Sexy Car!?

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Some Japanese cars have funny names, but this one really tops it!

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4 Responses to “Sexy Car!?”

  1. Violence Worker Says:

    I saw a Naked my last trip over to Japan as me and my colleague were walking through a parking lot. I laughed and said, “I want a Naked, man!” He stopped, looked at me and said, “you aren’t talking about me are you?” It hit me what I’d just said. I didn’t realize he hadn’t seen the car. I quickly pointed over to the car and showed him what I meant. He was a bit relieved.

    Any way, I’ll be back over there soon. I still want a Naked, man!


  2. Em Says:

    Ohh is that a suggestive name or wat..

  3. The Violence Worker! Says:

    I Want A Naked, Man!

    In my wanderings around the web, I sometimes find some humorous things. There is a blog I read occasionally that focuses on Japanese culture. It’s called My Blog. It’s in English, Japanese and French and as you read the header,

  4. deadhippo Says:

    I hope one of my students gets one of these.
    “Last week I got Naked. My husband doesn’t like Naked. He say Naked is for woman.”