"That Most Important Sentence "

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あいのり Incidentally, on the day Tachi declared his love to Junko, an important event happened.
Indeed・・・the extremely shy Sanchan invited a girl for the first time in his life!


Tachi「If you feel like you wanna talk to someone, invite her. Like Yankumi, or Chaki


Sanchan had been motivated by Tachi's advice.
On that afternoon, Sanchan was writing something earnestly.
It was a list of questions for the female participants.
・How have you been lately?
・Did you get used to this trip?
・How is romance going?
・How was your love life until now?

あいのり On that day, the 7 of them had gone to a nearby park. Then・・・

SanchanChaki, you let's go
Chaki「Ok, let's go」

What!? Since that was inaudible, let's hear it one more time.

SanchanChaki, let's go」
Chaki「Ok, let's go」

Sanchan had invited Chaki

In 21 years, this was the first time Sanchan had ever invited a girl.

Chaki「Eeeer... What should we do?」
Sanchan「Aaa, well, you wanna go over there?」
Chaki「It's raining」
Sanchan「Yeah, it started falling hard」
Chaki「Yeah, it's raining hard. What do you wanna do? We should get out of the rain・・・」
Sanchan「Yeah, we should」
Chaki「How about here?」
Chaki「We can get in there. Sanchan, look, ouch, ahahaha」
Chaki「It's question time. Don't you have any?」
Sanchan「(Gulp!) I wrote down some questions, you know」
Chaki「You're kidding?Ahaha, you did?Perfect」
Sanchan「I had them down on a piece of paper, you know」
Sanchan「I forgot to bring it. I left it (in my room)」
Chaki「You did, huh. So what, that's it?That's it?Sanchan

あいのり In order to change the mood, Sanchan had decided to move to another spot.

Chaki「So tell me, is today the first time you've ever invited someone?」
Sanchan「Yeah, I guess today is the first time」
Chaki「It makes you really nervous, doesn't it?」
Chaki「Just to say "Let's go", you know?」
Sanchan「That's right. It does, it does」
Chaki「Right. No matter who it is」
Sanchan「You just freeze・・・」
Chaki「Just before you make a move, you also think about the fact it might not work」
Sanchan「Right, right」
Chaki「Yeah, I know~」
SanchanYou know, I have thought that I need to change that
Chaki「Who would you like to see the most if you went back to Japan?」
Sanchan「He, he, he, if I went back?If I went back, I guess I'd wanna be by myself for a while」

あいのり Actually, on that day Yankumi had a happening, too!
Speaking of Yankumi, she used to be a girls gang leader in Hiroshima.

Right before Sanchan invited Chaki・・・

YokomiYankumi, you wanna go?」

Yokomi, the pretty boy shop clerk, had invited Yankumi.

Yankumi「You look as if you can talk pretty good with the costumers when you're working. Say, what would you tell me if I asked:『I've tried this on, what do you think?』」
Yokomi「Ah, it fits so well with the mood, today」
Yankumi「Ahahaha, like, like...」
Yokomi「It sounds made up, right? Hahaha」
Yankumi「You really crack me up, hahaha」

Yankumi looked like she was having a ball.
However, Yankumi had some worries.


Yankumi「(Wearing traditional Croatian clothes) I'm Yankumi
Yankumi「What are you laughing at over there?What is it?I look cute, don't I?」
Uekki「Talk about a mismatch」

Moreover, other things like these had happened・・・

YankumiWhen I was like 19, I thought about whether or not I would want to get married...
Uekki「There was a time YOU thought about marriage!?」
Yankumi「(Acting like she's hitting him) Slap, slap」
Uekki「That's really too much」
Yankumi「Why?It's normal, isn't it?」

Yankumi“It feels like I can't get them to see me as a woman.

From Yankumi's diary: “I wanna fall in love so much it drives me crazy”

Yankumi was eager to fall in love, but had been neglected on the trip.

あいのり Yankumi「To tell you the truth, I've been thinking of inviting you since this morning」
Yankumi「Yeah, so the fact that you invited me made me really happy」
Yokomi「Ah~Good, good」

But then Yokomi said:

Yokomi「Well, I thought I would casually invite the girls」
Yankumi「・・・・・・Among the 4 boys, you look like the one who understands women the most, you know」
Yokomi「Ah, I don't you know. Two years・・・ It's been two years since I was in a relationship. If I had to pick between girls and friends, I would pick friends
Yankumi「Right, right, right. So you've been by yourself, lately?You seem like the type who shows on his face for people not to approach you」
Yokomi「I do? I don't feel anything at all」
Yankumi「I think you project an aura, you do・・・」
YokomiI don't feel like I need to be liked by everyone. If the only people that know me are the friends I've known for a long time, I'm fine with that
Yokomi「Lately, I've been saying what's on my mind, you know」
Yankumi「Yeah, yeah, yeah」
Yokomi「Yeah, pretty much. There was a time when I kept to myself. When I thought about that, I realized I wasn't having conversations with anybody」

Then, Yokomi started speaking even more frankly.

Yokomi「I like foreign faces. In my mind, brown eyes and longer noses are very important parts. Noses, you know, I don't like short, flatter noses」
YankumiYou are easy to read
Yokomi「Yeah, I am. I'm really clear about my likes and dislikes」
Yankumi「Yeah, yeah」

From Yankumi's diary:“Yokomi is complicated. But it is because of people like that that I think that I want to change

Yankumi had starting to have Yokomi on her mind.

