Freak Snow hits North-Eastern Japan!

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The Japanese news have reported record snow accumulations of 329 cm in Nagano Prefecture, and 390 cm in Niigata Prefecture just for today. For all you Americans, that’s approximately 11′ 10.5″ and 12′ 9.5″ respectively, i.e. the equivalent of what they usually get during the whole month of January! Two story houses have litteraly been buried, and apparently, it’ll keep falling until the day after tomorrow. Some people are gonna be busy shoveling for a loooong time…

Update (2006/01/6): I’ve just learned that the death toll due to snow falls this winter in those areas totalled 53 people this morning. I apologize for the comment about shoveling…

Update (2006/01/12): The Big News Network has reported that ” Wednesday 11th January, 2006 (UPI)

Japanese emergency services workers continued efforts Wednesday to reach 500 people cut off by record snowfall in the Nagano and Niigata prefectures.

Officials with the Ground Self-Defense Force said essential supplies and utilities had been secured for Tsunan and Sakae on the northwest side of the Japanese island of Honshu. However, National Route 405 linking the towns remained blocked.

Since early December, unusually heavy snow has blanketed Japan and caused 72 deaths, Japan Times reported.

A record 155 inches of snow has fallen on Tsunan, breaking the January 1996 record of 119 inches.

The heavy snow affected about 900 municipalities in Japan.

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5 Responses to “Freak Snow hits North-Eastern Japan!”

  1. warrior zhu's Says:

    That a lots of snow but I seen worse. You should see what we get up here in the great white north.

  2. Emily Says:

    Holy Pudding…and I thought I got a lot of snow, well actually I never really thought it was a lot….but when we got like 4 inches I was like “wow so much snow!!!”

  3. man Says:

    Et toi , Cheri , tu vas bien ? Moi so!

  4. jenna Says:

    Je me disais “c’est beau la neige” mais 53 morts ! En France aussi des gens meurent à cause du froid l’hiver, mais pas autant

  5. jen Says:

    no shit? that’s incredible. i’m so sorry for the people that have lost family members…………..ahhhhhhh i’m from ohio and snow sucks