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国際空港 Omami and Takanohave left the Love Bus, and the four boys continue their journey.

TK「It's the Gay Bus, man」

On that day, the Love Bus was going towards the international airport. 

Indeed, the trip to Bahrain had come to an end.
After saying goodbye to Elias, they left for the next country.

飛行機 The plane the four had boarded was going north of the Persian Gulf.Would they stop in Irak? No, the plane was just flying over it. Although it's everybody's wish that a peaceful day would come when the Love Bus could travel in Irak, the plane kept pushing northward. Then, they finally arrived to Ainori's 61st country: Russia. Proud of being the largest country in the world, it is approximately 45 times larger than Japan. The former USSR, which split 15 years ago, is now progressing towards a new era.

Suuzan「Yeah, Russia」
Hide「It's cold」

With the four boys only, things are not very exciting.


They had found the Love Bus.

Arashi「Nice to meet you!」

The Russian bus driver, Sasha, 33 years old. He's married with one daughter.

Hide「Can you speak English?」
Sasha「A u a u a u a u!」

In Russia, English is seldom understood.

ラブワゴン And the Love Bus started to ride this immense country.

Today was the day three new girl members were supposed to join the group.

Everybody was looking forward to that.

SuuzanTK, it's your first time, isn't it?」
TK「Yeah, right. It's the first time I'll see new members join the group」

女性新メンバー After 20 minutes riding..

Arashi「There's one! There's one! She's got brown hair」

They had found a new girl member.

TK「Oh, man! Wow, she's really cute! That's good. That's good. That's good!」
Hide「Dude, you've got good eyesight!」
TK「Well, nice to meet you」
New member「Oh, nice to meet you」
Hide「Let's introduce ourselves」
Arashi「Yeah, let's introduce ourselves」
New member「I'm Miho Tanaka, from Osaka. Please, call meMie
Hide, Arashi and スーザンMie
Mie「I'm Mie. I came because I'm sure I can find my darling. It's nice to meet you」
Boy members「Yeaaaah!」

Mie(22)Born in Osaka, she's an office worker for a bedding manufacturer. She's a typical Kansai gal, hoping to become an artist in her area. Since she can't make a living out of that for now, she works as an office worker for a company in the bedding business.

Mie's trademark is her navel ring.

Hide「How old are you?」
Mie「22. Since I was born early (in the year) I'll be 23 in March next year」
TK「Wow, you're Kansai accent is cute. Oh, man!」
Arashi「I see. What do you do?」
Mie「I'm an office worker (OL in Japanese)」
Arashi「Oh, an official lady」
Suuzan「An OFFICE lady!」
Arashi「Oops. Sorry, sorry, sorry, my bad」


TK「I'll get your luggage, "lady"」
Arashi「I'll get it, I'll get it」

The boys scrambled to get Mie's luggage.

車内 Even in the car, TK monopolized the seat next to Mie

TK「So, why did you apply (for Ainori)?What was it?」
Mie「I applied because, like, It's been like a year since (I broke off with) my last boyfriend, and I couldn't make one since then. So, like sincerely, I wanna fall in love with someone whose character I really get to know first. I guess I applied seriously」
TK「You seem really serious. Like really. That's good. I like girls like that」

It hadn't been ten minutes since they had met, but TK was already flattering Mie.

When asked about her (by the staff), he replied:

TK「There's no doubt about it, Mie is the one」

TK had made an instantaneous decision upon meeting the first of the new girls!!

That day, in TK 's diary: “I'm locking on Mie and I'm gonna blow my way to her!”

2人目の新メンバー 10 minutes later...

Suuzan「Ah! There's one! There's one! There's one!」
Hide「Ah! There's one!」
Mie「What!?Where?Where, where?」

They had found the second new member!

New member「Ooooh, I'm so moved! Ahahahaha! Ahaha!」
Arashi「What?You're not crying?」
New member「I'm so moved!」
Arashi「It's the first time I see someone join the group and cry!」
New member「I'm from Shiga prefecture. I'm Yukari Umeda. Please call me Umechan. As this is a very special opportunity, I wanna fall in love and go back to Japan. It's nice to meet you」
Group「Nice to meet you」

Umechan (20) Born in Shiga prefecture. A college student, she loves eating, laughing and sleeping.
Actually, she never had a boyfriend in all her life

After3人目の新メンバー Umechan had joined them, they rode for 10 more minutes, until...

Suuzan「There she is, there she is, there she is, over there! Over there!」
Mie「That's right!」

They had found the third new member.

Hide「Let's go」
New member「Hi!」
New member「I'm Aya Kobayashi, from Nagano prefecture. Please call me Aya.Eeerrr・・・・・ I absolutely wanna find hani.. happiness and go back to Japan. Nice to meet you.」

Aya(25)Born in Nagano prefecture. A hairstylist, her hobbies are reading and going to museums.

Hide「How old are you?」
Suuzan「Same here」
Arashi「What do you do?」
Arashi「Hairstylist, ooooh」

Being too nervous, she couldn't keep talking.

