Ainori #290

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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In August 2005, I discovered that Ainori was not only popular in Japan, but also all over the world thanks to Bit Torrent technology. So I decided to write a summary of each episode, and do a translation of the weekly photo captions from the official site. What do I get out of this? I get to improve my Japanese, I get more traffic to my blog, but above all, I get the satisfaction of knowing many non-Japanese speakers all over the world can appreciate a truly unique reality show. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.

Ainori’s official homepage (Japanese only).

This month’s participants.

Ainori’s BT downloads available @ D-Addicts and Saiyaman

Ainori #290


“Tonight, on The Ainori Zone…”




This week was weird… Like twilight zone weird! Where do I start? Arashi mistaking chicken for pork (well, not so surprising for him)! Mie with no make up AND wearing glasses! TK rudely cutting in while Mie and Suuzan were talking! The group meeting the tallest man in the world! The boys wearing tights! The whole group performing ballet in front of a large audience! Oh, and my personal favorite, Hide finally waking up and smelling the coffee! Weeeiiiirrrrd!




Special treat for non-Japanese speakers :-)

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2 Responses to “Ainori #290”

  1. kinki Says:

    Mie is so cute with the glasses and natural, no make-up look! the tights part and ballet performance was hillarious!! on the other hand..poor hide…its true that Aya and Arashi looked good together..when Hide thought so as well..i felt sorry for him. but at the end he said he wont run away ne? what do you think he’ll do about this? cant wait for next episode!

  2. Marcelo Says:

    In reply to Kinki’s post:

    Honestly, Hide needs more than ordinary human perssuasion power to make Aya fall for him. Or, other words, do what Koji couldn’t when Nacchi was in love with Arashi (it gives me chills just to remeber it!). I’m afraid to admit… he probably won’t make it. It’d take a SERIOUS incident to make poor deluded Aya to like Hide more than Arashi. I mean, she seems like she’s under the effect of an evil and powerful spell or something.
    Now, about suuzan… wow… I gotta say he’s my hero. He indeed saved the guy’s honor during the wresting match. He’s definitively not your ordinaty martial arts tatsujin. He seems to be a judo master as well. Those moves and coordination didn’t come out of nowhere, no sir! Now poor TK’s really doomed. Wonder if that’ll be MIE’s fate when she declares Suuzan her love. Hmm, can’t tell here guys. Could be, could be not… If only something TK’s good at would show up… nah, not even that’d save him from a kotowari.