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This is a loose translation, just to give you an idea of what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate Japanese into proper English, due to obvious cultural and linguistic differences. I’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the original text. Feel free to contact me if you notice any typos, or weird sentences. Enjoy!

あいのり The group is in Romania, Eastern Europe's paradise of beautiful women.

Suuzan, Alec, Mie and Umechan had gone to a restaurant for lunch.

The one who had started calculating the money was Suuzan, the new treasurer. However...

Suuzan「For one person, 590 000・・・」
Mie「Hold on a minute, Suuzan. You wrote down 4x9=39. 4x9=36, right?」
Suuzan「What are you talking about?」

The result:

Suuzan「For the time being, just eat what you like」
Mie「Let's do that」

あいのり That night, the group stopped by a park. However, right here the truth of an Ainori's rule-breaking impact would be found out!

Umechan「I've got something to tell you・・・ Is it ok?」
Staff「What is it?」

Suddenly, Umechan had gone to see the staff.

Umechan「Like・・・ I think it's not something that can be said easily, but, like it's inconceivable, it's inconceivable, but really like, when I went to the Ainori interview・・・ Right after, someone I couldn't get off my mind all along declared his love to me・・・」

Surprisingly, before she left she had a love declaration made to her from a guy whom she had loved all along. However, she had chosen to take the trip with Ainori.

Staff「That's a nasty story. So what?What happened with that guy?Did you get into a relationship with him at that time?」
Umechan「I went to the audition to seriously fall in love on this trip. really・・・」
Staff「So, now what's up with this guy?」
Umechan「Nothing, it's just that I had him on my mind all along, but I made it a point not to think about him everyday・・・」
Umechan「I'm really sorry. It's so pathetic・・・」

A trip to find real love.
Ainori's rules, which had been respected all along by a lot of participants.
They had been broken too soon...

あいのり The next day, the group was having lunch.

Suuzan「The potatoes are great!」

Among them, Umechan almost hadn't touched her meal.

Suuzan「You've left a lot」
Umechan「I had enough already」
Umechan「I had enough already」
Suuzan「You're full with just that?」
Suuzan「Have you thought about how the person who made it would feel?」
Umechan「Yes, I have」

あいのり Then, after the meal...
Suuzan「What?What is it?」
Umechan「I've got something I have to tell you guys. I'm getting off the Love Bus here in Romania」

Umechan announced she would drop out!

Umechan「I'm sorry, it's gonna take sometime, but please listen. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Before I came here, there was someone I loved. I loved him for about a year and a half. I wanted to become his girlfriend all along. I told him over and over 『I wanna go steady with you 』, but he kept saying things like 『I will if you lose some weight』, so I thought he was too vague, and when I had enough, I wrote my CV for Ainori. I simply wrote 『I want a boyfriend』. I wrote 『I want to be as happy as everyone around me』 and sent it. When it was decided that I would go on the Ainori trip, as in a dream, really I was so happy, one day, an unthinkable thing happened, when I heard that guy say 『Can I wait for your return from Ainori?』, I・・・ That was three days before I left, that happiness I had wished for all along・・・ It came at that moment, but, I didn't feel like declining Ainori either, because I really wanted to go, so without saying anything to him, I just nodded and I came here with my mind as blank as it was」

A love declaration from the guy she loved.
Withholding the answer, she had joined Ainori's journey.

Continuing her trip, Umechan had not only hidden this fact from the group, but also from the staff.
However, Umechan was there without entering the group's love circle.

Umechan「What I have done is that I betrayed not only the group, but since Russia the staff, everybody, and myself, too. I don't care if you call me a traitor. I wanted to tell you all along, all along」

あいのり Time to say goodbye.

Alec「I hope you'll be happy. If you find happiness we'll be happy」
Mie「Seriously. Find happiness, really」
Suuzan「Good luck」
Umechan「Thanks. Yeah, I'll do my best」
Mie「Aaah Umechan, thanks」
Umechan「Thank you」

Leaving Umechan behind, the Love Bus left.
Thus, Umechan's trip had ended・・・

To anyone hoping to join Ainori:
Treasure the loved one who is right in front of you rather than the 「Ainori Trip」.

あいのり The Love Bus was continuing its trip in Romania.
Due to Umechan's unexpected drop out, the group were only three.
Just then, the Love Bus suddenly stopped.

Mircea「We have to say farewell here」

The journey in Romania was ending here.


あいのり The three of them, who had said goodbye to the driver, got on a plane and flew to the next country.
The place they had come to was Ainori's 64th country.

「All together: Hungary!」

That country, called the hidden gem of Eastern Europe, is a stretching world looking like it has gone through a time warp because of its medieval towns.
And in the middle of its towns what flows is the pretty famous Danube river.
Furthermore, the fact is in this country, hot springs gush out all over the whole nation, and unbeknown to many has the most hot springs in Europe.
Then, the three of them came out of the airport.

Mie「There it is!」

They had found the Love Bus!


Georgie the driver「Welcome to Hungary」

Hungary's driver was the cheerful and powerful Georgie.
He worked as a veteran sightseeing guide.

