Friday, March 11 2005

This is Man, Aki and her sister, Yuki. She was here for the weekend, from Tokyo.

This is us at gTenangoh, a new restaurant in Kokubunchou. Good food and good prices.

Now those are nice smilesc

The beer was good. Sure wasnft that Yebisu crap!!!

Starting to get drunk, eh?

Thatfs it, hefs drunk and he turns into some sort of music star!!!

Enough drinking, we have to think about organizing tomorrowfs party!

Thatfs the man, Onodera! Hefs the owner of gTenangoh. A good cook and sake expert.

Ahhh, Sendai nightlife! This was taken on Inarikouji, the street between Ichibanchou and Kokubunchou.

What Friday night worthy of that name does NOT include a stop at Yamanakayafs?