This is a loose translation, just to give you an idea of what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate Japanese into proper English, due to obvious cultural and linguistic differences. I’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the original text. Feel free to contact me if you notice any typos, or weird sentences. Enjoy!

ウクライナ A great country known in Western Europe for its European style towns coexisting with the brimming, rich nature, Ukraine. On that day, the Love Bus had arrived at the capital, Kiev.

TK「Crazy! It's a Metropolis!」
Aya「It's like, so Europe」

The old city of Kiev , boasting a 1500 year old history.
In that city where Russian and West-European cultures have been coming and going for a long time, beautiful stone pavements and buildings reminiscing of Europe's Middles Ages are enchanting to many tourists.

レストラン The group had been taken to a restaurant by Vitali, the driver.

Mie「There it is! It looks like a rice ball
Group「It looks good!」
Aya「What,?What?What?There's like juice coming out of it」
Mie「Ah, It's true. I can't stop, I can't stop, I gotta have more, it's crazy. I can't stop!」

That dish was 「Chicken Kiev

After pounding fresh chicken meat until it becomes tender, roll it in butter to give it body. Fry it until it becomes brown like a fox, and it's ready. Chicken Kiev is a recommended dish from which butter flows out when you take a bite.

Mie「It's good!It's good!」

That day, in Arashi 's 「Power up Notebook」:「『Kiev Katsu Retsu』 is a dish consisting in covering a slice of pork with wheat flour, dipping it in eggs, breading it with breadcrumbs, and frying it in oil.

Next entry: 『Pig』 Cattle classified as even-toed ungulate. Domesticated wild boar」

Arashi hadn't noticed that it was chicken.

午後 That afternoon, TK didn't seem like he was feeling too good.

Mie「Are you tired?」
TK「No, it's my stomach again, the cucumbers aren't going down so well」

Somehow, he had had too much cucumbers and was having an indigestion.

TK「Do you mind if I lean on you a little?Do you mind if I lean on you?」

From TK's diary:"Mie was just next to me, so I instinctively leaned on her. What's weird is that my stomachache disappeared at once, too”

翌日 The next day, the place the seven had come to...

Suuzan「It's sambo

It was a dojo for a martial art called sambo.
They say that sambo is a national martial art that was based on Japanese jujustu during the former Soviet Union era.
Even here in Ukraine it is highly popular.

Suuzan「The teacher's muscles are incredible」
Hide「Wow!What does he do?」
Mie「He's scary!Scary!」

That guy was a sambo instructor.

Teacher「Ok, you boys go change」

The boys were about to take the sambo challenge!

ウォーミングアップ First, they started by warming-up.

Teacher「Don't do it too hard」

Then, the technique...


Finally, after they had had an hour of severe instruction, they were ready to fight!
And the opponent was...

「A woman!」

Surprise, it was a woman. However..

Teacher「She's the female champion of Ukraine」
「The champion?」

Surprise, that sambo master was a woman who had been Ukraine's female champion in the women's 56 kilo category for three years in a row. The winner is decided by the number of points scored within a certain time limit, or if your opponent gives up. To start, the first opponent was TK.

TK「Ahhh, shit!」

Next was Hide.


And then , the 180cm (5'11") tall Arashi.

TK「That's a little disappointing」

As expected, the champion was unmatchable. The last fortress of the Japanese team was this man!Suuzan , Japan's number 2 karateka. Could he really achieve a tactical victory!?

MieSuuzan, good luck !」
Umechan「Do your best!」
MieSuuzan , hang in there! 」
MieSuuzan , hang in there!」

Surprise, the champion had given up!

Suuzan had defeated the Ukraine's female champion with a killer move called 『Udehishigi-jujigatame』!

Suuzan「I was right in there」
Arashi「Oh yeah」
Suuzan「What a feeling」
UmechanSuuzan, you were so cool」
Aya「You're really good」

Mie was starring at Suuzan with a smiling face.

その夜 That night...

Mie「He was so cool. Ha, ha, ha, you know!It's crazy. Like when the girls talk about Suuzan, I get a little impatient. I don't really want them to see how cool he is」

公園 The next day, the group had come to a park. Then...

Suuzan「Where are we gonna go?」
Mie「Wanna sit down?」

Mie had invited Suuzan. However...

