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あいのり The Love Bus was riding in Hungary. At one point...

「The border?」
Driver「Good luck」

That's right. That trip in Hungary was ending on that day.
After saying goodbye to Georgie, the driver, they walked towards the next country's border.

あいのり Then...

Group「All together, Austria! Yeah!」
Ainori's 65th country was Austria.
That country, in which one can hear classic tones in the towns where a taste of the Middle Ages remains, is famous for having produced a large number of musicians, starting with Mozart.
A country in which history and music play in a superb harmony, that's what Austria is.

Suuzan「There it is!」
Hisayon「There it is!There's the driver, too!」

They had found the Love Bus!


The Austrian driver was Tobias, a slightly bashful tour driver.

あいのり The Love Bus started riding under the blue sky.
In the Bus, the one who the pro Mahjong player and the Tamao-like pastry chef, whose age combined added up to 50, had their eye on was the 20 year old fresh boy, Tagamikun.
In all of that, that day was the one on which a new female participant was expected to join the group.

At one point, Tagamikun started saying:

Tagamikun「She's gotta be 21. She's gotta be 21!」

What Tagamikun was wishing for was not impossible.

With Outlaw as the senior of the aging group, Tagamikun was the youngest.

At any rate, he wanted a participant close to his age.

あいのり Then, after a 30 minute ride...

Outlaw「There she is, there she is, there she is! Ahead!Ahead!Ahead!」
Hisayon「No way!」
Outlaw「In front of us!In front of us!In front of us!」
Izumi「Ah, there she is, there she is, there she is!」
Hisayon「Ah! there she is, there she is, there she is, there she is!」
Izumi「Like, she's tall!」

They had found the new female participant!
「I'm going!I'm going!I'm going!」
「Don't be so eager」
New participant「Hi. My name is Yuriko Mori, from Tokyo. Please call me Goki
Suuzan「Is ・・・is it ok, calling you Goki・・・」
「In the summer, since I have oily skin my face becomes shiny. So because it gives forth a black luster, my big brother told me: 『Hey, you look like a cockroach (Note: gokiburi in Japanese)』, so I picked 『Goki』 (as my nickname)・・・」

Goki(20)from Tokyo. Goki, who works part-time in an izakaya, surprisingly has 6 brothers!Brought up in a big family, she is a cheerful, simple and innocent girl.

At once, the 50 year old asked...

Hisayon「How old are you?」
Goki「I'm twenty」
Tagamikun「She's twenty」

Then, Tagamikun immediately took her luggage.

Alec「Your so quick, Tagamikun
Hisayon「At first, you know. He was kind at first」
Tagamikun「What do you mean, 『At first, you know』?」
Izumi「Anyone for treasurer?」

The shy Alec had proposed his candidacy as treasurer.
The funds for the trip amounted to 4000 yen (about $34 USD) a day per person.
It was just enough to afford the bare necessities during a trip to Austria.
It had been decided that they would head west in that country about the size of Hokkaido.
Once again, the seven of them had embarked on a new journey!

あいのり In the Bus, Goki , the new member, suddenly started singing...

Goki「♪Exciting, it's just exciting, exciting, exciting」(Note: "Marche" by Kick the Can Crew)

With her inherent wide open cheerfulness, she fitted into the group at once.
Goki「This is great!This is great!」
Hisayon「With "exciting Goki ", it's the Goki Bus!」

あいのり That night, they had gone to as restaurant recommend by Tobias, to have a welcome party for Goki.

Izumi「It's huge!」
Hisayon「It's huge!」
「Look at that head」

What they got was an exceptionally huge beer!Moreover...

Hisayon「What's that?」

Next came an extremely loooong pizza.
Actually, in that place the drinks and food were of extremely large size!
Now in Austria this place is very popular with young people for "gokon".

