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I'd like to thank Ito Chan for helping me with some expressions even the Japanese have a hard time understanding! Without her, you'd be reading about a different Ainori than the one you're watching! ありがとう、伊都ちゃん!プン!プン!(笑)

あいのり The world's foremost hot spring paradise, Hungary. While Outlaw and Hisayon were talking・・・

Alec「Excuse me」

The one who arrived was Alec, who now had his eye on Hisayon.

Outlaw「Wanna sit with us?」
Alec「Eeerr, from 3:55, let me borrow Hisayon a little. I'll be back in 10 minutes」

And Alec went on his way...

Outlaw「Where did that come from?」

あいのり Then, at 3:55...

Outlaw「Oh, there's Alec. Well...」
Alec「Wait, I'm out of breath」
Hisayon「Well, take a breather」
Hisayon「Ah, ha, ha, ha」

From Alec's diary: “Today I really did what I wanted to do. I think Hisayon got a sense of that, too”

あいのり That night...

Staff「Well, Alec, what about Izumi? Is it completely over?」
Alec「Ah, yeah, Izumi is out, she's out. But I think maybe there's a solid line going from Izumi to me (Note: See Ainori's participant chart) . But that can't be helped. Since it's impossible for me now, I think it would be better if she started thinking about someone else. As soon as possible. I don't think I have anything to say to her anymore. But I need a lot of courage to turn her down. Yeah, if I turned her down it would be really.... I guess・・・ I will hurt her feelings a bit, but, but, but, there's nothing I can do about it. Yeah」

あいのり The next day, the Love Bus was heading towards West Hungary. In the Bus...

Mie「Like, Outlaw, it seems you're trying to get all of our attention. What's your intention, with the three of us?」

During that trip, Outlaw, the Kabuchiko host/dentist, had been criticizing the three girls. Upon being told that...

Outlaw「You're the opposite sex, you know. Just like when you're free you go rent a video, when I'm lonely I wanna be with someone. Because, you know, everybody thinks・・・」
Mie「You want others to understand you, right?」
Outlaw「Of course, you want what you want」
Suuzan「Yeah, but, if everybody was acting like that, what would happen? It would be war, you know」
Outlaw「I'm only talking about keeping a good image. When you win, you get lots of rewards, you know」
Suuzan「That's harsh」
Mie「You're wrong, you're wrong. You've been winning all along, so you don't know what it's like to lose, right?」
TagamikunOutlaw is a winner」
Outlaw「Like, is everybody really speaking their mind?You're ideas are too pure. You don't necessarily have to spill your guts here, but you should be a little more human・・・」
Mie「Like even making mistakes?That's human, you know!」
Hisayon「I'm make quite a lot of mistakes everyday」
Suuzan「You have too much of that weird pride」
Mie「You don't wanna lose that image, do you?」
Outlaw「I don't wanna lose that at any cost. I wanna be cool」
Mie「Ok, so why did you join Ainori?Like, you're gonna lose that image for sure」
Suuzan「You lost it already」
Outlaw「No I haven't!I haven't lost my cool at all!」

From Outlaw's diary: “I have seen both the good sides and the bad sides of Japan's representative city, so there's no way they can understand how I realize my dreams and my ideals!”

あいのり The next day, the group was walking around town. At one point...

Hisayon「Ah!What's that? Awesome」
Izumi「Aaa, really. I wonder what it is?」
Tagamikun「There's so many of them」

There were countless padlock on the fence right in front of them.

Outlaw「Is that a thing for couples?」
Hisayon「Aah, maybe you're right. Like, there's hearts written there」

Actually, this was a spot popular with couples in Hungary.
By putting up a padlock together, and each of them keeping a key, it is said that it's a promise of eternal love.

Hisayon「Wow, it is such a spot for couples」
Suuzan「It's like if you lock it up, your expectations will come true」
Mie「A lock・・・」

However, that padlock which was supposed to be a symbol of love was about to cause an incident.

あいのり That night, Mie was seen on a street corner.

Suuzan「Am I late?」
Mie「No, not at all」

Mie had asked Suuzan to come. Then...

Mie「As an accessory, you know, I really like something shaped like a lock, you know. So, you know, earlier I really had lots of time by myself, so I went and bought a lock, you know」

Actually, Mie,who wanted to put up a lock with Suuzan, had walked around town looking for it, and had bought one.

