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バーレーン On the nightTakano had declared her feelings to Hide, one of the staff members went to Omami's room.

Director 「Omami, I'm coming in. Takano asked Hide to go back to Japan with her.」
Omami「Just...give me a moment. I'm... like... surpri... That means tomorrow morning they'll have a meeting, right? I don't want him to go...」


Omami「Please allow me to declare my intentions to Hide

ラブワゴン A few moments later, Omami was seen walking towards the Love Bus

Omami「Please give me the tickets」
Elias「Good luck」
Omami「Thank you」

Omami,having no intention to lose to Takano,had decided to follow her lead.

モスク On a beautiful Arabian night, illuminated by the reflection of the spotlights on the Mosque, Omami was waiting for Hide.

At that moment...

Omami「Like, in Oman, you listen to what I had to say, right? At that time, you told me many times: "We're not leaving you behind", right? Like, that really helped me keep on going. If you don't give up, if you hang in there until the end, things will start look up. That's what I've learned on this trip. I think you're really wonderful, Hide. I think you have such a kind heart. I think lately it must have been tough on you, (caught) betweenTakano and me. But I decided to let go of deceptive feelings」

Then, Omami pulled out a poem she had written herself for Hide.

Omami「Close your eyes, and try to imagine

As your voice is the wind of spring
My hears are blossoming flowers
As your heart is the far and deep ocean
My heart becomes deeper
As your eyes are the light of the sun, absorbed profusely by futons
Thank you

That's it. I really like you.From now on, I wanna see you grow into a more stunning (man), and I want you by my side, looking at me growing into a better (woman). Let's go back to Japan together. Yeah.」
Hide「Are your hips ok?」

.Hide had had two girls declare their love to him on the same day.

告白 That night...

Hide「It's so hard...」

Hide was all worked up in front of the two tickets.
He was remembering his trip with both Takano and Omami.
He had met Omami in Egypt.
Hide's heart, which had been hurt in the long journey, had been healed by her kind singing.
But Omami had to be hospitalized in her second country, suspending her trip.
Then, in Oman he had met Takano.
From trifling words, they sometimes had fights.
However, since Omami had been away from the trip, Hide was realizing that he had spent most of his time withTakano.
Then, right here in Bahrain, both of them had declared their intentions to him.
Hide was confused between the two of them.

Hide「I really can't imagine how the others who had someone declare their love to them made up their minds. I have no idea how to decide on becoming a couple, really. This is the first time I've had Japanese women declare their love to me」

運命の朝 On that fateful morning, in front of one very special tree in Bahrain, supposedly the one from which Adam and Eve had taken the forbidden fruit. The tree of life, from which all humans originated.

It is under that very tree that the final clash between two women's passion was about to occur. 

With her desire completely overflowing and spilling out, Takano was waiting forHide.
Takano was still unaware that Omami had revealed her feelings to Hide.

At that moment, Omami appeared.
Omami「Now then!」

Holding their breath, their traveling companions were watching them.

チケット Then, at last, Hide made his appearance.

If he says "yes", the couple kisses and they go back to Japan. If he says "no", he gives back the plane ticket.

What would actually be Hide's answer?

Takano「I really like you. You're direct. You can only throw straight balls. I can't put it in words properly, but all I can say now is I really like you. Please come back to Japan with me.」
OmamiHide, I think the fact that you're so kind must also be very tough on you.But even so, without losing to myself, I wanted to express my feelings to you. I really like you. Let's go back to Japan together.」

Finally, Hide after traveled through 11 countries, was about to choose between Takano and Omami. What would be his answer?

Hide「I've talked a lot with you, Takano, and we also did many stupid things together. Keeping in mind that it could be a potential romantic relationship,I believe I reciprocated the best I could. Takano, although that's not what I've been thinking lately, at the beginning of your trip, you were really insecure. In the U.A.E., I saw some of your weaknesses, little by little. So I thought, if I could help you become stronger, I should do it. However... While saying you should fix this flaw, you should fix that flaw, you know... Through such meddling, I came to think of you not as an object of affection, but more like a cute sister. I'm grateful that you like me so much, but I can't go back to Japan with you.」
Takano「Your kindness is your most charming aspect. But that kindness sometimes hurt everybody. You have such wonderful kindness, you should really keep it for the person you love. I'd like you to be careful about that. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be a very good man.」
Takano「I'm glad we met」
Hide「Me too」
Takano「Good luck」
Takano「Hang in there」

Hide「With you, Omami, I can talk about anything, we have similar interests,and we can really motivate each other. Since you'd left the trip, I kept on looking forward to your coming back. I really wanted to talk with you. When I went to visit you at the hospital, you said "I will declare my intentions to the person I like". At that time, I thought you were talking about someone else. I kept thinking so, and I even became your supporter in that matter. After I heard your declaration of love yesterday, I really thought about how important you were to me, but at this point, I as far as our going back together to Japan is concerned... I don't feel that way. Here's the ticket. It's all crumpled, but... Thanks. I'm glad you like me so much. Thanks. Are you ok?」
Omami「My trip had begun for the second time. I really hung in there, and I was looking forward to see you again. I wanted to se you. That's why, for the life of me, I want us to go back together.No matter what, I'm not giving up. Let's go back together」
Hide「We can't go back together」
Omami「I'll do my best. Let's go home together」
Hide「I'm sorry」
Omami「I'm begging you... I love you」

Hide, taking his courage in his hands, uttered his final words.

Hide「I don't feel that way about you. I can't go back with you」
Takano「Both of us are such fine girls, if you dump us you better find someone who'll fulfill you or I won't forgive you, you know. Good luck, hang in there!」
Hide「I will, really. You be good, ok」
Takano「I will. Don't have any regrets」
Hide「I won't. I came this far, I'm sure I'll find someone I really fall in love with, and go back to Japan as a couple. See you around」


And Hide went back to the Love Bus.

別れの時 Then, it was time to say goodbye.

Takano「Good luck, TK
Omami「Come back home soon, you know」
Arashi「I will, really. Thank you so much」
Takano「Ha, ha, ha」
Suuzan 「Ha,ha」
Takano「There will be three new girls, right. Good luck,Arashi
Arashi「Thank you so much, really」
Takano「I'm glad I could get to know all of you」
Hide「I'm glad I met the both of you, thanks!」
TK 「Thanks」

And the Love Bus started moving, leaving the two behind.

Hide“I had to choose between the two, but I didn't. I couldn't”

指輪 At that time...

Takano「I'm throwing away Hide's ring. His kindness hurts people. Damn idiot!」
Omami「Me too, I'm throwing away the ring I got from Hide. He's such an idiot!!」
Omami「We did it!」
Takano「We threw them away」
Omami and Takano「Far away, far away~♪」

As such, Takano and Omami's romance ended.

Omami「I want a much cooler boyfriend than Hide
Takano「Yeah, but honestly he's not even good-looking, wouldn't you say?」
Omami and Takano「Ha, ha, ha, ha!」

"A refreshing wind of love is blowing "
"Seriously, every day is a struggle, really "
"Hide is facing his destiny "

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