AINORI #298 - Part 2
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あいのりSP15 Arashi「No but, I really got a lot of courage, I mean, when I was told things like "what you say is clear", I got a lot of confidence」


From Arashi's diary:“I'm so confident about my feelings towards Aya , there's no way I could lose her to anyone”

The Love Bus!

Mircea「Arashi, how are you?」
Arashi「Tickets, please」
Mircea「Here you are」

When you decide to make a love declaration, getting plane tickets and informing (the object of your love) is Ainori's rule.

Mircea「I pray for your good fortune. Good luck」

Arashi, who had "powered up", was taking the risk of either winning or losing!

あいのりSP16The crimson evening sunlight was coloring the town of Sighişoara, glorified as the gem of Transylvania. The love declaration to Aya would require the very corpus of Arashi's POWER UP. At that moment, Aya showed up!

Arashi「Oooh, I didn't realize」
Aya 「Sorry I kept you waiting」
Arashi「You're not cold?」
Aya 「No, I'm not. It's just ok」
Arashi「Last time you told me about that part that part of you that was in the middle of your heart, and I was really happy, although I couldn't say anything like, very clever」

The fact that Aya had left the ex-boyfriend she had been with for a year an a half had become the cause of his changing completely, as if he was another person. Since then, Aya had developed timidity towards going out steady with men.

Aya 「It's not his weakness as much as the strength he had shown before」

Since that day when Aya confided the scars in her heart, Arashi had been looking for an answer.

Arashi「I have thought many times that when you look at people you can see their weaknesses・・・ I told you about that before, right?」
Aya 「Yeah」
Arashi「As for me, I think anyone has weaknesses, you know. Looking at my self, I think the same, too. So, I think having weaknesses is something you can't help. If your mate is the person of your destiny, I think it's something you certainly have to accept. It was the case with my parents, you know. My dad, who brought me up while I was always looking at his back, only showed me his good sides, and never showed me his weaknesses or whined about anything in front of me」
Aya 「Yeah」
Arashi「But when he got cancer, he was saying terrible things to my mom, like 「I wanna die」. He kept talking about how it hurt, among other things, and he really showed us (all of his weaknesses), you know. And for my mom, like in the end his weight had gone down almost by half, and since it was cancer of the mouth he had, he couldn't talk anymore, but even under those circumstances, to my mom, my dad said 「I love you」. So, my mom too replied 「I love you」, and I really wondered if that didn't mean they were really destined to each other, you know. I think that because it was the person of her destiny, she could accept anything. I think they really made it (as a couple), you know」
Aya 「Yeah」
Arashi「If your feeling could change even a little, I think that would be good, yeah」
Aya 「Thanks, yeah」
Arashi「You joined the group in Russia, and at first I thought that there was a great atmosphere about you, that you were pretty. That was my first impression, you know. I had terribly trifling talks with you, or talks about great statues of Buddha (Not featured on Ainori), or something」
Aya 「Ha, ha, ha」
Arashi「Talks about UFOs, or something. We had trifling talks like that, too, and it was terribly fun. You also listened to my worries, so to me your existence is extremely important, you know. Until now, I had no specialty, or any talent, so I really never had any self-confidence at all. But when I think about you, I feel really... I can say I have confidence and I stick my chest out. I love you very much」
Arashi「My feelings won't change for sure, since I think you're the woman of my destiny. I wanna go back to Japan with you and I also earnestly think that eventually I will marry you. I want us to be happy together, so please come back to Japan with me. Here is the the ticket」
Aya 「Ok」
Arashi「Yeah. You too, think about it hard. Tomorrow, let me hear your answer. Thanks」
Aya 「Thanks」
Arashi「Good night」
Aya 「Yeah, good night」

Arashi, after conveying all of his brimming thoughts, left.

あいのりSP17 Arashi's love declaration. That fact had to be conveyed to him.

Director「Now, a few moments ago, Arashi declared his love to Aya

Arashi, his rival who had beaten him to it. Would Hide proceed to declare his love, too? However・・・


Hide was just staying there, thinking.

Hide「I had a double love declaration made to me, so I know what a double declaration is like, you know」

Hide didn't want Aya to experience the pain of having to answer to a double love declaration.


Hide's kindness was troubling him to the end.

Time was only passing by, minute by minute. Then!

Hide「Since I would hate someone I love to leave without me being able to express my feelings, I will declare my love to her!」

What he headed for was the Love Bus.

Hide「Hi, Mircea」
Mircea「Oh, hello!Hide!」
Hide「I found real love, so please give me a ticket」

When you decide to declare your love to someone getting tickets from the (Love Bus) driver, and telling about your feelings is Ainori's rule!
Hide, Japan's Love Representative, had finally risen to pitch a love declaration!

