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Here in Miyagi Prefecture, the new rice has just been harvested, and all over the country side, it is tied in bundles left in the rice fields to dry. In Japanese, there are many words for rice, depending in what state it is. The word for rice on a seedhead is called “ine”. Uncooked rice is called “kome”, and cooked rice is called “gohan”. Miyagi Prefecture is famous in Japan for its rice, and especially the “hitomebore” variety, which is my favorite. All over the country side, you can all also see autumn flowers, especially cosmos, which are purple and white here in Japan. So this month’s header shows rice bundles in a field, and this month’s wallpaper shows purple cosmos on a yellow background.

October’s header and wall paper.

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3 Responses to “October”

  1. Emily Says:

    Yummmmmy rice. A rice feild looks so pretty. Now I want to eat rice. I just gotta find some.

  2. jane Says:

    cool blog!

  3. So Lost Says:

    Nice blog!