Hottest underwear ever!

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Hot Japanese Girl!

No, I’m not talking about sexy lingerie. On November 11th, Triumph International Japan, a company specializing mainly in women’s underwear, introduced a new product that is scheduled to go on sale in 2006: The thick “Warm Biz Bra”. They come with matching shorts which can be worn as they are, and it is possible to make the bra warm after heating up jelly pads it is stuffed with either in a microwave oven or in hot water! This new line of products is in response to the “Cool Biz” & “Warm Biz” energy saving environmental campaigns, instigated by P.M. Koizumi earlier this year in Japan. “Cool Biz” encourages people to dress more casually for work during the summer, a.k.a “no neck-tie” in Japan, in order to keep air-conditioners set no lower than 28 degrees Celcius, whereas “Warm Biz” encourages workers to dress warmly during the winter, in order to keep heaters set no higher than 20 degrees Celcius. I just wonder if it’s really marketable, since women would have to forget about tight clothes if they don’t want people to see the shape of the underwear underneath them. They would probably sell better in red and white as Christmas lingerie…

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4 Responses to “Hottest underwear ever!”

  1. deadhippo Says:

    Maybe its not underwear…i live in hope.

  2. maizzy Says:

    is this the same as the one for warming sake at a perfect temperature. i heard it in a podcast called otakugeneration….

    pretty funny… thx for you very interesting findings… and those large frosted flakes look yummy!!!

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