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Ainori #289

Monday, October 24th, 2005

Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In August 2005, I discovered that Ainori was not only popular in Japan, but also all over the world thanks to Bit Torrent technology. I decided to write a summary of each episode, and do a translation of the weekly photo captions from the official site. What do I get out of this? I get to improve my Japanese, I get more traffic to my blog, but above all, I get the satisfaction of knowing many non-Japanese speakers all over the world can appreciate a truly unique reality show. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.

Ainori’s official homepage (Japanese only).

This month’s participants.

Ainori’s BT downloads available @ D-Addicts and Saiyaman

Ainori #289





Oh, boy! Here we go again… Hide still has no clue as to what is going on. Aya and Arashi are obviously getting closer, and it seems he’s getting some bad vibe about them, but he can’t see it clearly. Umechan is a smart girl, she knows what’s going on. She even tried to help Hide and Aya spend some time together by asking Arashi to race her. She’s so sweet. Yep, Hide will definitly be on the show for a while…




Now here’s the funny thing: TK has started suffering from the infamous Hide syndrome. Mie confided to him crying that she was having trouble showing her affection to the guy she likes. She’s was obviously talking about Suuzan, but TK is now convinced that she likes him! Good grief, this is getting quite interesting…

Special treat for non-Japanese speakers :-)