Mie「Do you mind if we drop by that place?」
Suuzan「・・・you mean, the place where people put up padlock?」

Suuzan“I was like, what? Like, I hadn't thought of putting up a lock together, so・・・”

Suuzan was about to meet Mie's expectations. However・・・

Suuzan“I was wondering if it was the time and the place to accept this, like, going this far・・・. I didn't know where to draw the line”

Mie「The lock was expensive. 1,300 forints. ・・・ like, this is terribly ambitious!」
Suuzan「It's huge」
Mie「It's really huge. Oh?Where should we put it?What to do? I wonder if it's ok to put it over someone else's lock?Oh, what the hell」

And then, finally...

MieSuuzan, let's put it up together」

Suuzan“To refuse・・・ would have been conflictual”

Mie「Let's do it on three. One, two, three」
Mie「Is it locked?OK!」

From Mie's diary: “By putting it up together, I felt like Suuzan said ok to me”

Mie「All right!OK!」
Mie「OK OK」


Mie「There's two keys for the lock. Here's one. For you」

あいのり The next day, Suuzan's attitude had become unusual.

MieSuuzan, let's talk a little. Do you mind?」
Suuzan「Today, I'd like to be alone」
Mie「You wanna be alone?」
Suuzan「I'll・・・ I'm gonna take a little rest」
Mie「Sob, sob」
AlecMie, what's wrong?Wanna go over there?Suuzan's lying down」
Mie「I'm sorry, Alec. I'll go by myself」
Alec「It's ok, it's ok」
MieSuuzan. I'll only be sitting over here, do you mind if I'm with you? I won't say anything」

Mie sat by herself close to Suuzan.

And, as fragile and short-lived as soap bubbles, their relationship was slipping away・・・

あいのり The next day, the group had decided to enjoy some free time. At that point, a distant Suuzan said:

Suuzan「Well, I'll just・・・ I'm going by myself for a while」

However, Mie went after him...

MieSuuzan, I won't get in your way, can we go together?I won't talk to you, I just wanna go with you. No?Would it be distressful?」
Suuzan「I'll just take a break by myself・・・」

Suuzan“No matter how many times I turned her down she kept coming. I thought, how strong was Mie's passion. Like, it makes things a little difficult”

Suuzan「I wonder if it's open?Oh, it is. There's nobody」

Suuzan had decided to eat by himself.

Suuzan「What pizza do you recommend?」

However, in this restaurant, a boy and a girl's sad feelings were about to mingle!

あいのり 『The Pizza of Love and Sorrow's Caprice』

Suuzan was hiding in a restaurant. At that point...


Turned down by Suuzan, Mie had been crying by herself for a while. However, not about to give up, she had been walking around looking for him.

Mie「Huh?Where am I?」

At that point...

IzumiMie!What's up?」

Izumi, who was worried, had come to talk to her.
Mie「It's Suuzan, he's nowhere to be found」
Izumi「He's not?You don't know where he is?You wanna look for him?But I think sometimes people need to be alone. If it can be of any help, how about coming with us」(Note: With Outlaw )
Mie「I'll look for him a little bit more」
Izumi「Ok, ok」
Mie「Sorry. Thanks」
Outlaw「What's up?」
Izumi「I'm not sure. She'll be looking around a little more」
Outlaw「Is that so?」

あいのり Mie had started to look around again.
Suuzan was crouching (on the table).
However, he was found out.

Suuzan「Too bad・・・ aaah」

Then, Mie entered the restaurant.

MieSuuzan. Do you mind ?I won't say anything」
Suuzan「Yeah・・・ it's fine」
Mie「Have you eaten yet?」
Mie「Have you eaten yet?」
Suuzan「No, from now on」
Suuzan「Sob, sob」
Waiter「Would you like to order?Oh, I'm sorry」
Mie「I don't know what to do」
SuuzanMie「Sob, sob」
Waiter「Excuse me. Excuse me, here's your pizza. You should eat it while it's hot」
Suuzan「You want some pizza?」
Mie「I'll split it」
SuuzanMie「Sob, sob」
Mie「Thanks. Ha, ha」
Suuzan「Let's eat」
Mie「There's no Tabasco?」(Note: Most Japanese eat pizza with Tabasco)
Mie「Did you ask?」
Suuzan「I didn't」
Mie「Ha, ha, ha, ha」
Mie「Let's eat」
Suuzan「Give it to me」
Suuzan「That's not the one you blew your nose with, right?」
Mie「Right. Who cares?」
Suuzan「Ha, ha, ha」
Mie「It's good. Sob, sob」



Mie's romance:
The last chapter

"Tomorrow, I want you to let me hear your true feelings... "

"Tomorrow, I want you to let me hear your true feelings... "

What will be the fate of these two's romance...?

What will be the fate of these two's romance...?

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