資金 The daily budget for the trip had been set to 4000 yen per person.With that amount of money in Russia, they can barely afford to travel .It was decided that they would go towards southern Russia.

Group「1,2,3 Russia!!!」

At once, three girl members had joined the group.
Turning over a new leaf, seven of them had started their journey in Russia!

ヨーロピアン The Love Bus was riding in a new country.

Aya「Oh, great!」
Suuzan「Yeah, really great!」
Aya「It's quite European」

The Love Bus had reached Moscow. Numerous historical buildings are lined up around Red Square, which was once the symbol of communism. In the capital of 10 million inhabitant, which is a political and economical center dramatically improving, young people are walking around wearing all kinds of fashion.

翌日 The next day...

The group were free to explore Moscow.

TKMie、Let's take that cruise」

The Yankee-flavored TK had a lock onMie and invited her.

Mie「I feel so good」
TK「It's great, ain't it?」
Mie「Oh, they're kissing」
TK「They were kissing?」
Mie「Yeah ,they were kissing」
TK「You wouldn't see that back in Japan, seriously」
Mie「Yeah, it's really unheard of」

地下鉄 At the same time, the rest of the group was entering a subway station.

SuuzanOh!Look at that!」
Arashi「It's getting so exciting」

They bought tickets immediately, but when they tried to go through the gates.
Suuzan「Ouch, that hurt!」
Umechan「What the...!?」
Station attendant「You can't insert the ticket from the top, you have to do it from the bottom」

Then, they took they escalator leading down to the platform.
Umechan「This is incredible!Suuzan, look at that!Look at that!Look at that!」

The Moscow subway system was completed 70 years ago. It was built deep underground so it could be used as an air-raid shelter during wartime. For that reason, the escalators are very long.
Suuzan「Is this the station?」
Umechan「It's so gorgeous」

The platforms display paintings and sculptures liked by the leader of the time, Stalin. They are like a museum.
Umechan「Such a subway station is really unbelievable」
Arashi「It's too much, right?」
UmechanSuuzan looks like he's in a dream 」
Suuzan「Oh yeah, serously!」
Umechan「Ha ha ha ha」
Umechan「Here it comes!Here it comes!」

The Moscow subway has a flat rate. Wherever you go, it's 50 yen.

アピール At the time, on the sightseeing cruise, TK had started to promote himself.

His first step: 『About my family』

TK「My dad and my mom are really serious」
Mie「Is that so?」
TK「Yeah, until now I've really given them a lot of trouble. Now, I feel it's my duty to care for them financially. I'm thrilled at that thought」

Next, 『About my dreams』

TK「Until now, I've really been pursuing my dreams, you know. I've really done a lot of things, until now. I've worked in a gas station, I've worked as a 京樽、I've installed air-conditioners, I've done kerosene delivery, I've worked as a steeplejack once, too」
Mie「You look like a steeplejack. Yeah, steeplejack work suits you」
TK「I've worked a bit has a host, too. About two weeks. Two-three weeks」
Mie「That's so short!」
TK「Then, the longest job I've done was working in a boutique. I used to do something like a store manager, so since I've worked with numbers I 've been able to follow the contemporary trend, and it really fit my abilities so I've never been at a loss regarding those matters. Well, I'm already 27, but I'm still looking for what I wanna do. I'm looking for what suits me best. Seriously, everyday is a struggle. Really」
Mie「Wow, I really respect that, you know」

TK was really stimulated by Mie's encouragement.

TK「This is really great. Yep, that's what I call a sightseeing cruise」
Mie「Yeah, nice sightseeing cruise」


TK「Let's take a picture!」
Mie「Say, is that standard Japanese?」
TK「Yeah, I speak standard Japanese」
Mie「Is that so? It's like, a slightly powerful version of standard Japanese, right?」
TK「It's Chiba style」
Mie「Right, Chiba style」

その夜 That night...
Well, they call it night, but during Russian summers sunset is late, so the city is crowded with families and couples going out until late.

Group「Na zdorovia !(Cheers)」

That night they had a welcome party for the new members.
Of course, there had to be some alcohol. The main dish was Russia's traditional borsht.
Chicken soup supplemented with beef, vegetables, plenty of beets and tomato puree mixed into a stew makes for Russia's home cooking taste.

TK「Borscht in Russia. That's great」
Suuzan「It's so good」
Arashi「Yeah, it's really good」
Suuzan「No kidding」
Mie「It's tasty」

With the taste of a real local borscht the group was really satisfied.

ロックオン Among them, Aya the hairstylist had said very few words, and looked bored. On the other hand, the one who had a broad smile on his face was TK, the yankee-flavored one. As expected, he was right in front of a smiling Mie on whom he had a lock-on.

TK「Excuse me!」

TK、who had become the treasurer in Russia, decided to entertain Mie lavishly for her welcome party.

