AINORI #298 Part 1
This is a loose translation, just to give you an idea of what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate Japanese into proper English, due to obvious cultural and linguistic differences. I’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the original text. Feel free to contact me if you notice any typos, or weird sentences. Enjoy!

あいのりSP1 In a terrible heavy rain, Hide and Aya had been left behind in Dracula's forest. In a hurry, 3 mountain guides left to rescue them! However, the rain was becoming even more terrible. The group was waiting in the Love Bus, at the foot of the mountain. Worries were raising for Hide and Aya, who hadn't come back.

Mie「Aaaa~Aya・・・Hang in there」

At that time, Hide, Aya and one of the staff were wandering in darkness.

Aya「Anyone out the~re!」
Aya「I guess they can't hear us because of the rain noise」
Staff「I can't see any lights from the other flashlights, at all」

The camera exposed to the rain was experiencing trouble. At that moment!

Aya「Look out! Is that for real?」
Hide「I can see dogs' eyes. There are dogs over there!Oh, God, dogs!There are many!」
Aya「There they are!There they are!There they are!」

In front of them were three wild dogs, who might have been attracted by the smell of the bentous they had brought!

Aya「It's the smell!The smell!」
Staff「There's a stick right there on the ground. Hide
Aya「(They're here) because we have food」

Using his own body, Hide was protecting Aya. The wild dogs, at a slight distance of 5 meters, were threatening them!

Aya「It's dangerous!Aaaah・・・Why!?」

Then, the camera's image went out.

あいのりSP2 Mie「It's terrible」
Staff「How long has it been?Since they went out there, how long has it been?」
Mie「It's been about three hours・・・」
Suuzan「More than three hours」

Arashi's heart was torn. As much as he feared for Hide and Aya's safety, he was also worried about their spending that time together. Time was only passing by with uncertainties. At that moment!

Staff「I see some lights!」
Arashi「Are they here?」
Staff「They're coming down!They're coming down!I see some lights!」

Were Hide and Aya really safe? Then...


Hide's voice!Then, right in front of them, the beams of two flashlights!

Umechan「Are they ok?」
Arashi「Are they ok?」
Mie「Are they ok?」
Suuzan「Take your time, you know」
Arashi「Take your time」
Mie「Because it's slippery」
Alec「Almost there!」
Mie「Yeah, just a bit more!」
Arashi「You'll make it」
Mie「Are you ok?」
Arashi「Are you ok?」
Alec「Are you ok?」
Suuzan「You'd better get in the Bus」

Saved by the mountain guides, Hide and Aya had made a safe return without any problems!
Arashi「Here are some towels. Are you ok?Seriously」
Mie「They're ok. They didn't give up」
Arashi「I'll help you. Come on」
Hide「I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok」
Arashi「There you go!」
Suuzan「Get in front of the heater」
Arashi「You'd better take off your top, really」
Arashi「You ok?」
Hide「Aaaa, it was so・・・」
Arashi「You'd better take off your clothes, no doubt about it」
Hide「It's the first time I ever thought we wouldn't make it」
Umechan「Yeah, you got that right」
Arashi「Wrap it around your neck. It's cold, you know」
Hide「When we decided to go back, there was nobody there」
Hide「So we got lost, we even ran into wild dogs」
Hide「The dogs were really surrounding us, Mr. Okazaki, me and Aya
Aya「The three of us」
Aya「Haaa~Hide, we made it back alive」
Hide「We made it back, yeaaaah」
Suuzan「You were really lost」
Arashi「It's dangerous, really!Seriously!It took you four hours, four hours!」
Suuzan「It's Dracula!」
Aya「It's really the forest of the Devil!」
Hide「The forest of the Devil!」
Umechan「Yeah, it's really the forest of the Devil」

あいのりSP3 The seven of them had finally got back to the hotel.

Mie「Are you muffed up well in your blanket?」
Aya「I'm muffed up」
Arashi「You have to cover yourself properly. Up to your neck, up to your neck」
Suuzan「Near the window, completely」
Mie「Tuck it in 」
Suuzan「Are you tucked in?」
Aya「Everybody is so kind」

Nestled up together, Hide and Aya were muffed up into a single blanket.

Arashi, with his heart severed, was thinking.

Arashi“I was glad they were back, but I had mixed feelings about it. I wanted to become Hide・・・”

あいのりSP4 The next day, the Love Bus left Braşov to head west in Romania's territory. The town they arrived to was Sighişoara. That down is left like it was 900 years ago, exactly as a town that would have gone through a time warp back to a country of the Middle Ages. It's beauty, colored by stone pavements and bricks, is glorified as 「The Pearl of Transylvania 」. At once, the seven of them went to a restaurant for lunch.