あいのりSP18 From a distant past, since the 14th century, Sighişoara's clock tour had been keeping the time through a long period. However, on that night, a strange calm was swallowing up the town, as if time was standing still. After having gone through a 14 country trip, the real love Hide had found, Aya , showed up!

Hide「Good evening」
Aya 「Good evening」
Aya 「Did I keep you waiting?」
Aya 「Did I keep you waiting?」
Hide「No, no, you're right on time」
Aya 「Ok」
Hide「Yeah, I called you here because I thought I'd declare my love to you, you know」
Aya 「Yes」
Hide「Around the beginning of my trip I fell in love with someone, but I couldn't declare my love to her, and she went home」
Aya 「Ok」
Hide「So, like, I wondered why I couldn't declare my love to her, even if I loved her so much, I really regret it. So, after that I couldn't fall in love at all, I thought all the way I couldn't fall in love anymore. But in Russia, you joined the group, while we were together that love that was so difficult to me came so easily」
Hide「I'm glad I met you. I wanted to give you self-confidence, because I really love you. Not only while we can be together, but for example, even when this trip is over, even if it comes to a situation where we can't meet anymore, I want you to do your best. I don't think that because you're here next to me, but because I met you・・・」
Hide「So, even if I can't see you anymore, I want you to stand your ground, I want to be supportive」
Aya 「Ok」
Hide「I mean, let me say it like I'm thinking. Being together, you gave me a lot of strength. I got a lot of vitality, like when you were laughing, I was really happy. Like, even in the Love Bus when you were next to me it was really fun. Ditto for when we did kamishibai. When Larca laughed so much, that gave me a lot of strength. I wanted to give you a lot of strength, I wanted to give you vitality, but somehow when I saw you laughing I got a lot of strength out of it」
HideYou're very charming, but I think you can become an much more charming person. So, maybe, you're probably aiming high as to who's gonna be the one you'll spend time with, who you're gonna go steady with, but, I really love you. You're probably aiming high, but I want you to be with me」
Hide「Let's go back to Japan together」
Aya 「Right」
Hide「I'm glad I met you. Thanks to you I was able to declare my love. Thank you. Well, let me hear your answer tomorrow. Yeah」
Aya 「Thank you」
Hide「Ok, well, good night」
Aya 「Yeah, good night」
Hide「You have to sleep under the sheets, you know」
Aya 「Ah, ha, ha, ha」
Hide「Otherwise you'll get a stomachache」
Aya 「I know」
Hide「See ya」
Aya 「Ok」

In his 14th country, Hide had conveyed his feelings for the first time.

あいのりSP19 Wrapped in tranquility, the ancient city of Sighişoara. Aya , who was informed of Arashi and Hide's intentions, was spending a white night. That meant that it was for the both of them, who had traveled for a long time together, their last night・・・


HideArashi, you've been to 7 countries, right?Now is your 8th? Ah, right, your 8th. Wow, you and I have been here the longest・・・ Yeah, it's long」
Arashi「Aah~ That's right」
Hide「Yeah, that's right, we even topped Yuukun and Junpei
Arashi「We did? Awesome」
Hide「Yeah, before we knew it・・・」


Hide and Arashi. The two of them, who had crossed 8 countries looking for real love, had met in Egypt. The one they had fell in love with was, ironically, the same girl・・・

From Arashi's diary:“I think what is important is not the result, but the process. After that, all I can do is believe and wait”

From Hide's diary “If I get dumped tomorrow, it will be because my feelings for Aya are not as strong as Arashi's”

Meanwhile, Aya was seen thinking by herself in a separate hotel. She had until the next morning to decide upon her answer. Arashi and Hide were both completely different men. She had a lot in common with Arashi, and could talk with him naturally. When she was with Arashi , who was both clumsy and serious, they could mutually understand their weaknesses. She was shy, and Hide tried to give her a lot of confidence. She had also realized that she was changing daily thanks to Hide's strength. A man with whom she could walk slowly with. A man who was making her grow. Aya was wavering between the two of them. And one more thing・・・ The scar in her heart she had been carrying since that past romance. That part of herself that was reticent about falling in love・・・

From Aya 's diary: “I'm worried whether I will be able to convey (my feelings) properly, since I'm so poor with words. But I will do my best not to leave anything unsaid to any of them”

あいのりSP20 The fateful morning, in the old city of Sighişoara, where medieval streets still exist now. And after all, the running Târnava Mare river, which had stared at 900 years of the town's history. And today・・・ more history was about to be made in Sighişoara. The friends who had traveled together, Arashi, Aya and Hide would make sure of their love's whereabouts.

Arashi was not aware that Hide had declared his love to Aya . At that moment...

