"The Edge of the Precipice "

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I'd like to thank Umi for helping me with the translations!
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あいのり The group was visiting Warsaw, Poland's capital, where time was passing in a carefree and peaceful manner.
During WWII, Warsaw was invaded by the German army, and an astounding 90% of the city was destroyed.
However, after the war the people faithfully restored the cracks of every building one by one to the original state they were in before the war. The love of the Polish for their country had revived the beautiful rows of houses from the Middle Ages. In the Love Bus, Chaki, the boutique clerk from Ibaraki, and Tachi, the passionate and free man, were sitting next to one another.

Tachi「No, I'm really happy. Like, I'm really happy, you know」
Chaki「What's up lately?」
Chaki「What's up lately?」
Tachi「What?No, nothing, you know, ha, ha, ha」
Tachi「It's having fun」
Chaki「Ha, ha, ha」
Tachi「You know?」
Tachi「Yeah, ha, ha, ha」
Chaki「Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」

あいのり Then, the group arrived at a park.

Uekki「His eyes are half shut, you know, half shut」

They had found a weird bronze statue!
Upon approaching it・・・

YokomiFrederic Chopin
Yankumi「Ah, Chopin!Chopin had that face, eh?」

Chopin, also called 「Poet of the Piano」, was a composer born in Poland who lived in the 19th century.
Then, the seven of them visited the house in which Chopin was born.
『Études Op.10, No.3 in E Major』 was the one Chopin described himself as 「The most beautiful melody he had written in his life」.
(While listening to it), in Tachi's mind, an unforgettable separation was being revived・・・
Tachi had a girlfriend he was thinking of marrying.
At that time, he decided to move to Niigata to devote himself to skiing.
However, there was one thing he couldn't ask his girlfriend・・・
「Come with me」
Then, the two of them split up.
He could never ask that most important thing・・・
Since then two years had past, and finally he had met the woman of his destiny.
From Tachi's diary:“My trip too, I'll make it one with very few regrets. This is the last sprint!!”

あいのり That night...

Tachi「Oh, hi」

Tachi, who was in love head over heels, had ask to talk to Junko.


Tachi, whose trip was drawing to an end, couldn't say anything.

Junko「Cheer up」
Tachi「Ok, ok. Well, right now I'm in love head over heels with the one who's on my mind」
Junko「Oh yeah?」
Tachi「I love her so much, it's getting so hard」
Tachi「That felling is too strong, you know」

However, Junko wrongly believed that Tachi was in love with Chaki.

Junko「Isn't that great. It's great that you joined this trip, you know」
Tachi「Yeah, well, I'm grateful I could meet that person. But I still don't know what the result will be」
Junko「Just the fact that you could get to the point you could fall in love, I think that's awesome」

Which made Tachi ask:

Tachi「How about you? How is romance going?」
Junko「Yeah, well, it's like, it's hard to fall in love」
Tachi「Seriously?What the hell!What are you talking about?」
Tachi“It was a slap in the face, really. I thought, what? I was at a loss. It was such a negative remark for me, I didn't know what to say・・・”

あいのり The next day, the group had decided to cook their own meal to save some money.
Among them Uekki and Chaki had paired up.

ChakiUekki, my eyes hurt」
Uekki「What? Ah, it hurts」
Chaki「My nose is running, Uekki
Uekki「Ah!Let's put in some mucus, too!」
Chaki「What? He, he, he」
Uekki「Let's put in some tears and mucus!」

The two of them were in charge of making rice and curry.

Chaki「Ok, let's put in the onions, first」
Chaki「Ok, let's mix everything」
Uekki「Wait, they're getting scorched」
Chaki「Should we add some oil?」
Chaki「Are you tired?」
Uekki「Yeah, I am」
Chaki「Wanna switch places?Ok」
Uekki「Last let's add your socks, too」
Chaki「Ah, ha, ha, ha」
Uekki「Your socks, your socks」
Chaki「Such a good curry」
Uekki「Why not?It'll make a good sauce」
Chaki「How about the vegetables? I'm afraid they won't cook, you know」
Uekki「How about the vegetables? I'm afraid they won't cook, you know」
Chaki「That's right」
Uekki「That's right」
Chaki「Hey, I don't talk like that」
Uekki「Yes, you do!」
Chaki「Ah, ha, ha, ha」
UekkiChaki「♪La~lala~lala~ yo-ho~look~lala~lala~ yo-ho~look~lala~lala~」
Uekki「♪lalalala lalalala lala~lala~ya」
Chaki「He, he, he, he, he, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha」

UekkiChaki is a girl I can't talk with naturally and that's a big thing. I wonder if it would be like that if we were dating. I love her, you know”

あいのり The next day, the Love Bus was heading west in that flat country that was Poland.
On the Love Bus, the group were resting.
Among them, Chaki was sound asleep on Sanchan's shoulder.
From the moment he realized it, he couldn't relax.
It was the first time something like that had happened in his life.
From Sanchan's diary:“My heart was pounding so much, I couldn't look at Chaki's face”

あいのり After a three hour ride, they arrived at a town called Torun. That town, which developed mainly thanks to traffic on The Vistula river, is known as the birth place of astronomer Copernicus, who advocated the heliocentric theory. At once, the seven of them decided to explore the town.