Suuzan「There it come」
Arashi「What?What's that?」

It was a taste they had never had before. Then...

Shop's Employee「That's a bear stew」
Mie「What!Is that so?」
Aya「It's not beef」

Bear stew, made with the meat of bears caught in that area, simmered and stewed with tomatoes and wine, is the very favorite of Sighişoara's citizens.
Arashi「It's pretty good, you know. I wonder if it isn't high grade meat?You know, bear」
Mie「It's just like it. Like high grade meat」
Suuzan「What?Bear bones」
Mie「It's so thin!」
Arashi「Wo~w. I want one」

あいのりSP5 After lunch, Hide was reminiscing about him and Aya getting lost on that night.


Aya「I guess they can't hear us because of the rain noise. I wonder if Arashi is ok・・・」


Under such circumstances, Aya had said Arashi's name. Those words which came out unconsciously had surprised and hurt Hide's feelings.

Hide“I really want us to be a couple, really. But・・・ I guess, we surely can't go back (to Japan) together, you know”

あいのりSP6 At that time, there was a car speeding around Romania!

Bukurou「This brings back a lot of memories, seriously」

It was Oose and Bukurou!Do you remember those 2?Oose had joined Ainori in Kenya. The really insolent Oose pepped up the Love Bus with her torrent of extreme remarks.


Oose「Like, you're not in love with a robot, so it's natural you'll hurt your lover's feelings. There's nothing you can do about that」

Oose had encouraged a broken-hearted Hide, and he also supported her while they were traveling.

On the other hand, Bukurou, who joined Ainori in Cameroon, had nicknamed himself 「The Wolf of Ikebukuro's West Gate Park」 because he had seduced and dumped more than a 100 girls until then. However, during his trip the glory of the past had proved useless.

In all of that, Oose had become for Bukurou an important comedy duo partner. However, as the trip went on...

Bukurou「If you're tired, you can rest, don't worry about it. I'm here for you」

Gradually, Bukurou's existence had become important to Oose. Then...

Oose「I fell in love with Bukurou

From then on, even if they had problems, Oose declared her love to Bukurou.

OoseI love you !」

Like this, somehow the two had developed ties. Even after they had gone back to Japan, while they were still having problems, their love grew.

At one point (on TV)!

Hide“Thinking back, when Oose was here she was a big part of me, you know. Not getting any support from anyone, it's hard, you know”


Upon hearing those weak words from her friend Hide, Oose decided to come to Romania to encourage him.

Oose「Come on, keep up!」

Obeying the order to carry their luggage・・・

Bukurou「I wonder if Hide is doing ok?」
OoseHide boy ?」
BukurouHide boy 」
Oose「The bastard suffers from phimosis, you know」
Bukurou「Ha, ha, ha, ha. you're nasty・・・ Really nasty」
Oose「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Bukurou「It's really been a while since we've been on a trip」


Oose「You're gross!!Your eyes are blood-shot・・・」
Bukurou「Yeah, well, you hit my eye」
Oose「Yeah, well, that was gross, seriously!」
Bukurou「Wha・・・No, hit my forehead instead!」
Oose「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Bukurou「It really hurt, getting hit in the eye」

Oose「I hate it, that rain」
Oose「Like, say something funny」
Oose「Say something funny」
Bukurou「Ok, shall I sing SMAP to you, SMAP」
Oose「He, he , he, he」
Bukurou「I can't help myself, it's been too long, like」
BukurouAre kara~♪」
Bukurou「Hey, you're too quick to poke me!」
Oose「You're being uncomfortably warm!」
Bukurou「You... Salt was being a little more patient and would listen, you know」
Oose「You're unusually gross. And the angle from which you're looking at me!」
Bukurou「Eat fish, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha~♪」
Oose「You were more into it back then!」

Can these two really find Hide without any problems?

あいのりSP7 That afternoon, the seven of them were gathering in Sighişoara.

Arashi「It's colorful. It's really awesome!」
Mie「It's colorful」
Mie「Aaah~ We can get in, over there」
Aya「Aaah~ A~wesome!」

The group had decided to go up the clock tour in the middle of the town. It is the town's symbol, built in the 14th century, and is 64 m tall. When they went up the steep stairs...

Aya「Aaaah~ A~wesome!Aaaah~!」

Right in front of them was spreading a medieval town right out of a fairy tale. Then...

