Miki Andou’s armpit…

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This is Miki Andou, a Japanese figure skater taking part in the Torino Olympic Winter Games .

She should really shave her armpits properly before taking part in any competition…

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20 Responses to “Miki Andou’s armpit…”

  1. Miss Bad Penny Says:

    Uh oh, busted!!

  2. Liisa Says:

    I love reading across your site. Tres amusing, all the time. The snow’s a nice touch, too! :) Merci for the armpit– I got a great laugh!

  3. deadhippo Says:

    And while the nation of Japan was breathing a collective sigh of relief.
    Mr. Bouchard, you risk deportation.

  4. Kathryn Beach Says:

    Why are people so afraid of unshaven armpits? I truly don’t get it.

  5. chooch Says:

    oh mikity… but here in china most of girls dont have a custom to shave them. its really shocked when i went to the sauna with a cute chinese female friends(T_T)

  6. marie b. Says:

    Unshaven armpits are fine.

    Crappily shaven armpits like this girl’s are just .. ew.

  7. jenna Says:

    That’s a shame hahaha! Je croyais les asiatiques peu poilue… Ca n’empeche pas le poil dru appriori lol

  8. Dalai Says:

    hey ! je cherchais par hasard des photos de Miki que j’ai découvert aux JO. Je la trouve sublime cette fille !!! rahlalala
    Sylvain ? c’est ça le nom du propriétaire de ces lieux ?
    euh d’abord merci pour cette petite photo d’identité de Miki-chan !
    j’aimerais savoir si tu en as d’autres
    et si tu vis au Japon ? paske tu parles parles beaucoup du Japon !
    voila merci
    je risque de me faire pourir ma boite mail mais bon tant pis je l’ai crée pour ça celle-ci loool
    voila si tu veux bien répondre à cette adresse ^^x
    ja ne !

  9. emi Says:

    I think she had dermatitis.
    Have you seen her back ?
    She seems to have lots of skin trouble which is pity.

  10. licpit Says:

    There is nothing more beautiful than an Asian women with hairy underarms. Only young American kids don’t like it. Who cares about them??

  11. justloveit Says:

    i love it

  12. denirog Says:

    vive les aisselles poilues we want hairy armpits !!!!!!

  13. rumi Says:

    i like that, coz too sexy for me…!!!

  14. indwa Says:

    love the pit
    i want to sniff it..make me woody
    so hard

  15. Fong46 Says:

    Her cutieness allow her to let her armpits hair grow. I think women wouldn’t have to care about showing a small amount of hair on their armpits: it’s not bad

  16. JASS Says:


  17. rexona yeap saw ying Says:

    I like this site!

  18. handoyo Says:

    i will licking your armpits because verry beautifull,nice n hot

  19. super hero Says:

    i want to licking and fetish you armpits because verry horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrny and hot

  20. Bertha Says:

    I thought I wasnt going to like this blog but more I read the more I liked it.