TK「Let's split a bottle between all of us」

Russia of course is synonym of vodka. 40% alcohol.

In Russia you drink vodka down in one shot after exhaling.
Drinking it straight is harsh.
TK, who usually gets drunk easily, was already tipsy after one shot.
TK「Man, I'm really drunk」
Then, he went full throttle.
TK「I feel like I'm in a Japanese bar. I gotta get a grip on my self. Yeah, get a grip on my self and talk about love」
  TK 's love talk partner, of course, was Mie, on whom he had locked-on.
TK「When you go steady with someone for more than two years, you start breaking off and getting back together repeatedly, right?」
Mie「Yeah, repeatedly」
TK「According to one of my friends, your feelings change from love to something like compassion, is that right?」
Mie「Something like that. It's like family」
TK「Yeah, familial love. You can't talk frankly anymore, and you stop having sex. Yeah, you even stop having sex」
Arashi「Since I joined Ainori it's the first time I hear that.」
TK「You even stop having sex (third time!)」

Hearing that Mie slightly pulled away.

TK「If you pull away for that, that's fine. That's how I am!」

日記 An hour later...

TK「Man, I'm so drunk. What the hell is that」

That night in TK's diary:“Frankly speaking, I'm chasing Mie with my eyes..  ○×※△□×※○×”

(Can anyone read that undecipherable sentence!?) 

翌日 The next day, there were the boys, just before leaving.Among them, one boy ,Hide,was highly motivated

Hide was thinking:“I can't be passive. I have to focus again on the main goal. I've gotta find out about the girls' good sides!”
Right away, Hide sat next to Mie ,the Kansai gal.

Mie「Like, when I was in grade school, or in junior high, I was much more shy.」
Hide「You shy? Really?」
Mie「Since I was little I had no opportunity to interact with boys. I was brought up by mom only」
Hide「Your parents had a divorce when you were little?」
Mie「That's right, they had a divorce」

Mie's parents had a divorce when she was three years old. From then on, she and her mother were living by themselves.
Mie「Before I joined Ainori I gave my mom enough money for a few months in advance. Just in case that wouldn't be enough, I also gave her my bankbook and my ATM card」
Hide「You really love your mom?」
Mie「That's right. I feel I've got to take care of her. Before I used to hate the situation, just me and her, but since I've grown up, I came to think it was all right」

美容師 The next day...
Hide had asked to talk with Aya, the 25 year old hairstylist.

Hide「How are you doing?How is everything?」
Aya「How am I doing?Well, well, it's like, you know, I'm not doing so good」
Hide「Your condition?」
Aya「My condition isn't good. Just kidding. I'm in good condition」
Hide「 You know, since you've joined us, I mean the three of you, like you came together, right? At that time I thought, wait a minute, it's like, she's feeling somewhat out of place with them. Like, I thought, hey, I haven't heard her voice yet」

Actually, Aya had some worries.
Here is the letter she had sent to Fuji TV to explain why she wanted to join Ainori:

『When I was younger, I've often been told that I was a cold person. I've been watching Ainori for a long time, and I thought 「Wow, there's so many warmhearted people on that show!」 I felt there must be something that changed many people who had got on the Love Bus, so I wanted to get on the Love Bus too. I want to stop worrying about what people around me think, and become someone who can talk in a warm manner!!』

Hide「At first I was wondering what kind of a girl you were. So I thought I should try to get closer to you, and I did, you know. When I tried to talk to you, you whispered:"The fashion leader !"」
Aya「No way! I did?」
Hide「Yeah, you said fashion leader」
Aya「Ha ha ha」
Hide「I thought: "Who does she think she is? I can't talk with her!"」
Aya「No way! I really said that?」

Apparently, Aya had trouble talking in front of a lot of people. However, when it came to a one on one conversation, she seemed to get at ease and was able to talk.

車内 Then, in the car on the way back, Hide sat next to Umechan.
Hide「Do people ask you what kind of a girl you are?」
Umechan「Me? I've been told by the people I got close with that I was making too much effort. Personally, I don't think of myself that way, I usually laugh a lot, so I'm indifferent to that. Ha, ha, ha. I've often been told, you are one in a million, ha, ha, ha.」

Then they started talking about Umechan's dreams

Umechan「Now, in the area of welfare, I'm interested in care for disabled people. When I was in grade school, one of my friends was depressed. You know what I'm talking about? It's a mental problem. Anyway, that girl made a big impression on me, and I knew I wanted to do something to help people. So I thought, social welfare is for me. That's why I chose that」

その夜  That night...

  Hide was writing his impression of the three new girl members.
From Hide's diary:“Mie is different from the impression I had. She's reliable. Aya is different when she's around people than with just one other. She's talks more easily. Umechan has focus. That makes me feel good.!”

Those were the three girls who had joined the Ainori's Love Bus. Hide would fall in love with one of them!


"Feelings are starting to appear"
"TK's further ambition "
"Aya's tears "
"Arashi's long hidden secret "
"Me having such feelings? "

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