Outlaw「A toast to the beginning of new romances!」

That was a 「Wiener schnitzel 」, a typical Austrian dish.
It is a cutlet made of veal fillet thinly sliced and deep-fried.
As a garnish, kneaded and boiled wheat dough called「Spätzle」.
Suuzan「It's good!」
Hisayon「It's good!」

At that point, Goki said:
Goki「I'll pour it for you (Outlaw)」
Outlaw「Thank you」
Goki「Hey Suuzan, you just had to ask and I'd have poured it for you」
Suuzan「Ah, ok then, please」

Simply and innocently the the excitement had begun!

To Outlaw・・・
Goki「You really look like, like...」
GokiJin Shirosaki
Outlaw「Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」
Goki「He's the number one host, you know」

To Alec...

GokiDo you know Ramen Man?」
Alec「Sure I do」
Goki「What was it? Robin Mask?」
Alec「Oooh!It's embarrassing」

In addition, to Tagamikun, too・・・
Goki「The first time I saw you, I thought you looked like Tomohisa Yamashita. I really love the Johnny's, you know 」
Tagamikun「What was your club activity? Didn't you do any physical activity?」
Goki「Ah, soccer, soccer」

Surprisingly, even if Goki was a girl she was playing soccer.
On the other hand,、Tagamikun liked soccer enough to join the soccer club activity (in his high school days).

Tagamikun「Soccer, seriously?」
Goki「Yeah. I guess we just got closer, huh?」

From Hisayon's diary:“Looks like there's going to be some love disturbance. It's scary”

From Izumi's diary:“Goki is good. Awesome. Tagamikun is naive, so it looks like he might really go for her”

Hang in there, 50 year old!

あいのり The next day, the Love Bus was heading towards west Austria.

Hisayon「That's Vienna over there? I didn't think it would be such a concrete jungle」
Tagamikun「It's been a while since I've seen so many buildings」

The place they arrived to on that day was Vienna, the capital of Austria.
Vienna, having 23 districts just like Tokyo, is a city musically known worldwide for the Vienna Boys Choir.
People wearing medieval fashion can be seen on street corners selling (concert) tickets.
It's just the kind of scene you would expect from the city of music.

あいのり On that afternoon, the two girls whose age combined amounted to 50 were on battle mode!
Izumi, the professional Mahjong player, was of course wearing an extremely short skirt.
Hisayon, the Tamao-like pastry chef, was wearing a long slitted skirt.
Even some friendship had awaken between these two love rivals.

On that day, the place Tobias took them was a park in the centre of Vienna.

Tagamikun「Ah, it's Mozart」

Mozart, who in his short 35 year life wrote more than 700 pieces, was a great musician of the classical school.

Izumi「What was Mozart's music again? It's pretty stuff, isn't it? It's graceful stuff, isn't it?」
Hisayon「There's some lullabies, too, right?」
Izumi「There are, there are, there are」
Hisayon「Yeah, there are some」

Then, Tobias took out some speakers.

Suuzan「Ah!That's it!」
Tagamikun「That's it!That's it!that's it!That's Mozart」
Hisayon「Ah, that is Mozart!」
Izumi「Ah, that's Mozart」

In Vienna, the city of music, many many statues have been erected in order to praise the achievements of Mozart, and other great musicians, too.

However, this park had turned into a decisive battlefield!
Izumi, with the mini-skirt, Hisayon, with the slitted skirt, or Goki, with the overalls?
Who on earth was Tagamikun going to invite among the three of them?

TagamikunGoki, let's go」

And the winner was: the overalls!!


あいのり Tagamikun「I don't get stressed at all. It's like, stress? What's that?」
Goki「Aah, you're so much like me!」
Tagamikun「No way?」
Goki「No really」
Tagamikun「Right, you look like you would get stressed」
Goki「Do I look stupid?」
Tagamikun「No, no, that's not it. You look like you wouldn't get stressed. Just like me」

During that time, Izumi, with a mini skirt showing her legs, was thinking...

