The “Bat Van”!?

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Every once in a while, you run into one of those things that make you go “Mmmmmm”…

I didn’t know Batman had a van, too! ;-)

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7 Responses to “The “Bat Van”!?”

  1. deadhippo Says:

    I think its pretty amazing that these young guys have the money to paint up and add spoilers (in the true sense of the word) to their automobiles
    when i was there age hardly any of my friends could afford a car much less the getting the bodywork on top of it

    on another note though, i think these cars are very similar to the owners
    OTT in a Failed? attempt to be cool
    i guess if it helps them pick up chicks or whatever the object is, it isnt failed

  2. Sylvain Says:

    The worst part is many Japanese girls would start jumping up and down screaming “kakkoii” upon seeing one of those vans. Must be a cultural thing…



  3. deadhippo Says:

    maybe this is a good filter, i mean if i saw a girl jmping up and down shouting kakkoii id think shes a loser

  4. mai Says:

    あはは、たまにこういう車、高速道路とかで見ました!お正月は、みんなで、富士山へ行くんですよね~この手の人は。笑 でも、いわゆる、この車を見て、「キャーかっこいい、まじやばい」とかいう女の子というのは、ヤンキーといわれるかたがたで、コレはヤンキー文化でしょう・・。私もまったく理解しかねます。笑 一度としてそういうのがかっこいいと思ったこともなし。色々ほかにも驚くことがかっこいいんですよ、今は知らないけど、やたら短い制服のジャケットとか、色々。剃り込みとか、(生え際をわざと、Vの字にそっちゃうんですよ!!)。それと、S・A・G・A、佐賀♪のちょっと懐かしい、歌じゃないけど、ヤンキーが女の子に人気があるのは、どうしてかわからないけど、地方が多いです。本当に不思議なんですよねこの辺は・・。ヤンキー文化が決してなくならないのもすごく不思議です。ずーっとありますよぉ。

  5. gasface Says:

    yah, she’s right. that looks like yankee mobile
    it’s good they didn’t catch their picture being snapped — they might have tried to beat down the photographer

    otherwise i would think this picture was taken in osaka

  6. Sylvain Says:

    Actually, I took the pictures myself while I was driving, right here in Sendai. I probably wouldn’t dare pulling such a stunt in Osaka, though. Sendai is a much smaller city, and pretty peaceful compared to other Japanese megapolis.



  7. Sylvain Says: