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This is a loose translation, just to give you an idea of what is going on. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate Japanese into proper English, due to obvious cultural and linguistic differences. I’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the original text. Feel free to contact me if you notice any typos, or weird sentences. Enjoy!

I'd like to thank Ito Chan and Nagaochin for helping me with some expressions even the Japanese have a hard time understanding! Without them, you'd be reading about a different Ainori than the one you're watching!

あいのり The seven of them were traveling in the musical city of Vienna, capital of Austria.

Suuzan「It's like the middle of Europe」

Here was Vienna's main street, 「Graben Street」. At one point...

Outlaw「Wow, it really looks delicious」
Izumi「It really looks very delicious」
Hisayon「Looks delicious!」

They had found a hot dog shop!

Goki「They're stuffed inside those pieces of bread」
Hisayon「Ah, they're stuffed!」

Vienna's hot dogs are a bit perverted.
They put ketchup and mustard in a bored hole, and finally insert the sausage.

Hisayon「This hot dog is awesome」
Suuzan「I wanna eat it」
Tagamikun「Aah, this is great, this little touch here」
Suuzan「It's hot!It's delicious!」
Tagamikun「They heat them up」
Goki「It's good!」
Tagamikun「It's like I'm eating "my kind"!」 (Literally: It's cannibalism!")

あいのり After lunch, the seven of them headed to another place.

Outlaw「I feel a bit like a king」
Hisayon「Awesome, like」
Izumi「aah, great」

They had arrived at Schönbrunn Palace.
It was a Palace built by the royal house of Hapsburg, who prided themselves on their fortune for 650 years.
During the house of Hapsburg's reign, their huge empire was one that had a territory reaching from today's Hungary in the east to Spain in the west.
The Schönbrunn Palace was a "country house", built just so the royal family could spend the summer.
Surprisingly, the number of rooms was 1441.

Tobias「Now, anyone can live here」

With the extinction of the royal family, the palace has been opened to regular citizens, and a part of it had been turned in apartments to rent.
By the way, since antique furniture that was actually used in the palace during the 19th century was included on the most expensive floors, a 120 square meter 7 room apartment rented for 100 000 yen (about $850 USD). For that price, anyone could get an aristocratic feel all to themselves.

TagamikunThe Osaka Castle・・・It's something like that」
Suuzan「Yeah, it's a castle」

あいのり The seven of them had decided to take a walk in the courtyard.

Goki「Like, have you got used to being abroad?」
Tagamikun「Yeah, I have, quite actually」
Goki「Ah, is that so」

Walking side by side were Tagamikun, the fresh boy, and Goki, the new participant.
Tagamikun「You live in Tokyo?Tokyo all along?How about Osaka?」
Goki「Osaka, you know, I'd really like to go there」
Tagamikun「By you'd really like to go, you mean you've never been there?Just like Tobias, I'd guide you around, you know」

The two 20 year olds were having fun over that casual conversation.
Hisayon was walking separately from these two.
And also・・・Izumi.

あいのり The next day, while they were walking downtown Vienna.

「Ah, like, Japan...」
「Ooh, it looks like Japan」

There, for some reason there were some genuine Japanese style buildings.

Suuzan「Ah, Setagaya Park」
Alec「What's it called?」
「Ah, that's right. That's definitely Japanese」

On the sign the words Setagaya Park were in kanji.
Actually, Tokyo's Setagaya ward and Vienna's 19th ward were sister wards.
As a commemoration, Setagaya Park had been built about 10 years earlier.

And right after this, in Setagaya Park, there would be a great romantic development.

あいのり AlecHisayon
Alec「Shall we go somewhere?」

A two timing Alec first invited Hisayon, the Tamao-like pastry chef.
Two days before, the two of them had a lot of fun on a date in one of Vienna's cafe.

Alec「The cake was delicious, wasn't it?」
Hisayon「Which one?」

She had forgotten about the date.

Hisayon「Oh!Yeah, it was good」
Alec「I liked it too, and I had a really great time」

At that point, Hisayon said...

HisayonAlec, what are your plans about marriage?」
Alec「I don't really have any」
Hisayon「Is that so」
HisayonAlec, when you're back to Japan, I mean, your job now, are you here on a holiday?」
Alec「What・・・ What to do? How can I put this?He, he, he」

As Hisayon was asking him one question after another, Alec was thinking...

Alec“I thought Hisayon bringing up so many topics was such a rare occurrence. I feel Hisayon might probably be thinking a lot about me.”