Chaki「Ah, that clock is cute」
Tachi「Those bricks are awesome」


Yokomi「What's that?」

At their feet was a rather special plate!

Krzysztof「It's in the shape of a confection called Katajinki, which came from Torun」

The Katajinki was a gingerbread that came from Torun. There is still a legend about how it got that shape.

"Once upon a time, a poor young man and a rich girl fell in love.
  However, it was a time where an union between people of different social classes was not permissible.
  With feelings that shouldn't have been growing for that girl, the young man gave a confectionery to the King.
  It was a confectionery in the shape of two rings and two hearts, wishing for their destinies to be forever linked.
  The King was so impressed by the strength of the young man's feelings that he allowed them to get married.
  The confectionery was named after the girl, 「Katajinki」,
and is still used as a present to one's favorite person of the opposite sex."

Chaki「That's beautiful」
Uekki「They're rings」
Junko「I see」

あいのり The next day...

Cook「You knead it until it gets soft」
Tachi「Ok. I gotta put in my feelings, I gotta put in my feelings, cooking is love, cooking is love」

Tachi had thought of making a Katajinki, following a tradition of growing love.

Tachi「Carefully, carefully!」

The passionate and free Tachi, who had joined the group in Croatia, had fallen in love head over heals with Junko, the traveling girl from Kyoto. However・・・

Junko「Yeah, well, it's like, it's hard to fall in love」

Tachi, who was determined to declare his love to her, had been made to stand at the edge of a precipice.

Tachi“I think the only thing that will make Junko fall for me are really my best efforts and my feelings”
Two initials, "T" for Tachi and "J" for Junko, were there on the Katajinki.
Tachi was wishing for the both of their feelings to unite.

あいのり That night, Tachi was going to make a move.
What he was heading for was the Love Bus!
The passionate and free Tachi was ready for an honorable death.
Would his love ever reach Junko!?

あいのり Gdansk, as a port town situated at a strategic point of the Baltic Sea, was bustling.
When the people started to go home, the streets took back their stillness.
In such a quietness was a passionate and free Tachi, who was heading towards his last night.

Tachi「Ah~ What am I gonna tell her? I forgot what I wanted to tell her. What was it? I forgot」

At that moment, Junko appeared!

Junko「Ha, ha, ha」
Tachi「Hey, hi」
Tachi「Well, well, please have a seat. Here's your towel back, thanks」
Junko「Oh, no, no problem」
Tachi「I washed it and everything」
Junko「Thanks, you didn't have to」
Tachi「No problem, no problem, it's fine」
Junko「Thank you」
Junko「It's Gdansk」
Tachi「Oh yeah, Gdansk」
Junko「Gdansk is really beautiful」
Tachi「Yeah, it's really great, you know, that over there」
Tachi「Over there too. It's a really beautiful city, you know. Seriously」
Tachi「Well, when you joined the group, yeah, you had that 『The North Face』 backpack. At the moment I picked it up, you know, I thought, like, maybe we'd have some affinities?Like, seriously, you're the one I could talk with about my interests, like mountains and skiing, you know」
Junko「Yeah, yeah, yeah」
Tachi「Yeah, that's right. Aah, it's over. Like, my journey is over」
Junko「Ah, really?Are you almost there?」
Tachi「Tomorrow is the last day」
Tachi「Tomorrow it'll be over!」
Junko「That's so sudden」
Junko「Come on, cheer up」
Tachi「Yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok」
Tachi「Aaah・・・Ok, here I go」

At that point, Tachi suddenly stood up.

Tachi「People of Gdansk, I looooove Junko!I looooove Junko!I looooove her!」

Tachi was screaming.

Junko「You took me by surprise, seriously」
Tachi「Aaaah~ It's you. Ah, ha, ha, ha. You're the one I love. You're the one I love, the one I had my eye on all along 」
Tachi「Sob, sob. It went by so fast, and all of a sudden, it was the night to declare my love to you. I wanted to take much more time to let you get to understand my feelings, but I'd already decided to end it in this country, so I think I've conveyed them in my own way, as much as I could within that limited time frame. I'm sorry, forgive me, usually I'm the opposite. Since I came to this country I cry at the drop of a dime, it's so embarrassing, I'm 30 and all I do is cry. Today, you know... Aaah, I want us to go back together to Japan. Here's the ticket」
Tachi「Oh yeah, I got a gift. One of those Torun Katajinki cookies」
Junko「A Katajinki」
Tachi「I made it. It's the first time of my life I make something like a cookie」
Junko「What? You made it?」
Tachi「I did」
Junko「YOU made it ?」
Tachi「That's right」
Junko「No way! When? Ah, ha, ha」
Tachi「Two heart, two rings. So, I'll see you tomorrow」
Tachi「Ok, see you tomorrow」

For some reason, Junko was staring at the ticket.

From Junko's diary:“When I heard he was going home tomorrow it caught me by surprise. I was even more surprised when he declared his love to me”

Junko“Well, I would have liked to get to know Tachi a bit more. I don't wanna get in a relationship with him on a whim”

From Junko's diary: “I wonder with what kind of face I can tell him it's time to say goodbye”


Tachi「Wait!This is Junko's ticket. It says "Junko Matsuda" on it. Right here. Ah, ha, ha, ha. I messed up, I gave her my ticket. Ah, ah, I'm so scatter-brained


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The fateful decision


"The Edge of the Precipice "


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