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I found this very interesting article on the BBS by Chris Hogg, about bowing in Japan. It explains some of the social intricacies of Japanese culture and the use of the famous levels of politeness in the Japanese language, and submits that the low crime rate in Japan is a direct effect of all that politeness and respect for one’s “senpai” (i.e. senior, but this translation is far from grasping the concept of “senpai”). This respect indeed is reflected at all levels of society, and is one of the values held high in Japan. It is very well written, and deserves to be read if you have any interest in that particular aspect of Japanese culture. You can find the original article here, but as the BBS will certainly archive it in the next few days, I took the liberty of uploading the article here.

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3 Responses to “Bowing in Japan”

  1. Brian Parker Says:

    I spent a few weeks in Japan a while back. Being from the US it was like a different world to me. I knew right away that there were several things that I must learn so that I would not offend anyone. Many people were extremely helpful and gave me advice on proper edicate. I was also amazed by the amount of signs that were in English. They have many beautiful places to visit and some interesting things to do. I would recommend a trip to Japan to anyone.

  2. Jason Says:

    Great article. I read your blog every day and look forward to learning more about Japanese culture.

  3. drifters.escape.1.1 Says:

    Life as a Muslim – Bowing in Japan – Part 2002 of a 999999 part series.

    A great discovery over at Sylvain Bouchard’s blog. It brings back one of those dificult issues with being a Muslim and going to foreign countries. Being that a Muslim is specifically forbidden to bow before anything other than God, it lead to som…