Izumi“When Hisayon joined the group he was kind of crazy about her, and now it's like, Goki? It's like, he's gotta get busy, it has to be terrible・・・ Like, isn't he stupid? Really. It doesn't make sense. Like he's an idiot, really”

あいのり On the other hand, Hisayon, with the slitted skirt, had thought:「You loose some (Tagamikun), you win some (Outlaw)」.

OutlawHisayon, you're so cute today, too」
Hisayon「I said don't!」
Outlaw「Come here, come here」
Hisayon「Aaah, aaah」
Outlaw「Come here, come here」

And even that night, Outlaw was back...

Hisayon「You startled me」
Outlaw「You're cold, right?」
Hisayon「It's cold」
Outlaw「Tonight the stars are awesome, awesome. Look at them carefully」
Hisayon「Before you say 『look at them』...」
Hisayon「No, it's just that you're touching me too much」
Outlaw「Ha, ha, ha」
Outlaw「Gimme your hand」
Hisayon「You're squeezing it too hard」
Outlaw「Like this, what can't be expressed with words can be expressed through the temperature of the palm of your hand」
Hisayon「I only wanna do things like these after I get a boyfriend!」
Hisayon「It's wrong! Such a way of doing things. Good night」
Outlaw「Good night」

Hisayon had finally been freed.

Hisayon「It's cold・・・ In many ways it's cold・・・」

あいのり Vienna, the capital of Austria, a city bursting with music.
On that day, Suuzan and Outlaw, the host/dentist, were sitting in the backseat of the bus.
Until now, these two had had completely opposite lives.
Today's topic was 「marriage and children」.

Outlaw「Do you wanna get married?」
Izumi「Yeah, yeah, I want to」
Suuzan「How about you, Outlaw, do you wan to get married, too?」
Outlaw「Not really」
Suuzan「Not really」
Outlaw「I don't like kids」
Izumi「Right. Ok, what don't you like about kids?」
Outlaw「First, they're different. They're like animals. I hate those who don't understand what I'm saying! Basically, I want things to be like I pictured them. Life depends has its ups and downs, you know!」
Suuzan「Even on Ainori?」
Suuzan「In my case outcomes・・・ I don't wanna worry about ups and downs at all. You're competing against other people. Me, it's like I'm up against myself」

Outlaw had stopped talking. However, on that day in his diary there were unexpected words:

Outlaw“I think joining 「Ainori」 gave me a chance to talk with people who are my complete opposite. Conversations with Suuzan are fun”

あいのり On that night, on a street corner in a lit-up Vienna was a foreigner・・・Alec!
Alec, who had fallen for Izumi, a professional Mahjong player, an idol who had jumped out of a game.
Somehow, he came to believe there was an arrow going from Izumi to him. (Note: See Ainori's participant chart).
However, after the 「"Don't peel that scab" incident」, he had turned to Hisayon.
Now, in Alec's head it was like・・・although he was being like by Izumi, without reciprocating he had Hisayon on his mind.

Hisayon「Good evening」

The one who had come was Hisayon.

Alec「You know, we're here in Vienna, which is such a beautiful city」
Hisayon「What's with you, Alec?」

Alec was acting like Outlaw.

Alec「Don't you think we should enjoy this city as much as we can?」

Alec, the treasurer, tapping into the funds for the trip, was about to use them for their date's expenses.
Hisayon「The doors are open」
Alec「Ok, ok, nice」

First, Alec got on the tram he had been looking up.

Alec「Like it's an old tram but it still works good, you know」
Hisayon「Actually, I was thinking the same thing」
Hisayon「Ah! Ah! Awesome!」
Alec「Awesome. The decoration is so detailed」
Hisayon「Right! Those lights are great. Awesome. It really makes me feel like a princess」

The place they arrived to was also a restaurant he had looked up あいのり.

Alec「We're coming in, are you open?」
Hisayon「Ha, ha」

Here was a long-established cafe called 「Landtmann」.
Actually, Vienna is famous as the city of cafes, with about 3000 of them.
For the people of Vienna, it is said that cafes are indispensable as places to socialize.