Mie「How are you?」
Suuzan「I'm ok」
Mie「You're ok?」
Suuzan「Yeah, I'm ok」
Mie「・・・・・・Like, say something」
Suuzan「Aaaah, you say something」
Mie「Whaaaaat!? It's awkward when someone tells you to "say something"」
Mie「Ok, then... On Ainori, what is it that's most fun?」
Suuzan「When there's an inclination to passion, it's fun. That's why yesterday I was so motivated」
Mie「Yeah, yeah, you were」
Suuzan「Like that, it's like, if I get that passionate about something, it's like, I can do it」
Mie「That's great, like, I was looking at you and you did real good」
Suuzan「You know, people who don't have that, they just live for the sake of it, it's no good, you know」
Mie「Like, when there's no fire, you know」
Suuzan「Right, right, right, right」
Mie「Yeah, I think you're so cool」

At that moment, HE arrived!

TK「Change, please!Ossha!Suuzan, you trade places with me!」

It was the yankee-flavored TK

Suuzan「Well, see ya」
Mie「Ok, ok, bye-bye」
TKdosvi`daniya ("goodbye" in Russian) Let's go over there!」

進化 Mie「What's up? You're so hyper」
TK「I'm making considerable progress」
TK「Yeah, but inside of me really, everyday I think about a lot of things, and I make mistakes, too. But even when people are being told they'd have to do something over again everyday, for me I can say it's nothing like that. Ah, maybe I got a little cool. Really, I got cool, I think」
Mie「You're always cool, you're ok」
TK「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「But, like, the first time the seven of us got together in Russia, I felt your existence was huge, you know. Like, you knew that, right?」
TK「As I thought, what people always praise me about is the good atmosphere about me」
Mie「There he goes!」

Mie "There's the fact that TK often invites me, so I believe he thinks about me. But inside me, Suuzan's existence is huge. When he's there, I feel it's like I can't see TK anymore”

翌日 The next day, the group was taken to the city market by Vitali, the driver. There, they were about to meet "someone big". Then...

Hide「Ah, what the..?What the..?」

What was before them certainly was someone big!

Hide「Unbelievable!He's huge!」

His hand was as big as a baseball glove.
Vitali「He's the tallest man in the world, but he's not appearing in the Guinness book」

Hide「The tallest in the world!?」

According to the Guinness record, the tallest person in the world was 235 cm (7'8.5"). However...

Giant「I'm 253 cm (8'3.5"」
Aya「Really, unbelievable!」

Surprisingly, he was the tallest in the world !Next to the 153cm (5 feet) tall Umechan , there was a one meter (3 feet) difference!

AyaUmechan, like, you look like a baby」

Next to him, the Love Bus also looked like a small car. They had met the tallest man in the world in Ukraine.

TK「What was that!?」

その夜 That night...

Hide「Hey, good evening」
Aya「Good evening」

Hide, Japan's Love Representative, had call out Aya , the shy 25 year old.

Hide「I've got something I wanna give you...」
Aya「What is it?」
Hide「A love letter」(Note: Japanese often say that when they give someone a note, i.e. he doesn't mean it literally... Or does he?)
Aya「What is it?」

Hide had given her a letter.

Hide「See ya!」
Aya「Ok, that was quick!」

Hide's letter: 「To Aya, What happens to a person who gets self-confidence?What is good about someone liking someone else? There are not many answers to that. There's only one. Life becomes fun. From now on, getting more self-confident, becoming more charming would be a good thing, wouldn't it? It's definitely. possible. Let's talk again tomorrow. Tetsuo (Note: Tetsuo is Hide's real name).」

翌日 The next day, the seven had gone to a park to take a break. Then...

Aya「Aaah, I thought I'd talk with Suuzan
Hide「Oh, is that so・・・」

Hide had been rejected.

Hide「Haaaa, that's so uncool」

Hide“Like, romance is so hard, you know. Thinking back when Oose was here, she was such a big part (of my life). She was always minding me, no matter what. She was encouraging me. And I realized it only after she was gone. Like, the importance, the greatness (of friendship). When there's nobody to support you, it's really hard. Seriously”

バレエ On that day, the group had been taken to a building by Vitali, the driver.