あいのり On the night Tachi had made his love declaration, the other participants were informed about the event.

Staff「Were you sleeping?Do you mind?Just now, Tachi declared his love to Junko
Uekki「Wow~Wow~ Yokomi
Uekki「We've just been informed that Tachi's declared his love to Junko. Come on, we have to get his stuff together」

It was the first time Sanchan would be informed about a love declaration.

Staff「Just now, Tachi declared his love to Junko

あいのり The fateful morning in Gdansk, a harbor city that prospered as a strategic point on the Baltic sea, and even now still lets you feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages thanks to its medieval buildings.
In a scenery that is exactly like every other morning's, the passionate and free Tachi was about to meet his destiny.

His friends, who had been traveling with him, were waiting to see the conclusion from inside the Love Bus.
Meanwhile Junko, the traveling girl from Kyoto, was heading towards the meeting place.

Staff「You'll meet him shortly, so how do you feel right now?」
Junko「Well・・・ What・・・If we go back to Japan I'm sure it'll be fun at first, but it's like, probably we won't be able to be together for a long time・・・Like I still don't realize・・・ Like, yeah, I still can't realize the fact that Tachi will go home・・・ Yeah」

Junko, who was determined to part with Tachi, was heading towards where he was.

あいのり Meanwhile Tachi, who was unaware of Junko's decision, was waiting in yearning.
If the love declaration is accepted, they will kiss and go home, if not she will give him back the ticket.

Tachi「Good morning」
Junko「Good morning」

The seagulls flying around freely over the port town were watching over the romantic decision.

Tachi「Yeah, if we go back together to Japan, I'll show you starry skies, sunsets and sceneries like you've never seen before. We'll spend the best time together. That's it, those are my feelings」

Tachi, the passionate and free man, had expressed his feelings as best as he could.
Then, Junko gave him her answer.

Junko「As a new participant, when I joined the group, you were the one who talked to me the most. I was glad you were there for me. However, yeah, when you told me you were in love, I was sure you were in love with someone else. There was a part of me that was acting as a supporter, so yesterday when I heard your love declaration I was really surprised. When you were running in the rain, too, the way you were going straight at it・・・」
Junko「I thought the one who'd fall in love with you would be so happy・・・」
Tachi「Just wait. Seagull shit. I've got bird shit all over me. I'm full of it aren't I?」
Junko「You're full of it」
Tachi「Haaa~ Oooh~ I can't believe this」

Then, Tachi started talking again, to express those feelings that were beyond words.

Tachi「Yeah, if we go back to Japan together, I want you to come to Niigata where I live, and yeah, be by my side. I want you to come with me」
Junko「Yeah, I heard your love declaration, and if we go back to Japan together we・・・ Our hobbies are compatible, and I'm sure there's a lot of fun waiting for us. You'd probably take me to places I don't know, and we'd go here and there together, there'd be a lot of fun days waiting for us. What should I do?・・・Tachi, I want us to go back to Japan together」
Tachi「Seriously?Seriously?Yeah, let's go home together」
Uekki「Ku, gaba ・・・(can't speak properly)」
Yankumi「It's so long」
Chaki「Yeah, it is」
Yankumi「It's long, long」
Junko「I can't, I can't, I can't breathe」
Tachi「I was a nervous wreck. Ah, when I felt the shit・・・」

Junko“I looked at his expression, yeah, he kept looking at me, and like, there was this strong feeling that I didn't want us to be apart”

From Junko's diary:“I wanted to say goodbye, but I got scared that I wouldn't be able to see his face again. But when he said「I want you to come to Niigata and be by my side」, those words really echoed in my heart. That feeling that I didn't want us to be apart appeared”

Tachi「I'm so happy!」

あいのり Group「Congratulations!」
Tachi「Wait!Wait!I've got shit on from the seagulls!」
Uekki「Ok, say cheese!」
Tachi「Yeaaaah!So, you're jealous, aren't you, you bastard」
Tachi「Aaa~h It's a miracle, a miracle.

(After the group had got on the Love Bus, Tachi and Junko were about to shut the door)

Uekki「Your first collaboration」
Tachi「It's so lonely! It's so lonely!See ya~」
Junko「Bye bye」
Uekki「See ya」
Yankumi「Bye bye」

The man who couldn't say that most important sentence because he was too thoughtful.
That sentence that turned a woman's heart around in an instant.
Ainori's 37th couple was born. TachiJunko, congratulations.


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"There she is!"

"There, there she is!"

A 19-year-old girl joins the group!

A really pretty boy whose gender is hard to tell!


An unexpected development for Uekki's romance!


"That Most Important Sentence "


Dumped by Suuzan
Dumped by
Dumped by
Dumped by
Dumped by
Arashi & Aya
Arashi Aya
Arashi declared his love to Aya and they went back to Japan together. Congratulations!
Dropped out suddenly
Temporary participant
Mie & Suuzan
Mie Suuzan
Suuzan dumped Mie, but after realizing it was a mistake dropped out and went back to Japan to find her, and they became a couple. Congratulations!
Dumped by

Outlaw & Goki
Outlaw Goki
Outlaw and Goki both dropped out after an incident involving the staff. They met again back in Japan and became a couple. Congratulations!

Dumped by
Dropped out suddenly
Dumped by
Dropped out suddenly

Tachi & Junko
Tachi Junko
Tachi declared his love to Junko and they went back to Japan together. Congratulations!




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