Happy New Year!

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Today marks the beginning of the year of the dog (”inu doshi” here in Japan), according to the Chinese calendar. Happy New Year to everybody born under that sign! The year of the dog 2006 will end on February 17, 2007. Although you might have seen the chinese character on the left before, in Japan they actually use a completely different set of characters for the twelve animals. The one on the right is the one used in Japan.

Chinese character
Japanese kanji

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4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Miss Bad Penny Says:

    Happy Dog Year!!

    What do Japanese do to celebrate the Lunar New Year??

  2. deadhippo Says:

    And if you would like to get the perfect t-shirt for the year of the Dog please check out my online store..

    (sorry Sylvain, I’m shameless)

    Welcome back btw…belated as it is

  3. Sylvain Says:

    >Miss Bad Penny

    Actually, the lunar New Year is not celebrated in Japan as it is in other East-Asian countries. It is just “mentionned”. The solar New Year, called “oshougatsu” is real big, though.

  4. Sylvain Says:

    >Dead Hippo

    Yes, you are shameless! Dead Hippo has really nice t-shirts at his online shop. Make sure to visit it @