Suuzan「Ooh, Hide

Hide had come!Arashi, upon seeing Hide, totally realized what was going on.


Hide and Arashi, who had crossed many borders together.
Now, they were standing on a fateful bridge.
The final judgment of their love was about to go down on them.

あいのりSP21 At that moment!Aya arrived!If she accepts the love declaration, she kisses the guy and they go back to Japan together. He she refuses she gives back the ticket. Those are Ainori's rules.

Hide「Good morning」
Arashi「Good morning」
Aya 「Good morning」

The stage was completely set. Now, the fate of three people was about to be decided.

Arashi「I couldn't express my feelings completely with words. All my feelings towards you come from my whole being. I'm always looking at you, I'm always behind you following you. From now on, I will do my very best to become a good man, I will do my best to become a man you can rely on. Since I will become a man suitable for you, from now on please let me be by your side. Let's go back to Japan together」
Hide「I'm glad I met you. Thanks for letting me feel kindness. Thanks for allowing me to love. Thanks for meeting me. I really love you. Let me hear your answer」

What would be Aya 's answer!?
AyaArashi, Hide, I have things I want to say to both of you. Since I'm going to talk seriously, I'd like you to listen」
Aya 「I'll start with Arashi. Really, my first impression was that I thought you were kind of shallow, because you were speaking very casually, like, you looked shallow to me. But I understood right away that it wasn't the case. The real Arashi is a bit clumsy, serious, hates lies and is very honest. And yesterday, when you said things like 「Aya , I think you're the woman of my destiny」, I really felt the power of your feelings. You really looked me in the eye, and said it really sincerely, like, you made a face I had never seen before, ah, I thought, hey, he has such a countenance. I was really surprised」
Aya 「As for you Hide, you tried to give me self-confidence for the last 3 countries. But sometimes I would object and really give evasive answers, because I'm not good with words. Like sometimes I've said things too straightforwardly, and I think I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry, you know. But nevertheless, you desperately, I mean, you really did what you could for me, and I really feel grateful for that. Thank you very much」
Aya 「And my answer... I know you never asked anything in return for what you did for me, but, but if we'd be together forever, I would hate myself for not being able to do anything by myself. I think that would be hard. If we had met in a few years, it probably would have been really different・・・Hide, I can't go back to Japan together with you・・・・ I'm sorry」
Hide「Thank you」
Aya 「I joined the group in Russia, and I've thought vaguely about you, Arashi. And・・・ I couldn't put my feelings into words, like I didn't speak that much then, and there's times when I even wondered whether I liked you or not. But I'm also clumsy, so I thought that if I'd be with you we could understand each other's weaknesses, and that there'd be possibilities for growth. I think putting feelings into words is not so important. I believe the depth of your own feelings is something only you could know, and that your instincts choose that (special) person. So Arashi, I want to go back to Japan together with you」
AyaHide, I'm sorry 」
Aya 「It's embarrassing」
Arashi「It's embarrassing」
Aya 「Yeah」
Arashi「I'm really not reliable, but I'll really do my best, I'll do my very best. I'm counting on you」
Aya 「I'm counting on you」
Arashi「Thanks. Seriously, thank you very much」
Hide「I wish you happy times」
Aya 「Thank you」
Hide「Thanks for speaking frankly, you know」
Aya 「Yeah」
Aya 「I'm sorry, you know. I couldn't say everything I wanted to. I'm really grateful」
Hide「Yeah, thank you」
Aya 「I'm glad we could meet」
Hide「Your message got through. Thank you. I had a good time. Thanks」
Arashi「Thanks. Really, thank you」
Hide「Get outta here. Thanks」

あいのりSP22 Arashi and Aya headed towards their companions.

Mie「You really gave it your best shot」
Alec「You did it」
Aya 「Ah, ha, ha, ha. I'm crying. I've cried too much. It was fun. Thanks. I'm really glad we met. I'll be watching you from Japan, yeah」
Arashi「I really respect you. Find satisfaction, find love, and come back to Japan, will you?」
Mie (Wanting to take a picture)「Oh, come one, be more loving」
Aya 「What? What should we do?」
Arashi「What should we do? I haven't thought about that, you know」
Aya 「You haven't?」
MieAya , kiss Arashi on the cheek」
Arashi「That shouldn't be a problem at all」
Aya 「Me?」
MieArashi said it shouldn't be a problem, and you looked rather happy」
Aya 「Oh, stop it」
MieAya , close your eyes. Say "Cheese"」

In this Romanian old town, Ainori's 35th couple was born!

Arashi, Aya , sincere congratulations!

あいのりSP23 Their companions were boiling with joy at the birth of the first couple in the last 7 countries.