Hisayon「I really don't know what to order. I don't know what to choose」

What you'd want to order in a Vienna cafe are the Sachertorte and the Viennese coffee, which originated in this city. However, the both of them ordered cheese cake and black tea・・・

Alec「Awesome, awesome, awesome」
Alec「In all of Ainori's invitations, there hasn't been any so gorgeous」
Hisayon「I think so, too」

Hisayon was drunk with the homelike atmosphere.
Alec's strategy had really been successful!

あいのり After the date, Alec went to visit the staff's room.

Alec「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, it's like・・・ Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Hisayon too, being invited by me like that probably thinks 『What if・・・』, right? Doing something like that」

あいのり However, the next day, Hisayon, the pastry chef, sat next to Tagamikun, the fresh boy, without hesitation.

Hisayon「Look, look, It really looks like a butterfly」
Goki「How cute」
Hisayon「Ah, ha, ha, ha. ha, ha」
Tagamikun「The only thing I can say is that it's cute」
Hisayon「But it is cute, it is cute」

あいのり That afternoon...

Izumi「Like, coming to think of it, you're really the healing type, Alec

Izumi, the pro Mahjong player, who had been feeling annoyed since the morning, had invited Alec.
Alec, who had "dumped" Izumi for Hisayon.
However, after this things would take an unexpected turn!

Izumi「Do you know what my professional alias is?」
Izumi「Well, my professional alias, more like my catchphrase」
Alec「I don't know」
Izumi「Everybody has one. For example, do you know Aki Nikaido?(Note: Professional Mahjong player)
Alec「Yeah, I do」
Izumi「Since she's a girl, hers is 『The dancing girl on the table』」
Izumi「Then there's that girl called Miyauchi
Izumi「She's snow white・・・Do you know her?」
AlecKozue Miyauchi
Izumi「Oh, you know her, you know her. Hers is 『The graceful player』」
Alec「What's yours? The something of something」
Izumi「No, mine is in English」
Alec「Seriously? How come you're so cool? English, eh?」
Izumi「Yeah, mine's in English. I wanted it to sound cool. I picked made up mine based on my poker face. Even when I'm playing, my emotions don't show on my face」
Alec「Something doll?」
Izumi「Ah? Good. You're close」
Alec「Something doll. Something doll. Something doll. Something doll. Sounds good」
Izumi「Can you guess? Can you guess?」
Alec「I don't know the answer, but that's enough, tell me」
Izumi「You wanna know, right? You wanna know, right?」
Alec「Ha, ha, ha, ha・・・」
Izumi「『Ice Doll』! You can imagine, right?」
Alec「Ice Doll」
Izumi「Ice Doll. I'm 『Yukiko "Ice Doll" Izumi』」
Alec「Cool, cool, Ice Doll」
Izumi「Yeah, Ice Doll」

Ice Doll・・・ These words had sunk deep into Alec's heart.

あいのり That night, Alec went to see the staff again.

Alec「Although I thought it was over with Izumi, like, talking to her was really interesting」

Somehow, it seemed he had started having Izumi on his mind, again.

Alec「Like, until now, there were guys like Arashi, or Hide, like, weren't they on Ainori for a really long time? I think that because they kept saying 『I can't find love』, their trip lasted so long. On the contrary, there's Hisayon and Izumi, too, they're nice girls, right? I mean, is there anyone who would think "What should I do?" in such a case?」
Staff「I see」

The shy Italian had started having Izumi on his mind again.

The slightly popular (wrongly) Alec's double romance had begun!!



"Speak quietly"

He wrongly thinks she likes him!!

"Mie was in love with you, right? "

What's wrong with Suuzan...!?




Dumped by Suuzan
Dumped by Hide
Dumped by Hide
Dumped by Mie
Dumped by Aya
Arashi & Aya
Arashi Aya
Went back to Japan together. Congratulations!
Dropped out suddenly
Temporary participant
Dumped by Suuzan


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