I found Jérémie!

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After close to four years of not knowing where he was, I found my friend Jérémie thanks to a TESL conference he took part in. As a lecturer, he had left his email address on the conference web page. I met Jérémie when we were both studying at McGill University to get our TESL degree. We both applied for the JET Programme at the same time, and came to Japan together. In 2000, he moved from his apartment in Sapporo, Hokkaido, to another one. He changed his email address and phone number at the same time, and lost my contact information. When I found his email address a couple of months ago, I contacted him right away, and he gave me a phone call shortly. As if our last name being the same wasn’t enough of a coincidence, I found out that just like me, he was now working in a private school, had private students at night and on weekends, and was doing an MA in Applied linguistics online at an Australian university. For almost four years, we were both doing exactly the same thing, without knowing it. Weird or what?

Anyway, he came to visit us last weekend, and we laughed so much together my stomach is still numb. On the first day, we took him downtown Sendai, and showed him our favorite spots. The next day, I showed him Monjudo Temple, close to my apartment, and then we took him to the most famous Hachiman Shrine. Then we took him to the highest building in Sendai, called SS30, and at night my friend Aki joined us for drinks. On the last day, we went for a last walk downtown Sendai, and took him to the airport, where we said goodbye. Take a look at these five albums, there are quite a few priceless pictures if you’re interested in Japanese temples and shrines.

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  1. lisa Says:

    hoorah you found jeremy!