Aya「Hey, look, look, Rome!」
Mie「Hey, that's right!」

On the parapet there was a plate saying 「Rome 1906 km」. Actually, these plates were marking the distance and direction from the clock tower towards the world metropolises. Among the plates Hide found...

Hide「Ah, there's Tokyo!」
Hide「That's Tokyo, right?8890 km!It's so far・・・」

Tokyo was 8890 km from there. Hide had joined Ainori when he was 19. Since then, 3 calendar years had past, and he was now 21. In his mind old memories were coming back.


Ainori's Audition

Hide「Eeerrr・・・I'm afraid of hurting people's feelings, like, I'm really scared of falling in love, like, my condition is that I can't fall in love, but when I watch Ainori I really wanna, I really wanna, lately I've been thinking I really wanna fall in love! I think I really have to change, really in so many different ways, I have to become a decent person. So, I think it's presumptuous of me, but in that way, I really wanna grow, which is the motive for my application」

Hide really hated himself (at that time). He was 19, and had terribly negative thoughts.

Kayo, the first woman with whom Hide fell in love. On the one hand, Kayo too was touched by Hide's purity and was attracted to him. However, afraid of hurting her, Hide had lied to himself about his own feelings. So that romance turned out to be short-lived, and died.

In the Middle-East, he had love declarations made to him by two women, Omami and Takano. But Hide couldn't reply to that.

Then, there was Aya, the fateful woman he had met as he expected, after a long trip. Through this irreplaceable experience of going across 14 countries over a three year span, Hide had grown into a strong man, beyond all recognition.


Then!In the town of Sighişoar, Hide's trip would finally reach its conclusion!

あいのりSP8 The next day, the group was spending time separately in Sighişoar.

Suuzan and Alec were drawing sketches of rows of houses along the streets, which seemed to have come right out of a picture book. As a would be painter, Suuzan's eyes were shining at the sight of the medieval buildings.

On the other hand, Alec the shy one, was also drawing buildings・・・ or was he? (He was drawing Robin Mask!?)

Meanwhile, Hide was spending time by himself, separately from the others・・・

Hide's heart was covered with the clouds of anxiety.

あいのりSP9At the same time, on a street corner in Sighişoar were Oose and Bukurou

Bukurou「This town looks like one Hide would like」
Bukurou「He really likes towns like these」

At once, the two of them had started looking for Hide. After walking on the stone pavement for 30 minutes...

Oose「There it is, there it is!There it is, there it is!」
Bukurou「The Love Bus!」
Oose「Can we get closer?」

They had found the Love Bus!At once, the two of them got on the Bus, which they hadn't done in a while.

Bukurou「Uuoo~This brings back sweet memories, seriously」
Oose「Aaaaa~ There we are!There we are!There we are!There we are!」
Bukurou「That's the good old Bus!」
Oose「Wow, that's really... This row of pictures is beautiful, you know」

At that moment, the two of them realized something!

Bukurou「Hey, that means there were no new couples after us, right?」
Oose「What's with that?」
Bukurou「Really, what's with that? What's with that?」

That's right, that was since Oose and Bukurou became a couple, in Egypt, 7 countries before.

In the U.A.E. Kouji, who declared his love to Natchi in Nagoya dialect, fought desperately!
Full of confidence, Natchi, who conveyed her love to Arashi, cried when she heard his unexpected answer.
In Bahrain, the turtle, who declared her love to Suuzan and stood her ground for a scary 1 hour and 36 minutes, went extinct, too
Takano and Omami's bloody rivalry too ended up with them cutting each other's throat.
In Ukraine, TK, who tried to save himself with Miki Douzan, was given a pumpkin - The End.
Surprisingly, right now Ainori was on a 6 love declaration failure streak!

Bukurou「Good old Ainori, seriously. Everybody's falling in love right here, I wonder」
Oose「I wanna see Hide boy soon」
Bukurou「Yeah, I wanna see him」
OoseHide boy has been living in this Bus for more than a year, you know」
Bukurou「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. It's so long, that bastard」
Oose「He's a light homeless」

あいのりSP10 Then, they resumed their search for Hide, the light homeless!

Bukurou「What a terrible smell」
Oose「Yeah, that smell」
Bukurou「It stinks」


Bukurou「Their he is!Their he is!Their he is!Their he is!Their he is!Their he is!Bastard」
Oose「He's using his false identity today, too」
Bukurou「He's still wearing Nakata's uniform」

At last, they had found Hide!In order for him not to notice, the two of them approached cautiously.


Hide wasn't aware those two were coming either. Then...