On that day, if you'd look inside Alec's head, after Izumi's you would have seen an arrow coming from Hisayon , too!(Note: See Ainori's participant chart).
Like this, the very popular Alec would come to torment himself about his two-timing romance.
Even though he was mistaking・・・

あいのり That night, the seven of them had been taken to a place by Tobias, the driver.

Group「Good evening」

There stood young Japanese.
These were foreign students studying music in Vienna.
At once, they played for them.
Ayako Tanaka (22):Studying singing
Mayumi Akai (23): Studying the flute
Suguru Minami (21):Studying the bassoon


After the performance, Alec had some questions.

Alec「How long do you have to take singing lessons until you can use your voice like that?」

Alec's hobby being karaoke, it seemed he wanted to know the secret to singing well.

Ms. Tanaka「Well, it has to do with the size of your vocal cords, you know. People with thick vocal cords have a low voice, and people with thin vocal cords have a high voice. I think if you try to sing maybe you can make such interesting discoveries」
Suuzan「Ok, I'll try that」

あいのり The next day...

Alec「If I sing one song then I want to sing a lot more」

Stimulated by the foreign Japanese students, Alec suddenly brought up singing.
Ok, so let's have him sing!「Natsuiro (The color of summer)」, by Heisei's folk duet, Yuzu.

Alec♪~A cat in the parking lot, while yawning~
Hisayon「That's completely different, you know, like」
Alec「What's wrong with it?」
Hisayon「No, like different, I mean, you're good」
Izumi「You're good, you're good」
Hisayon「The usual impression of day dreaming you give, and the impression you give when you sing, they're different」
Alec「Eh, he, he♥ Eh, he, he♥」

Praised by an interested Hisayon, Alec was in top shape.

Outlaw「How about "Niji (Rainbow)", by L'Arc?」
Alec「Seriously?You know it?Sometimes when you play music~♪ Oh, no, that's not it」

あいのり The Love Bus was riding, with a cheerful Alec aboard. Then...

Hisayon「I see a Ferris Wheel!」
Hisayon「It's... Look, on the right」
Izumi「Ah, there it is, there it is, there it is!」

Attracted by the Ferris Wheel, they arrived at 「Prater Amusement Park」.
At once, they decided to get on it.
「Huh, how spacious!」

The gondolas of Vienna's Ferris Wheel were huge!
About 8 tatami in size, they could hold 15 people, and were even used for dinners and wedding ceremonies.
At that point...

「Isn't that Merry-go-round down there awesome, too?」
「A Merry-go-round?」
「Ah, it looks like the real thing!」

A Merry-go-round looking like the real thing・・・?
At once, they decided to try it. However...

Hisayon「That's・・・ too realistic!It's really realistic!」

It was a Merry-go-round using real horses, who had be taught to walk around in counterclockwise circles only.

あいのり The next day, the seven of them were heading away from Vienna. At that point, Suuzan was sitting next to Outlaw. Speaking of these two, there way of thinking and there clashing opinions were complete opposites.
Today's topic was 「Money and happiness」.

Outlaw「In order to make a girl happy, I think you should become like a king. If you're like a king, the girl can naturally become like a queen, and then you can give her some dreams. I mean, first if you don't have any money there only so much you can do,and if you become somebody, you can make a lot of time for yourself, you know. However, like that in society・・・」
Suuzan「You're forgetting the most essential thing」
Izumi「You're forgetting it, you're forgetting it」
Outlaw「Well, tell me where I'm wrong, then」
Suuzan「Think carefully!Think carefully!」
Outlaw「You're pointing the finger at me. Ha, ha, ha」
Izumi「Think about it」
Suuzan「Did you?」
Outlaw「All right. I'm closing my eyes, and I'm thinking」
Suuzan「Think about a family that has a lot of time and money, but that only. Wasn't that how your family was?」
Outlaw「Ah, my family. Time and money, yeah, we were rolling in it, you know」
Suuzan「Ok, so what did you think about being in that family?」
Suuzan「What were you missing?」
Suuzan「There was no one to acknowledge your presence, wasn't there?」
Suuzan「You・・・There wasn't anyone really looking after you, wasn't there?」

On that day in Outlaw's diary: “Talking to Suuzan, I feel it made me put my own style in question. Even though I should have had complete self-confidence in it・・・”

あいのり On that day, the place they arrived to was Melk.
It was a romantic town with small stone-paved roads and pastel-colored houses lined up everywhere.
The seven of them had come to a park downtown. There, Suuzan and Hisayon got together.

Suuzan「Aren't you cold?」
Hisayon「Today is still fine for me」
Hisayon「Are you wearing short sleeves under that?」
Suuzan「Yeah, short sleeves」
Hisayon「It's cold, you know. You'll catch a cold」
Suuzan「Yeah, but I'm wearing three」
Suuzan「Yeah, short-sleeved ones」
Hisayon「I think the romances I had in Japan were shallow」

The two of them had started talking about love.
The topic accidentally turned to Mie.

