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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In early August, upon checking my statistics, I noticed my referrers included a message board I had never been to. To my surprise, some non-Japanese fan of Ainori had posted a link to my blog indicating I was talking about each episode in English. Realizing that there must be many fans out there unable to understand Japanese, I decided to write a more detailed account of each episode, not to mention a translation of the weekly photo captions. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.




What do you know? This guy’s alive, and has feelings, too! Finally, Hide, after riding the Love Bus across 12 countries, has found love. His sweety is Aya, the shy girl. Everything is at a very preliminary stage, but Hide seems quite sure about it. I think he fell for her when he talked to her about how she was reserved. The poor girl, who has problems speaking her mind out loud in groups, was crying, not knowing what do do. Hide did his best to cheer her up, and share his own experience of Ainori. According to him, the moment he will declare his feelings might come pretty soon. To be continued…

Ainori’s official homepage (Japanese only).

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Special treat for non-Japanese speakers :-)

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7 Responses to “Ainori #286”

  1. Marcelo Says:

    Heh, in a way I knew it would be like this…
    Haven´t seen 286 yet but, the fact that Hide likes Aya doesen´t necessarily mean she´ll feel the same way, right?… right?
    Oh, I hope she has better taste. On the other hand, I´m really rooting for “Yankee Flavor” TK. He seems nice and honest about his feelings for Mie. Suuzan…well, I sure want him to find love sooner or later (I like him :) ). On the other hand, Uchuujin Arashi can go back to space for all I care.
    By the way, thank you for all the replies so far, Bouchard san. Don´t you ever think I don´t appreciate them! :)

  2. meGumi Says:

    I’ve read around for opinions & everybody’s so negative towards Hide & his decision. I’m quite happy for him.. it’s about time he has feelings for someone you know? And I think they’re a good match.

    I told my mom that Hide likes Aya and she’s like “oh, so he liked the quiet ones, what a guy.” [apparently, she didn't like the idea] but if you think about it, I guess it’s true. Takano & Omami were quite straightforward [in their own way] & Hide couldn’t be a man in front of them, ‘cept for when he let them go. Now with Aya, even if she’s 5 years older, Hide could be there for her & help her out, be a man & all.

    I just hope Aya likes him back so they can go home as a couple.

    Sorry for the long comment, I had to let it out.

  3. tony Says:

    I like Hide. I haven’t watched the earlier eps before the Takano-Omami thing, but now I think he’s pretty cool. People don’t like him because he turned those girls down? Well I didn’t like Omami. I liked Takano even though they made her out to play the antagonist, but shes actually pretty cool. But Takano’s too much woman for him. I agree with Megumi, he gotta thing for quiet girls, or maybe girls with problems (Omami hospitalized, Aya always depressed.) But hey, everyones got different tastes in women. By the way she was looking at Hide when the Spitz song was playing, things are looking pretty good for them. Or at least thats what the producers want us to think…

  4. Marcelo Says:

    Now, let’s get something straight. I’m not saying I don’t like Hide anymore because he turned Omami down. He said “kaerenai” and I didn’t think he’d actually change his mind by watching Omami’s tears. However, it’s the way how he rejected her what I still can’t comprehend. Saying “suki ja nain da” was uncalled for. There are MANY other ways to decline someone’s feelings towards you. Take Suuzan as an explample of a true gentleman. He waited more than an hour before Mikarin could finally see her efforts would be futile. You know why he did it? Because he actually CARED about her feelings, as both, a friend and a person. Hide treated Omami like if she was some kind of bothersome flea or something, like if they hadn’t spent many joyful moments, before and during the time she, regretably, fell for him. Besides, she gave a lot to the show. She was smart and sensitive. Let’s face it: some of you maybe didn’t like her as a suitor for Hide… but she sure was a good person with EVERYONE (even uchuujin Arashi ferchrissake!), and deserved at least and honorable farewell. That’s my point, and not the fact that I hold a personal grudge against Hide because he rejected both Omami and Takano at the same time. If he didn’t like any of them THAT way, hey, watcha gonna do? Unfortunately, I thought him more of a gentleman.
    Now, about Aya… heh, she may be charming… but she sure is silent… and empty (”wakannai” on the Russian poverty problem, and “dame da” repeatedly when talking about herself)… sigh… Omami had always something to talk about, always had a simle on her face, always cheeful, yet, Lion King preffers the silent-introverted type. Not making sense… that’s what makes us humans, yeah!

  5. Emily Says:

    AHHH!!! THIS ROCKS!!! You know who else rocks? You rock for typeing all this. Thank you so much. It makes me so happy. Have a superspectacular day!!!

  6. Marcelo Says:

    Thank you, Emily! But you know what? You rock even more for taking the time to read all I wrote! (Marcelo really hopes Emily was actually talking about him, or else he’ll turn red of embarrasment ^ ^;;;).

  7. Sylvain Says:


    I think it’s so cool you watch Ainori with your mom! I think Hide and Aya are a good match too. And, oh, don’t worry about leaving long comments. They’re even more appreciated.


    I agree with you, Hide’s reaction towards Omami was no less than cavalier. And coming from such a nice guy!?

    >Megumi / Tony

    Right, Hide seems to have a weakness for people emotionally distressed. Projection?. Naaah!


    You’re right, this does rock! Maybe I should start an Ainori Discussion board! ;-)