Oose「Hey, don't you get that soft erection!」
Bukurou「Flapping through the sky, Salt Lake !」
BukurouMy neighbor Totoro~♪」

Too sudden for Hide, he was drawing a blank.

Hide「Sorry, I forgot how the rest goes」
Oose「What the...」
Hide「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Oose「You're such a phony, as usual」
BukurouHide chan, it's been a while」
Oose「What were you doing?」
Bukurou「It's been a long time」
Hide「Been a long time」
Bukurou「It's been a long time, seriously!」
OoseHide boy, you look good, no kidding」
Bukurou「Sweet memories, seriously」
Hide「Yeah, sweet memories」
Oose「You're acting pretty funny」
Bukurou「What's going on?Hide
Hide「What a development」
OoseBukurou「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Oose「You still can't hide your surprise」

あいのりSP11It had been seven months since the three of them had met.

Oose「How have you been?You're not sick, are you? You have a rough skin」
Hide「I know. Lately I've had a lot of stress so I got a lot of pimples」
Oose「You're kiddin'. Why are you so stressed out?」
Hide「When you're in love, like, I'm a shy person, you know, like, when you're in love you go back to your first time, you know・・・」
Bukurou「You're not ok, seriously」
Hide「I'm ok, I'm fine」
Oose「You're ok!?」
Hide「Yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm always like this」
Oose「Is that so?」


Bukurou「Well, for the time being I'll leave you with Oose so you can talk. Looks like she could be a good advisor」

Bukurou had evaluated the situation and had decided to leave.

OoseHide chan 」
Hide「You surprised me, you know」
Oose「How is it?Your romance」
Hide「Like, since Kayo I couldn't fall in love at all, couldn't I.? You're the one who knows that the most」
Hide「I thought, maybe I can't fall in love, and I even thought about retiring. In the Middle-East, 中東でOmami and Takano declared their love to me, but, like, until the end I was seriously thinking about Omami
Hide「But, well・・・ I couldn't imagine going back to Japan together」
Oose「Yeah, yeah, yeah」
Hide「In Russia, a girl named Aya joined the group」
Hide「This girl is 25, but she totally hates herself, this girl, totally」
Hide「She says she has no self-confidence」
Hide「So I thought I'd give her self-confidence, since I could get self-confidence myself during this trip」
Oose「How does it look?Does Aya like Hide boy?」
Hide「Well, if you ask me I'd say she hates me」
Hide「I think I sound more like a sermoning old man to her」
Oose「So why don't you tell her that? Tell her that because you're nervous or something maybe you sound like a sermoning Natchi, but that in the end you're having a great time with her, or something」
Oose「Like, what is it with you men, really, you think with your head (too much) and then you talk, you know, that's pretty tame」
Oose「Why don't you say what's on your mind. As I recall, you always said that it was the best way yourself」
Hide「Without thinking, just say the words that are on your mind, just like that・・・ say it」
Hide「It brings back a lot of memories, talking with you」
Oose「He, he, he, he」
Hide「Yeah, talking with you brings back a lot of memories」
Oose「Yeah, it's really been a long time, you know」
Hide「Yeah, it's really been a long time」

Then, Hide revealed what really was on his mind, which he couldn't talk about with anyone before・・・
Hide「Yeah, traveling through 14 countries」
Hide「Getting dumped would be pretty uncool, you know」
Oose「You're such an idiot. If you really worry about that it means you can't do anything!」
Hide「You're right! Yeah」
Oose「So, like, if you think about the consequences, if you think about the consequences, certainly it's important, but if you think about the consequences and you can't do anything because of that I think not thinking at all would be better! That's my way!I'm a simple girl」
Hide「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Oose「What do you call her?You call her Aya?」
Hide「I call her Aya
Oose「Ok, from now on call her Aya Bread」
Hide「Hu, he, he, he」
Oose「Say Aya Bread ♥Aya Bread ♥」

Then, Oose said something that had been on her mind all along.

Oose「Do you still think about Kayo?」
Hide「Weeeell, I have very good memories with her, so yeah, I think about her」
Oose「But like, it was like that with Kayo, without you confessing your love, and in the end since you thought it was hard, this time I really want you to say it, you know. If you don't do that, Kayo will be sorry」

あいのりSP12 Then...

Oose「See you, Hide chan 」
Bukurou「See you」
Hide「Thanks Bukurou
Bukurou「Good luck!」
Hide「Thanks for taking the trouble」
Oose「See you」
Bukurou「See you」
Hide「Thanks, I'll do my best!」
Bukurou「Go for it, seriously!」
Hide「Yeah, I will!」
Oose「We'll be watching you on TV」
Hide「Yeah, thanks」
Hide「Yeah, pye-py~e」

Hide watched both of their backs getting smaller and smaller until the end.

