Here we are at Ninnikuya.


Me, Mashuku and Seiko.


Me and Mashuku.


Donft look at me, look at the beer.


We had some pretty good pizza, no corn, thank you.


In Japan, you canft eat pizza without drowning it in Tabascoc Not that it needed any (^_^;


This is called hijiki. The black stuff is seaweed, and I didnft care much for it.


This is a roll made of shrimp. It really rocks.


Oh my God, this is a HUUUUGE garlic bulb!


No itfs not, itfs just the plate for the real thingcyummy!


This was pretty good fried rice. Ordered it because I saw someone eat it at the next table.


I usually am all for gladies firsth, but not with pizza. Back off, Mashuku!


Man ordered like ten different drinks! God bless the gnomihoudaih (all you can drink) concept!


And more drinks!


Yep, thatfs pretty orange, but since Mashuku doesnft drink, itfs a non-alcoholic beverage.


Ifm a beer man myself.


I wonder if beer and Tabasco go togetherc


Seiko went for that blue stuff at least twice!


Are we drunk yet?


I said, back off, Mashuku!


The picture is not clear, but apparently, the man on the glass looks like mec


We finished the evening at Baskin-Robbinsc


Aaaah, ice cream does have a way to put smiles on peoplefs facesc


Is she getting blue ice cream?


I guess she didnftc


Mashuku got some green and yellow glow-in-the-dark ice cream.


Now itfs my turn! Back off, Man!


My ice cream was ok, judging by the look on my facec