Ainori #302

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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In August 2005, I discovered that Ainori was not only popular in Japan, but also all over the world thanks to Bit Torrent technology. I decided to write a summary of each episode, and do a translation of the weekly photo captions from the official site. What do I get out of this? I get to improve my Japanese, I get more traffic to my blog, but above all, I get the satisfaction of knowing many non-Japanese speakers all over the world can appreciate a truly unique reality show. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.

Ainori’s official homepage (Japanese only).

This month’s participants.

Ainori’s BT downloads available @ D-Addicts and Saiyaman

Ainori #302



Alec is WEIRD! He decided that he didn’t like Izumi anymore, because he didn’t like the way she talked to him. They were sitting together on the bus, and he made a comment about how kids these days never play outside anymore. When she replied that he must have been such a kid, playing video games all the time, he took it personally. Then , when she saw that he was scratching a scab on his hand, she told him very seriously not to do that, and that did it! On the other hand, when Hisayon saw him scratch his scab, she told him that everybody wants to scratch, and it seems now Alec started getting interested in her because of that! Scabs!? How romantic! The funniest part is he apologized to Izumi in his diary, as if he was dumping her, or something… This guy is in a bubble, far, far away!

Outlaw Outlaw was at it again, this time with Hisayon. Sitting next to her on a bench with one arm around her shoulder, playing with her hair. He’s such a creep, I can’t believe it! And something that is about to become his trademark: a final kiss on the head! I swear, this will become a weekly “Shinjuku sukebe” corner, just for him…


Yeeeees! Suuzan is seriously considering Mie as a potential girl friend. ‘Bout time! In this week’s episode, he went to the staff’s room twice to talk about Mie, and the last time he really made it clear that he could imagine the two of them going back to Japan together. I’m really rooting for them, and hope they’ll realize soon it’s time to declare their feelings to each other. Mmmm, I wonder who’s gonna go first…

:-) Ainori 302 – Special treat for non-Japanese speakers :-)

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12 Responses to “Ainori #302”

  1. JennyCubachi Says:

    Poor Alec! It seems as if he finds someone that has something in common with, he immediately goes to that person. He needs someone who is like him personality wise. Izumi seems to be a bit more mature. They’re just not on the same wavelength. As for Outlaw, what a playboy! He is really a conceited guy, but fun to watch.
    I really hope Mie and Suuzan connect with each other. They are the couple to most likely succeed and are great for each other.

  2. Megumi Says:

    Alec IS weird! but he’s too cute. he’s 10 years older than me but I feel like hugging him & taking him home. lol

    Suuzan & Mie! I hope they go home happy, soon. Although I’ll miss them, they should hurry up and realize each others feelings and go home as a couple. I’m hoping Suuzan kokuhaku’s Mie first. just to surprise her and make her happy. Although, Mie was first to like him, so Mie going to him first would make more sense..

  3. Stephen Says:

    It’s kind of funny how at first Suzan and Mie were kind of the Odd Couple on the Love Wagon, with him having perhaps the most peculiar and individual personality, and her the most bubbly and active. But ever since the roster of people on the show kind of reset a little while ago, they’re the “senior” members of the group, and the hosts really hit it on the nail a week or two ago when they said that compared to the new girls on the Wagon, Mie really is the “nice girl” of the group, the one you’d feel best about taking home to show Mom. I really hope they end up together and based on the way we’re being led on, I can’t imagine they won’t go back to Japan as a couple…

    …but can you imagine Ainori without them? We’d be stuck with two women catfighting over a flattered younger guy, an indecisive weiner who’s out of touch with reality, and a narcissistic playboy whom everyone else pretty much ignores. Not a very cozy place anymore!

  4. Julien S Says:

    Je pense qu’Alec a justement été choisi pour certains traits immatures de sa personnalité. Très rapidement, tout le monde a eu des doutes sur son équilibre. C’est un hardcore gamer qui souffre d’être considéré comme un gaijin alors que dans sa tête, c’est un pur japonais… il est blindé de névroses. Pourtant, moi aussi je l’aime bien parce qu’il a un bon fond, mais quel maladroit dans les relations humaines, et surtout quel naïf…. A mon avis, il est encore bien trop immature pour être à l’aise dans un tel casse-tête relationnel….