Arashi「This one is good, too」
Mie「This one is good, isn't it?」
Umechan「This one is good!」
Mie「This one is good!」

On the other hand, Hide・・・

あいのりSP24 Then, Hide headed towards the Love Bus.

Alec「That's it」
Suuzan「That's it」
Hide「Don't cry!You'll look ugly!」
Umechan「I'm already ugly to start with・・・」
Hide「Thanks. Good luck with your trip」
Alec「Yeah, thanks」
Hide「Seriously, thanks」
Alec「Thanks. Here, a letter for you・・・」
Hide「Ah, really?」
Alec「Read it later」
Hide「It's not in Italian, is it?」
Alec「No, no, no」
Hide「Thanks, Suuzan. First time I saw you, I thought・・・ Hey, isn't like Jimmy Oonishi? Your pictures are great, you're a little weird, and clumsy, but you are honest and have various talents. I'm glad we've met」
HideMie too, sometimes I would say harsh words, but you'd always take them with a smiling face, so I think your dreams will come true」
Umechan「Ouuuch! That hurt! You encouraged everyone who had to be encouraged, you really did great, Hide. Thanks for everything」
Group「Hide!Thanks for your kindness!」
Hide「Thank you! Thank you」
Mie「You gave your best」

あいのりSP25 Time to say good bye...

Alec「Thank you」
Aya 「Thanks. Good luck, I'm cheering for you」
Alec「Ooh, thank you」
Aya 「Everybody, cooperate and do your best」
Aya 「Bye-bye」
Arashi「Have a nice trip」
Aya 「Bye-bye. Good luck!」
Mie「Take care, you know」
Umechan「Take care, take care」
Hide「Thank you, Love Bus」
Aya 「Bye-byーe」

Leaving the three of them behind, the Love Bus embarked on a new journey.

あいのりSP26 Hide「Thanks, Arashi
Arashi「No, I'm the one who should say thank you, really」
Arashi「Right now, I can't imagine myself without you. I really want you to do your best. I'd never seen a 20 year old like you before」
Hide「It was fun. Thanks. Thank you」
Aya 「Yeah, thank you」
Hide「I'm glad we've met」
Aya 「I'm glad we've met. Really. Like, until the end, I couldn't think about anything for you」
Hide「That's not true. I'm really grateful. Thanks」
Aya 「Thanks」

Aya 「Well」
Arashi「See you」
Hide「See you」
Aya 「See you」
Arashi「Bye-bye, thanks」

And the two who had become a couple walked away from Hide・・・

あいのりSP27 14 countries, and the goal of Hide's trip hadn't been reached, there was no happy ending.

Staff「How do you feel, now?」
Hide「It was long. It was fun. I wanted to become a couple with her, but since the three of us went to the bottom of our honest feelings, there couldn't be anything greater than that. Everybody was truthful」
Staff「Any regrets, or anything you'd do over again if you could?」
Hide「Yeah, well, if I'd start counting that there'd be no end to it. More importantly, I had much more satisfaction. I'm glad I found myself」

Hide「I hated myself back then (when I joined Ainori), and now I have changed.
Although Kayo loved me, I couldn't reciprocate.
My heart pounded and it came with something else, when I thought I had found love.
During my journey, I was able to come to love myself, the self I used to hate. I was able to give advice to the person I loved. That only is plenty.
The two of them kissing close to me was hard・・・ But I was able to watch without running away.
Since I'd never had the chance to meet people of different age groups before, I came to think more and more that people are interesting.
Earth is so interesting, you know. There's so many cultures, and each of them are glittering. Not only I've experienced them, but I 've learned a lot, too.
Was that a big thing or a small thing for me? After I go back to Japan my behavior will tell.
Really, in this world there are many more new discoveries to be made than I could imagine.
To show my gratitude for all I have been taught, I wanna get involved in Africa, you know. That'll be my life from now on.
If I could spread Africa's greatness, which is not money but history, with things I make, I think that would be great」

The man who kept wandering looking for himself had made the first positive step of his life.
Now, together with his new dream, Japan's Love Representative went home!

あいのりSP28 Having said goodbye to Hide, Arashi and Aya , the Love Bus started driving again in Romania.

Suuzan「Waa~ Like, that's pretty sweet, ArashiAya
Mie「Good picture」

Among them, Mie was thoughtful, by herself.
The distance between her and Suuzan, in whom she was interested, hadn't shrunk at all.

Mie“I wanna go home with a face full with that feeling of fulfillment too, like those three”



Love's fate is shifting

New members make their entry one by one!!

A girl with a mini-skirt!?
"Call me Outlaw"

Something inconceivable that never happened in Ainori's history!!

"I'm really sorry,
I meant to tell you for a long time"

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