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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Tuesday nights at 23:00.

In early August, upon checking my statistics, I noticed my referrers included a message board I had never been to. To my surprise, some non-Japanese fan of Ainori had posted a link to my blog indicating I was talking about each episode in English. Realizing that there must be many fans out there unable to understand Japanese, I decided to write a more detailed account of each episode every week, not to mention a translation of the weekly photo captions. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.




The nightmare is over boys and girls, and it ended in the worst way. Just like I thought, as soon as Omami heard that Takano had asked Hide to go back to Japan with her, Omami went to the Love Bus, got tickets too, and went to declare her feelings to Hide. This was of course a totally unprecedented event on the show. The next morning, a totally unaware Takano was quite surprised to see Omami appear. Next came lover boy, who turned down Takano, on account that he considered her more like a sister. Omami, pretty confident it meant she was going back to Japan with him, was totally crushed when the little prick turned her down, too. In a tearful “Mikarin déjà-vu” plea, Omami begged him to reconsider, but it was no use. In the end, after the Love Bus had gone, the two girls happily threw away the rings they had gotten from Hide, and went on their merry way, singing together like they were best friends. Am I the only one who’s glad this chapter is finally closed? Next week, three new girls will join the group. No harpies, please.

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11 Responses to “Ainori #284”

  1. Marcelo Says:

    Sad, heartbreaking… yet predictable news.
    I haven’t seen 284 yet (currently downloading ^ ^), but I just read the news on Fuji TV’s website. You know, at first I thought it wasn’t Hide’s fault not to like any of them; after all, that’s the way how human feelings work, you just can’t help liking or disliking someone. But, when I read what Hide replied Omami, the “suki ja nai” part, I thought… “What a bastard!”. Suusan and even uchuujin Arashi were gentler when they declined Nacchi’s and Mikarin’s confessions. But nooo, Hide had to be “Prince Charming” and reject deasrest Omami like if she was some kind of cheap hooker. Well, now I want Hide to die… well, no… I don’t really want that. Though I’d like to see Hide returning home by himself. I still remeber Seki chan’s days. He was in the bus for how long? 12 countries, right? But at least you could easily tell he WAS really looking for love. Now I’m predtty sure Hide’s just having a good time on this free ride around the world, concentrated in keeping the spirit of the team high, but not love. Kayo took what was left of that in him when she decided to quit. Oh, to think I used to like Hide…
    This’s been by far the saddest period in Ainori’s history. Instead of “Love Ride” it should be renamed to “Dump Ride”. If this doesen’t change soon… heh, I may start hating the damn thing… even though it helps me a lot with my Japanese.
    Oh, I’m such a masochist! ^ ^

  2. kinki Says:

    i didnt watch the episdoe yet, im downloading the show now..
    as Takano said in previous episode, Hide is indecisive! she’s right!
    - he took long time before noticing Omami’s feeling!
    - when the duel between the two girls, he was so pathetic! not being able to handle the situation well!

    being loved by two ladies at the same time, he said before, he feels cool!! any guy would feel flattered…but i thought he had feelings for Omami! rejecting her in that manner was so cruel!

  3. awrittensin Says:

    I think it was necessary for Hide to respond to Omami as bluntly as he did, or else they would have been standing there all day while she bawled and begged and pleaded. I also think it was good that he clarified to Takano why he didn’t love her (how they turned into a sister/brother type love) and I think she accepted it gracefully. But I totally cheered when she said “You’re a really nice person, Hide. But sometimes your niceness hurts people.”

    Bring on the new girls!

  4. Marcelo Says:

    Finally saw it! It didn’t change my opinion about Hide at all, though. In fact, now I think he’s a young yet sad prototype of a man. And no, awrittensin, it WASN’T necessary to be so cruel to sweet Omami. She deserved better than that! Even if Hide had to wait hours before Omami could accept with resignation that gaki’s resolution. That’s what gentlemen do, fercrhissake!!
    I’ve done it myself: waited for hours and hours before the woman whose feelings I couldn’t return would clam down. Anything but beign mean to her. And Omami of all people!! Oh, how I wish a rakusen for him!! Hope the new girls eat them alive… except Suusan, who was indeed a gentleman to Mikarin when farewell time came.
    They both were waaaaay too good for Hide, Takano and Omami I mean. He didn’t deserve any of them, completely out of their league. Yet, “that’s the way love goes”, as the song says: falling for the wrong person.

  5. Sylvain Says:

    >Marcelo & Kinki

    You’re both right about that, but I think maybe Hide also wanted to quickly put an end to Omami’s suffering.


    Can’t wait for next week to see the new gals either!

  6. umi Says:

    Perhaps… I just wanted to see Hide and Omami get together… but I feel as if, he rejected her because she confessed to him at the same time as Takano. He said afterwards that he couldn’t be made to chose between them. He also told Omami (before he told her he didn’t like her) that he wasn’t able to spend enough time with her. Who here thinks that they would have had a shot if Omami would have let Hide reject Takano… and if they had time alone together. (I think it was pretty obvious that he would have rejected Takano)

    But alas… he rejected them both. I think Takano has redeemed herself in the end when she was able to throw his ring away and sort of “patch things up” with Omami. Her gracefulness was surprising.

    Maybe I am just being hopeful … but I think that Hide would have went with Omami if Takano wasn’t right there watching.

    However, in the end, he didn’t feel strong enough for Omami to want to be with her at all costs. It wasn’t just me … that thought that he actually liked her, wanted to see her, and cared for her… (if it wasn’t for that misunderstanding with Suuzan… sigh)

    I also don’t think this was the first time that this three way confession has happened. It happened a few years back… I forget the exact scenario … but I remember it hapepned. One of them became a couple, I think.

  7. Emily Says:

    I knew Hide wouldn’t choose anyone…but I have a question. That episode where kouji gets in trouble with everyone…what did he do? I haven’t seen the episode yet but All I know is, is that he did something to some girl and he gets punched maybe? I can’t wait to see it next week, I am so excited.

  8. Sylvain Says:


    You are referring to episode #274, in which everybody got real drunk, and Mikarin started crying on the beach because she couldn’t get Suuzan to tell her he liked her. When she came back to where the group was, Kouji thought Hide was the one who had made her cry, and he slapped him. Hide retaliated with two punches, and the others jumped on them to stop the brawl. It was pretty crazy.


    A three way confession happened before!? I didn’t know that. Thanx for the info. I also think Hide might have gone for Omami if he hadn’t imagined that she liked Suuzan from the beginning. But then again that’s Hide’s problem: too kind and too stupid.

  9. J.489 Says:

    THX to share!! i’m very love^^

  10. meGumi Says:

    I totally agree with umi & awrittensin. Hide did say that he couldn’t accept one’s kokuhaku and let the other one go. If Hide hadn’t said what he said, we’d have another Mikarin/Suuzan problem in which Omami & Hide just stands there crying for an hour & a half thinking ’bout what to say and how to say bye.

    I did like Omami.. but I liked Takano way more. I know she says the wrong things at the wrong times and is just not there at all times.. she’s so not girly compared to Omami, Mikarin & Nacchi.. but if there weren’t a character like Takano, Ainori wouldn’t be so fun to watch. & the way Takano accepted the rejection at the end! I just wanted to hug Takano. ahaha. She handled it so well! Takano saikou~

  11. spawn Says:

    hey why just we make some .sub files?!?!