  5. Marcelo Says:

    Oh. Alec! Such a… big kid. The way he talks, the way he reasons… hee, no wonder why the hosts are are always making fun of him. I still like him, though, for the entertainment value. But beyond that, at this rate he won’t be able to charm Hisayon or any future contestant for that matter.
    Outlaw… heh, what can I say? He’s done it again. Hey, don’t blame the guy, kissing women’s heads for him is as natural as eating or breathing! And, yes, Bouchard san, you should make a special weekly corner to comment on Outlaw’s cajolery. Heh, to a certain degree I wish I was as straightforward as him.
    Finally, yes, I also think that Suuzan and MIE are ready for each other. Although they didn’t seem to have anything in common, they’ve come to know and understand each other in a rather natural way, which is a great accomplishment considering that we’re talking about a reality show with certain rules and conditions to follow. I have the feeling they’ll become a couple… but I wouldn’y my money on it either. Hey, it’s Ainori, people! Weirder things have happened contradicting human logic. Remember Hide and Kayo? They were perfect for each other, and yet… Which reminds me, Bouchard san, do you remember the reasons Soruto gave the staff to retire? At least to me that was yet another decision without any logical explanation.
    Ja, o saki ni! ^ ^

  6. ragundo Says:

    I’m waiting your translation Sylvain.

    This episode has been fantastic.

  7. Marcelo Says:

    Y sólo por curiosidad… ¿de dónde eres, Ragundo? 知りたいな~!

  8. jenna Says:

    Pff lala! Alec me fait trop de peine! Il vit sur une autre planete c’est sur!

    Izumi est vraiment méchante je trouve, elle montre un mauvais côté d’elle même!
    Le pervers est égal à lui même!

    Et MIE et SUZAN doivent rentrer ensemble! En plus ce serait trop bête que Suzan soit resté pour rien, et que Tk se soit fait rembarrer pour rien!

  9. maizzy Says:


    Haven’t been here in awhile… Damn… lots of snow… doesnt it remind of of good old Quebec… aaahh… so nice… heee… here its cold and icky… but we have had nice weather through out the winter whcih is great… i love the theme… cute… love the snowflakes… so cute… heee… :)

    I should watch the reality series, but with Japanese course, watching anime and my Japanese dramas… I have no spare time to say… I am lazy… that is a fact… heee…

    Hope you and your wife are doing good… Have a wonderful Valentine’s if I don’t show up to wish you one…

  10. Em Says:

    Ola Sylvainbouchard

    Thanks for the Ainori updates…

  11. NewYorkJihen Says:

    Happy for Mie and Suuzan. Hope it works out. Outlaw is such a perv! Damn he makes me sick. And poor, deluded Alec… I’m just like him when it comes to cluelessness about women, I hope he saw that Izumi just wants him to offer her his tickets because she wants to reject someone!

    I just found ainori on bittorrent and have been catching up (they play episodes where I live a few months behind). But finding this site is almost as good as finding the ainori episodes! Where else can you find a thread with four languages, and no admin complaining “English only”?

    Je ne peux pas ecrit aux francais parce que j’ai oubliee tout les mots!

  12. NewYorkJihen Says:

    One more thing. I absolutely love this episode for the insight into Izumi. She knows all about the love hotels. (How can the new kid not know about them? I’ve never been to Japan, and I know about them!)

    Izumi also says that she doesn’t mind splitting the check but the man should pay for the hotel. Why would the men have to pay? It sounds like she’s got a season pass. I’m learning quite a bit about what Japanese women expect.

    Also the back to the wall thing. You know, I think she’s telling Alec that she thinks he’s cute and would actually have a chance if he acted differently. If only he wasn’t such an otaku (like me). She tells him to be a little more chivalrous and more passionate. But you can never get the otaku out so of course he’ll never have a chance.