Mie「Thank you. How kind of you」
Georgie「Are you ready?」
Georgie「Ok, let's go!」

あいのり Plus, today was the day new members would join in. After driving for 10 minutes...

Suuzan「Ah!Ah!There they are!There they are!There they are!」
Alec「Which ones?Which ones?Which ones?Which ones?」
Mie「Ah!You're right!」
Suuzan「They have really lively appearances」

They had found new male members!

New member「I'm from Takaharu town, Miyazaki Prefecture. Now, I go to an architecture technical college」
Tagamikun「Yes, I'm Tagami. Eeerr, I wanna find a good romance and go back to Japan!」
Suuzan「How tall are you?」
Mie「That's tall!」

Tagamikun, 20, from Miyazaki Prefecture. He's a technical college student.
He's a fresh boy with a knack for being active in his soccer club team.


New member「I'm from Kabuchiko, I'm Dai Okudera. Please call me Outlaw
Staff「Excuse me・・・」
Outlaw「Huh, now・・・」
Staff「Sorry, but could you face the group while you're saying that?」
Outlaw「Ah, I was facing the camera」

That man was a popular host who came from Kabuchiko, in Shinjuku.
However, his main occupation was・・・

Outlaw「My profession is dentist. From (money made in the) Kabuchiko host industry, I made a huge investment of 50 000 000 yen in order to become a dentist」
Alec「Although you're a host you're a dentist」

Further more...

Outlaw「In Ikebukuro I became sort of a legend, and I'm even in magazines and on TV」

Outlaw, 30, from Kabuchiko. He's a dentist.
He's the man who built a team of models in the old drama 「Ikebukuro West Gate Park」.
Even now, he prides himself on being charismatic and popular in things like street magazines.
His occupation, dentist by daytime and host by night-time.

Outlaw「Nice to meet you」

Then, his greeting towards the lady...

Outlaw「I love you♥」

あいのり After the host-dentist and the fresh boy had got on, the Love Bus started to move. Then, the new female member would join them. Then...

Mie「A girl・・・ I really, really feel sick. A girl, it's making me so nervous」

The distance between her and Suuzan, in whom she was interested, wasn't shrinking at all.

From Mie's diary: “Even if that girl comes with an eye on Suuzan, that's the 「Suuzan」 who's on TV. She wouldn't know the real Suuzan. For three countries, I've seen the real Suuzan and I fell in love with him”

あいのり Then, after driving for 15 minutes...

Tagamikun「Ah!There she is」
Suuzan「Ah, there she is, there she is, there she is」
Mie「Huh, where?」
Tagamikun「There she is!」
Mie「Waizumi, is it?」
Outlaw「Izumi, isn't it?」(Note: They're confused about the possible kanji readings)

They had found the new girl member!

Mie「She's pretty gyaru, isn't she?」

Surprisingly, she was joining the group wearing a mini-skirt!

New member「Hi everyone, I'm Yukiko Izumi, from Tokyo. Please call me Izumi
Group「Nice to meet you!」
Outlaw「She's mine!She's mine!」
Izumi「This kanji is read "chun". I'm a professional MahJong player」

Izumi, 25, from Tokyo. She is a gyaru who, surprisingly, is on the active list of professional MahJong players!
Her technique makes her bold and wonderful. Kuitan (Note: MahJong term) is her specialty. People call her "Crying Izumi” (Note: Probably because she makes her opponents cry)

In recent years, the number of professional women like her have been suddenly increasing.
Apart from taking part in official competitions, she is active as a guest player called by MahJong parlors nationwide to compete against players in MahJong games on the internet.

あいのり At that point, Alec said:

Alec「Professional MahJong?」
Izumi「Yeah, professional MahJong」
Alec「Do I know you?」
Tagamikun「He's asking himself」
Mie「I don't know, I don't know」
Alec「Like, maybe I've heard of you before. I most probably heard of you before」
Alec「Let's see, let's see, do you know the 『MahJong Fight Club』?」
Izumi「Aaah!I play it, I play it, I play it」
Alec「Oooh!I know you!」

The 『MahJong Fight Club』 is an online MahJong competition game found in game arcades.
The player can choose from one among dozens of registered professional MahJong players, and play against them in an online competition.

Alec「That's it, I've seen you on the computer」
Alec「I've even played against you」
Alec「This is awesome!」
Outlaw「Like, you're embarrassing her」
Alec「Aaah, really」

From Alec's diary:“I know that girl. I know Izumi, the professional MahJong player. A celebrity came to Ainori. Awesome”

Alec, the unadventurous Italiano, had fallen in love with a game idol, who had landed gently right in front of him.

A Fresh Boy! A Host-Dentist! A professional female MahJong player! With a powerful group composed of very different individuals who had joined in, a new Ainori journey had started!



Alec's romance...
Will it go well!?

" Life is 95% made of unpleasant things, right?"


"I don't think so"


Is that the girl who would move Suuzan's heart?

"I never thought it would come to this "

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