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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Tuesday nights at 23:00.

In early August, upon checking my statistics, I noticed my referrers included a message board I had never been to. To my surprise, some non-Japanese fan of Ainori had posted a link to my blog indicating I was talking about each episode in English. Realizing that there must be many fans out there unable to understand Japanese, I decided to write a more detailed account of each episode every week, not to mention a translation of the weekly photo captions. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.




This week Takano was really aggressive, monopolizing Hide as much as she could. Omami got fed up, and she had a really open conversation with Takano, and they sort of agreed upon a truce, letting Hide choose who he’d like to talk to. Hide chose Omami, presumably because he had spent much time with Takano lately. The truce didn’t last long, and pretty soon, Takano was aggressively trying to cut in again, even telling Omami she wasn’t talking to her when Omami told her she’d like to spend a little more time with Hide. Poor Hide was being eaten alive by the two vixens as the hostilities went on, and had a very, very confused look on his face. During one of the conversations with Omami, he finally realized that Omami liked him (about time – everybody had known that for three months already!), not Suuzan. Finally, Takano took the big step, i.e. she went to the Love Bus, asked for the tickets and declared her intentions to Hide. Now, as much as her attitude was despicable, and especially during this episode, I think she made a very good speech to Hide. He, on the other hand, looked really surprised when he heard her say: “I like you very much”. It’s crazy because the girls have been fighting over him for weeks now, and it seemed quite obvious to everybody but him. Next week, finally, we’ll get to find out how one of the most tumultuous Ainori stories will end. And what an ending, boys and girls. I can’t be sure, but from what they showed of next week’s episode, Takano AND Omami were standing next to each other, waiting for Hide to make his appearance. This can only mean one thing: when Omami heard that Takano had asked Hide to go back to Japan with her, she did the same. Are we going to see Hide answer to two declarations of love simultaneously?

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8 Responses to “Ainori #283”

  1. kinki Says:

    OMG! today’s episode was crazy! i couldnt help opening my mouth out of surprise while watching how Takano pulled hide’s arm telling him to go with her!! i watched this vol without subs coz i was so curious and couldnt wait, but i’ll definately read your special treat and tonydesu’s subs! hmm, i think Takano’s speach was very good! i wonder what Omami will do? i kinda felt sorry for Takano today..
    poor hide, i dont think he’ll be able to fall in love with either of them under these circumastances!!

  2. Sylvain Says:

    Crazy? No kidding! I think Hide will probably refuse both tickets (if indeed he gets two) since he probably won’t have enough time to think the situation over properly. I mean, from his reaction he was obviously totally unaware of the girls’ feelings for him – go figure. In any case, as I said before, this thing has been dragging on for too long, and it’ll be quite a relief to see the outcome of the “Hide Saga”.



  3. Marcelo Says:

    Oh me God… you were right afterall… Hide´s gonna dump them both. How sad. But, no matter how discouraging this episode was, it showed us that in the end, whether sweet or straightforward, in the end we are all humans. Although Omami was kawaii and behaved properly, that doesen´t mean she was defenseless… in fact those two aspects of her and more were part of her (cute) arsenal, and she used them the best she could. Fair or not, they used whatever means necessary to get Hide to like them.
    With or without Hide, it will be heartbreaking for me to see Omami leave. Dunno, I guess she´s my kind of woman in many ways. But, you know what´ll be sadder? To see a rabuwagon filled with… men… er… eeto nee…
    On top of that, there´s been nothing but broken hearts (although I´m still celebrating the fact that Nacchi got that slap-in-the-face refusal from uchuujin Arashi, KE, KE, KE @_@) in this group. The irony! A reality show called “Ainori” showing nothing but sad farewells… hee, I know there´s been sadder seasons in the past but… thought I wouldn´t see in a while such a long streak of kotowaris.
    But hey, we all know life´s far from beign cookies and milk, ne?
    Oh, Omami… 淋しくなるぜ・・・

  4. deadhippo Says:

    ok, im gonna start watching now…against my better judgement

  5. helena Says:

    i think their behaviour was rude and immature, and i wouldn’t like to be poor hide. in fact, i wouldn’t have been that nice with them at all, i would have said to both of them: get the fuck out and leave me alone! gosh, i can’t beleive they were acting like that as if he was just a piece of meat or a trophey. i don’t think that in any other program like “big brother” anyone had been that nice to them in the same situation.

    still, when takano was confessing her love to hide, he was making a face like “what the hell, i’m fed up with you” kind of face i have seen make to japanese people so i think he hates her, though maybe i’m wrong. and about omami, i’m clueless, maybe he liked her but thought she liked suzan, or maybe he just liked her a lot like a friend because he always would be with her and when she got sick he went to see her, kind of arashi’s relationship with that girl that left a month ago that she was sure he liked her but that he dumped her in the end.

  6. Sylvain Says:


    No kidding. During the last two episodes the girls were so childish, it’s unbelievable! And about Hide’s face during Takano’s speech, I think he was more surprised than anything else. Until the last episode, I think Hide was pretty clueless about the girls’ feelings towards him. In any case, the situation has been dragging on and on, and I can’t wait to see new members come on the show.



  7. Sylvain Says:

    >dead hippo

    I know it sounds cheesy at first glance, but it’s actually a pretty good show, not to mention an excellent way to improve one’s Japanese since everything they say is subtitled.



  8. umi Says:

    Crazy episode! Honestly, Takano hasn’t been a very “likable” character. She has been the most sincere and straight forward one, though. I think Omami has everyone’s sympathy. She certainly had mine. Also, Hide seemed to like Omami in the beginning and to our eyes, Takano seemed to be breaking that. (along with Hide’s misunderstanding regarding Omami and Suuzan)

    They were being childish… but what can you do? I think it was necessary, the way things are going. Hide is so clueless. Part of me was rooting for Omami because of the way Takano was being so aggressive with him previously. Eh.

    I think he might pick Omami. I mean, you look at that episode where she first came back and know that something is up. I think he was slowly trying to see if there would be any feelings for Takano. I think he is fond of her. I think, like Arashi with Naachi, he is trying to see if anything had developed. However, I think something had already developed with Omami.

    I can’t wait to see Omami’s 告白. Hopefully it is with her guitar, the one that gave him solace before.