zoo.

TakanoHide, let's go」
Hide「Oh, yeah, let's go」
Omami「Ah. She's the devil, the devil.」

But on that day, Omami was different.

Hide「Such long legs」
Takano「Yeah, it's lovely」

Omami was getting closer to the two of them.

Hide「Hey, only that one has a yellow beak」
Takano「Ah, great, it's beautiful」
Omami「Are there any oryxes?」

Omami cut in.


OmamiTakano, how about we have a chat?」
Takano「What? Eerr, ok...」

For some reason, Takano was asked to have a talk.

微妙 Omami「We're not doing too well, are we?」
Omami「it's weird...」
Omami「I don't know if you noticed... Whenever I talked to you get shifty eyes 」
Takano「Oh, come on. Nothing like that. You know what you're problem is? You're terribly paranoid. You imagine things. You're trying to hard to be girlish.」
Omami「Aaah. But I'm not trying to be...」
Takano「And you know, you only see people from you're on point of view. I think you really live in such a small world of your own」

At that point...

Omami「You know, I noticed that part of your behavior was suppressive. Honestly. But then again, saying that to you would have been rude, right? I mean, you would have been miserable. That's why, from now on, I'll try to refrain from getting you feel revolted or shocked」
Takano「Yeah, let's do that. Both of us」
Omami「Yeah. From now on, I'll play fair.」
Takano「Yeah. Let's do our best」

As it seems, the two had decided to play fair in order to get Hide.

お待たせ OmamiHide!」
Takano「Sorry we kept you waiting」
Omami「Sorry we kept you waiting」
Takano「I'd like to talk to you,Hide
Omami「Right. Me too, I'd like to talk to you. So pick the one you'd like to talk to 」
Hide「Eerr, ok, let's talk, Omami
Takano「Well, go and talk. Ha, ha」
Hide「Let's talk afterwards, ok?」

Hide had left with Omami.

Takano, who could do nothing about it...

TakanoArashi,when I asked Hide, "which one of us would you like to talk to?", he chose Omami and now I'm all by myself so I came back here. For sure Omami is more important to him」
Suuzan「I'd like you to stop saying things like that」
Takano「You think Hide would choose Omami over me?」
Arashi「You know, he's been with you all the time. You've been monopolizing him from the beginning, no?」
Takano「I guess... Aaahhh. I feel down. Why don't you ask Omami to go somewhere with you? I got left behind. It was like a lie. Ha,ha. Hey, if you're gonna laugh, just do it...」

穏便 At that moment,Omami was saying the following toHide...

Omami「Until now I think I didn't talk withTakanobecause I wanted things to go smoothly. But I think it wasn't a good idea, so I wanted that to change. Earlier I tried to do that, you know」

Hide suddenly realized that Omami didn't like Suuzan, she liked him.

From Hide's diary:“It's the first time in my life I'm being so popular. I don't know what to do.”

バーレーンフォート The next day, the group was visiting Bahrain Fort, reminiscent of an Egyptian temple.

Bahrain Fort was a fortress built 500 years ago, during the Portuguese occupation. In this place, where the Portuguese could retreat, some of the world's most horrible girls' hostilities began.

As usual,Takano was assuming leadership of the group.

Takano「Ok, let's meet back here at 12:00 o'clo...」
OmamiHide let's go」
Hide「Oh, ok. Let's go.」

Omami had cut in!

Omami「I wanna go up there」
Hide「Well, let's go there」

要塞  The two of them were heading to the top of the fortress.

Hide「We're at the top」
Omami「We made it!」

At that moment...

Takano「Over there. Crap. I was robbed of the best spot」

A restless Takano was determined to charge.

Takano「Come on, help me get a good timing」
Arashi「Ok, I'll ask Omami if we can talk」
Takano「Oh, that's great, Arashi」
Arashi「I have my moments」
Takano「I'll rush in first」
Takano「It's ok, you don't have to go」
Arashi「Oh, really?」
Takano「I don't want it to look like I brought you here. Come with me halfway」
Arashi「Ok. If you climb from there you can easily make it」
Takano「Ok, I'm on my way」
TK「It's the first time I see such an aggressive girl」
Arashi「Yeah. It's really embarrassing that she'd go that far」
TK「Yeah. And the distance she's willing to cross...」
Arashi「Yeah, right」
Takano「Hide, can we talk?」
Omami「I wanna talk a little more with him...」
Takano「Let's talk」
Hide「You climbed all the way up here」
Takano「Yeah, I climbed up here. Ha, ha. I don't want my efforts to go to waste, you know」
Omami「But I wanna talk more with Hide」
Takano「I didn't ask your opinion」
Hide「Decisions...Listen, when I'm finished here we'll talk, ok?」
Takano「When you're finished?」
Omami「What time is it now? Do yo have a watch, Takano?」
Takano「17 minutes」
Hide「17minutes... How about at 35 minutes?」
Takano「I don't want to agree on a specific time. Ha,ha」
Hide「Listen, I just wanna hear Omami's story a little more」
Takano「Ok, I'm sorry. I was selfish」
Hide「Not at all. You're not selfish. When I'm done we'll talk, ok?」
Hide「We'll talk」
Takano「Ok. I'm going back now」
Hide「Be careful on the way back」

Takano retreated trudging. 

Omami「I've decided I won't hold back anymore. I'm gonna follow my heart. And I think... you should do the same」

優柔不断  At that moment

Takano「I lost」
Takano「Hide is so indecisive」
Arashi「Yeah. Did Omami say anything?」
Takano「She told me:"I wanna talk with Hide". Geez, it's taking so long」
Arashi「Yeah, it's been 30 minutes」
Takano「Shit! It's crazy. I'm such a coward. I'm going back.」
Arashi「Great. Good luck. I'll be watching from here」
Takano「I'm on my way, commander」
Arashi「See you in a few. You're gonna get really dirty」
Takano「Oh, shut up」

約束 Again, Takano went up to where Hide was. 

Takano「Isn't it over? Let's talk a little. You, know, just a little bit. Ha, ha, ha」
Omami「Sorry, I still wanna talk with him」
Takano「Let's go. Sorry, Omami. I'm really sorry. I'm borrowing him just a little. Are you coming?」
Omami「Let's talk, Hide. I'm mean, if we finish later... we won't be able to conclude our conversation. I wanna talk with you now」
Takano「Come on, Hide. What about the promise you made earlier? You said we'd talk if you could talk a little more with Omami. Are you a liar? I hate liars, you know」


Hide「Could you wait for me down there? With her bad back Omami can't go down by herself, you know」
Takano「Yeah, right. Sure」
Hide「Then we'll talk」
Takano「I'd hate it if you'd lie to me. I'm going back down. I'm waiting for you, ok.」
Hide「Th... Thanks」

Takano“What the hell am I doing? Seriously...”

ラブワゴン The next day, Takano was seen walking towards the Love Bus!

Location: Sheikh Isa House, where the King of Bahrain once resided.

With desires seemingly ready to overflow at any moment, Takano was waiting forHide. At that moment, Hide appeared.He was still unaware that Takano was about to declare her intentions to him.

Takano「Hi. Have a seat」
Hide「Oh, thanks」
Takano「Sit down, sit down」
Hide「Excuse me」


Takano「I like you very much. Oh, I'm sorry. I knew I wanted to deepen our relationship ever since we were in Oman. But time passed by, I had been to only one country, and you had been to eight. That difference was scary. And once, when we were drinking we got into such a fight, remember? It was so painful, I really hated the trip. But even so, I liked you so much then, I knew you were someone anyone could really count on. But I wondered what if I you needed someone, and there was no one around for you to count on, how much you would suffer. That's why, from now on, whenever there'd be hard times, whenever you'd be crying, I wanna support you, always. This feeling of mine is overwhelming me at a 100%. I want this precious time to continue, and go back to Japan with you. Please, come back with me to Japan.」
Takano「I believe we can go home together, that's why today, I didn't bring back the book I borrowed from you. Well, tomorrow, I'll be waiting」

Takano had finally expressed her strong feelings to Hide.

"Takano declared her feelings to Hide"
"I have no idea how to decide"

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