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The Geoloc Saga continues…

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Last June I registered for Geoloc, the small map you can see at the top of my sidebar, showing with a green blinking dot the capital of the countries from which my blog is being accessed, more or less in real time. I really liked the guizmo, and I tried to subscribe right away, but quite unsuccessfully. To make a long story short, Geoloc couldn’t take new subscriptions because it was down for so-called “maintenance”, which apparently had been lasting since last January. In August, they finally came out of their coma, sending emails to all their registered users, without so much as a word of apology for their long lethargy. Nevertheless, I immediately subscribed and have been really happy since then.

Since last week, I had been too busy to post on my blog, but I still kept an eye on it reading new comments and looking at my stats. This week, I started noticing something really strange: there were people from Malaysia almost constantly online. I wouldn’t have thought so much of it if it hadn’t been for the number of people online according to Geoloc: often more than 10. As vain as I can be, I couldn’t help thinking there was something fishy about it. Yesterday, my suspicion reached its limit when I saw this (click the picture to view):

20 visitors online!? As much as I would like that to be true, I get an average of 250 visitors on a regular day, which means about 10 an hour. Weird! So I decided to check my Geoloc stats in detail. Look at this:

521 visitors from Malaysia only today! Impossible. So I cross-checked with one of my other trackers, to find out the following info:

121 visitors today, around 3pm. That sounds better. I cross-checked with another of my trackers to find out the following: 

This one says 146. The difference comes from the fact that this one counts reloads as well. Let’s see from which country came the last 20 visitors:


Interesting: not ONE visitor from Malaysia. A glitch?

I’d like to believe that, but the problem is when you subscribe to Geoloc, you don’t pay for a period of time, you pay for a certain number of blinking green dots that appear on the map. Yeah, yeah, so when I finally was able to subscribe, I went crazy and I bought 200 000. Hey, it was only 20 bucks, and I figured if Geoloc had to do more “maintenance”, I’d better play it safe. But now I’m wondering: are these guys trying to con me out of my little green dots? I’ll try to send them an email, but I don’t expect a reply from them.

What do you think? If you are a Geoloc user and are reading this, I’d appreciate if you could leave a comment telling me about your woes with that service. Geoloc: A love/hate relationship!