「What is this place?」


Aya「Oh, ballet」

There were ballet dancers. This was 『The National Kiev Ballet Academy』, which was one of the three best ballet academies during the former Soviet Union. Many students become professional ballet dancers after an 8 year program to train the gifted in this highly reputed school. The teacher, Marina, started to speak.

Teacher「Everybody, have you tried ballet since you came to Ukraine?」
TK「I wanna try!」
Mie「I wanna do it」

At once, the group went to change.

Aya「Hey, wait a minute!」

Black leotards had been made available. Umechan got a real bad surprise ・・・

Umechan「Ok!From now on I'll change my minding!」
Mie「No bra!?Are my ××× showing through?」
Aya「Yes, they are」
Mie「Oh, no」
Umechan「You guys are acting like・・・『Ikuyo-Kuruyo』!」

(Note: Name of a manzai comedian duo who started in the 70's)

練習開始After the three girls had changed, they were waiting for the boys. Then...

Aya「How embarrassing・・・」

The boys were attracting attention with their bulges.

Hide「It's embarrassing」
Arashi「It's embarrassing」

At once, practice began. At first, they were taught basic postures. Although they were puzzled by their first ballet experience, the seven dedicated themselves to practice.

Teacher「Now, we'll show you performances with boys and girls paired together. Then, you'll practice in pairs and finally make a presentation.

ArashiAya, let's do it!」
TK「Let's do it!」

Arashi had paired up with Aya, and TK with Mie. Hide with Umechan , and Suuzan with one of the students. The first thing to practice for a pair performance is the 『Promenade』, for which the girl hangs on to the boy's arm and rotates (around him). Then, extending the leg up high and leaning down forward for the 『Arabesque penchee』. Next, the 『Grand jete』, for which the girl jumps in the air supported by the boy. Finally a pre decided pose.

First, the TK and Mie pair took a shot at it.

TK「Are you ok?」
Mie「It hurts」

Then, Aya who had paired up with Arashi...

Aya「It's embarrassing. It's hot. It's hot. It's hot」

Being extremely close to Arashi , she was turning hot.

Aya「I'm really relying on you」
Arashi「Leave it to me!All right」
Teacher「Ok, let's go to the stage」
TK「Let's go!」
Mie「Let's go!」
TK「Ok, let's do our best」

舞台 When practice was over, they moved to the school stage in order to show their performance. However...

Mie「What!?No way!」

The auditorium was filled with people!Actually, teachers and students had come to see them. The group suddenly became quiet. In such an atmosphere, the performance started. The first pair was TK and Mie

Mie「You're far, you're far」
TK「Good!Good!Good!Good!Good!OK!OK!Wait a second・・・」
Mie「One, two, three・・・」

There was a sympathetic round of applause from the auditorium.

TK「Thank you!」
Mie「Thank you!」

Next wasSuuzan , who had paired up with a student. Then, Hide and Umechan doing their best, too, and the main event, the Arashi and Aya pair. アヤ was dancing, entrusting Arashi with her body. Their dance was a great success.

AyaArashi・・・is so cool, it's too much for me, really. It felt great. He's got great muscles. What am I saying? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”

On the other hand...

Hide“Those two looked great, didn't they? It was like a scene from a drama. They really looked like a couple”

その夜 That night, Suuzan had called out Hide.

Suuzan「What's up?Is something wrong?」
Hide「Maybe Aya has got the hots for Arashi Well, that's what I think」
Suuzan「I see」
Hide「But it was a little sad, I mean, considering (our performance) visually」
Suuzan「What can I say, that's a personal opinion, you know. But that's not the it, your own feeling is much more important. That's what reflects more, definitely. When small children draw pictures, they don't care about what people will say, they just draw.」
Hide「Yeah, you're right」
Suuzan「That feeling is definitely. important. And the result, well, how you're being evaluated, that's something that comes after」
Hide「You're right」
Suuzan「If you go that way, I'm sure you can do it」

That day in Hide 's diary:Suuzan 's words opened my eyes. I may be bad visually, but the only way I can do things is at my own pace!”

Hide 's decision was about to tremendously change 3 people's love destiny!!



"You can make a wish if you touch her pinky"

"Her pinky?"

TK's dream is ablaze!
Running across an unforseen nightmare

A ghost town...

A single, courageous man stood up!

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