HisayonMie was really in love with you, right?I thought I'd really wanna fall for someone like she did. I think it didn't go as expected, but I think the answer came from a mutual agreement」

At that point ・・・

Hisayon「I'm sorry, I'm sorry」
Suuzan「Sob, sob」

Suuzan had started crying.

From Suuzan's diary:“I recalled Mie's face with tear-filled eyes, and I started crying, too. I don't know why, but lately I've been feeling a bit weird・・・”

あいのり The next day, the group had come to eat lunch. At that point...

Suuzan「Cough, cough」

It looked like Suuzan had a touch of a cold.

Izumi「Like, I'm always under the impression you're wearing a few layers of light clothes」
Suuzan「Yeah, that's right, that's right. I'm wearing short sleeves underneath, so it's cold」
Izumi「Short sleeves? That?」

Suuzan, who didn't spend money on clothes, hadn't brought any heavy clothes since he was going to a warm countries (when he joined Ainori).

あいのり The next day...


Tobias, who felt sorry for Suuzan, said

Tobias「I'm gonna surprise you」
Suuzan「Surprise me?」

The 2 of them had arrived in front of a big box. Then...


A man showed up in front of the box.

Tobias「Excuse me. Can you show us what's inside the bag, please」

What came out of the bag was・・・ a sweater!

Man「If you want it I'll give it to you」
Suuzan「You'd give it to me?Wow!」

Actually, that was a recycling box for old clothes.
In Austria, these are set up everywhere to collect and recycle clothes and shoes.
Tobias was negotiating in order to get clothes for Suuzan, who was trembling from the cold.

Suuzan「Ah?What about this?There's lots of women's clothes. I'll take them for now」
Suuzan「What?This too?Ah, ok?Dankschen (Thank you in Austrian spoken German)

Surprisingly, he got a high-quality fur coat!

Suuzan「Great!This is great!」

Getting carried away, Suuzan started negotiating by himself.

Suuzan「I'd like to have these clothes. I caught a cold, I'm sick. Cough, cough. Ah, maybe this, too」
Woman「Are you homeless?」

あいのり The next day, the Love Bus had stopped to refuel. The seven of them were resting in the warm car. At one point...

Izumi「I'm not in such a good mood」
Alec「What's up?」
Izumi「Like, speak quietly. You're the healing type, aren't you?」
Alec「Healing type・・・」

The reason why Izumi, the pro Mahjong player, was in a bad mood was・・・ because Tagamikun, the fresh boy, was sleeping on Goki's shoulder.

IzumiTagamikun acting like that ・・・Goki acting like that・・・ They were sleeping like a real couple・・・They made me green with envy”

However, judging from the circumstances with her, Alec was thinking...

Alec“I had this feeling, like 『Hey, only Izumi and I are awake』. Ah, it was like, my heart was fluttering”

Alec was attracted to Izumi, the idol and pro Mahjong player who had jumped out of a game. However, he had been traumatized by her harsh words when the 「Don't peel that scab」 incident happened.

Alec“Sometimes, Izumi says harsh things・・・ like, you know. But・・・ saying harsh things, like sometimes you say harsh thing only to paraphrase. Mmmh, it's difficult”

On the other hand, Hisayon, the Tamao-like pastry chef was close to him and true to herself.

Alec“I think of Hisayon as a girl who's always soothing, like she's always having fun with me”

Alec, who was wrongly thinking he was loved by the two girls, was at a complete loss.

あいのり The next day, Alec's behavior had changed.
After hesitating as to where he should sit, avoiding Izumi and Hisayon, he sat next to Goki.
And then even at the park・・・
Without inviting anyone, he headed for a bench by himself.
What was wrong with Alec!?

Alec“With Izumi and Hisayon next to one another, when a blatant situation like 『Ok, Alec, let's choose one and spend some time together』 came up, if I'd say 『Ok, Hisayon, let's go』, frankly, I feel like maybe I would hurt Izumi

On that day, in the really popular Alec's diary:“I'm really abusing the girls, it makes me feel guilty”



"And that's why you're not really looking for anything pure"

What will happen with Outlaw!?



Izumi crying...!?

"They say sooner or later they will connect"



"Really, really popular!"


Dumped by Suuzan
Dumped by Hide
Dumped by Hide
Dumped by Mie
Dumped by Aya
Arashi & Aya
Arashi Aya
Went back to Japan together. Congratulations!
Dropped out suddenly
Temporary participant
Dumped by Suuzan


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