Bukurou「So, is Hide in love?」
Oose「That's a secret」
Bukurou「Oh yeah? Boo!Boo!」
Oose「Bukurou Tan, you have something on your head」


Oose「Ha, ha, ha, ha. ha」

Hide had gotten unexpected support from his friend Oose.

Hide“I was so happy, you know. I got strength from her. I thought, as expected, that Oose would give me the most comprehensible advice”

Hide's heart, which had been wrapped in darkness, was brightened by the lights of hope.

あいのりSP13 Oose and Bukurou had achieved their goal without any problems. Then, Bukurou said...

Bukurou「So. you wanna drop by his room?」


Bukurou「After all, we should visit Arashi, too. We traveled together through one country, in Egypt. Like if we visit Hide only, it's like... As long as we're here, you know」

Indeed, although it was only for one country, Oose and Bukurou had traveled with Arashi, too. However, the problem was・・・

Oose「I don't have anything to say to Arashi. I'll leave it up to you」
Bukurou「Ooo, ooo, ooo」
OoseI'll just be by your side, nodding」
Bukurou「You know Arashi, he'll feel depressed right away. That's the wrong approach, like, without scolding him or criticizing him, how about giving him ample praise? Tell him, go! Go! Go! Go! Make him think things are going well for him, and then bye-bye」

As such, the two of them had decided upon 「Operation Go! Go! Arashi

BukurouArashi, it's interview time (Imitating the staff)」

Arashi, thinking it was a staff member, was really obedient.
Bukurou「Yeah, it's interview time. Sit down」
Oose「Sit down」

Arashi, who couldn't grasp the situation at all, was really uneasy. Then...

Oose「Today, we have something to report to you」
Oose「Like, I entered my name into his family register, so...」(She's lying)
Bukurou「So, this is also our honeymoon, you know」
Oose「That's right」
Arashi「What?Aaah, congratulations」
OoseBukurou「Thank you」
Oose「Our child will be born in March」(She's lying again)
Arashi「Aaaah・・・ Really? I'm happy for you」
Bukurou「What the...?」
Arashi「No, I'm happy for you, you know」
Bukurou「Is that all you're gonna say?」
Arashi「No, no, I'm just so astonished」
Bukurou「Words of appreciation...」

At that point, the two of them started 「Operation Go! Go! Arashi」!

OoseArashi, turn around a bit. That's a cute hairstyle」
Bukurou「Ha, ha, ha, ha, yeah, it's cute」
OoseArashi, you got so cool」
Arashi「That makes me happy」
Oose「Are you in love?」
Arashi「Yeah, of course!」
Arashi「Yeah, seriously!Yeah」
Bukurou「Just now, that was so like, manly, you know」
Bukurou「The way you just proclaimed that」
OoseArashi, you're so cool, you know」
Arashi「No, no, don't think that」

あいのりSP14 Successfully pepped up by the two of them, a cheerful Arashi started talking about Aya.

Arashi「Well, clearly, I can't keep my eyes of her」
Arashi「Like, there's no reason for it. She's not so cool, but I really have her on my mind quite spontaneously」
OoseArashi, you got so cool, you know」
Bukurou「Like, what you say, the content has changed」
Oose「You speak decently」
Bukurou「That's true, that's true. You became a decent person」
Arashi「Really?Why, thank you」
Bukurou「You've changed, you know」
Oose「That's very attractive!」
Arashi「Oh, stop it」

Arashi couldn't realize the two of them were saying that on purpose!

Arashi「Well, you gave me some courage, ha, ha, ha, ha, that's good, that's good, really」
Bukurou「Good luck」
Arashi「Yeah, I'll do my best」
Oose「Good luck, Arashi
Arashi「Yeah, I'm just a bit in sweat, here」
Oose「No sweat」
Arashi「I'll do my best. Thank you」
Oose「Yeah. Take care」
Bukurou「See you」
Bukurou「See you」
Arashi「Yeah, thank you」
Oose「It's nothing」
Bukurou「See you!」
Arashi「Wish you happiness」

As such 「Operation Go! Go! Arashi」 was a great success.

Oose「That bastard really thinks we're having a baby」
OoseBukurou「He, he, he, he」
Oose「Maybe, he'll become really attractive in a couple of years」
Bukurou「He still needs 2 years?」

However!Their pep talk had complicated the situation!

AINORI #297             AINORI #298 Part #2

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