Funny English #9

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Disclaimer:This series is about funny English found in Japan. Japan is notorious for its terrible misuse of English, and sometimes you can really get a good laugh. I’d like to point out something very important, though, WITH THIS SERIES I DO NOT INTEND TO MAKE FUN OF JAPANESE PEOPLE. As an English teacher, it would be unethical for me to do so, and as a language learner, I wouldn’t like anybody to make fun of me, either. What I’m making fun of are THE STUPID COMPANIES WHO ARE EITHER TOO CHEAP OR TOO LAZY TO HAVE THEIR ENGLISH CHECKED OUT BEFORE THEY USE IT. I mean, how much time and money does it take to have someone proof read a couple of sentences, or sometimes even single words?

Name of a beauty parlor in Sendai

Moisture for damaged hair brings attractive beauty!?

You got that right!

More pleasantly, and more gentlly. We wish happy living for everybody…

Kitchenware that “Taste & smell sweet for enjoy time”…

Stop the copy goods!


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11 Responses to “Funny English #9”

  1. Ian Says:

    “who knows, who the hell cares, it does’t know what is there” Sylvain would appreciate this sentence… The T-shirt I bought in Sendai had this written on it.

  2. teddY Says:

    Haha, I love all the simple Engrish the photos are trying to convey ;) you know, some photos on are so hard to understand I don’t know what’s wrong with the language used.

    Great job! Will be visitng frequently from now on :)

  3. mongakim Says:

    oooooh! I want more gentilly happy living for everyone and during enjoy time as well!
    This was very entertaining, thank you! Found you via the zoo.

  4. jenna Says:

    sopra forever lol

  5. Miss Bad Penny Says:

    Oh I used to have a real kick out of reading those poorly translated menus in Hong Kong. My personal favorite – “Fuck Fry Cow River”, hahaaaa. Yes, it’s a dish that’s served in a Chinese restaurant. Wanna make a guess??

    Answer: Beef stir-fry with noodles!!

  6. Leon Says:

    Gotta love them Japanese. “Your blog are belong to me!”

  7. deadhippo Says:

    but the world is truly full of things

  8. Em Says:

    Ola Sylvain

    This is a funny post.Thanks for the laughs mate!

  9. ブーメラン Says:


  10. NewYorkJihen Says:

    Hilarious. The english equivalent is people who get nonsensical kanji tattoos.

    There is this link:
    which is the same article copied and pasted on at least half a dozen sites.
    (Britney Spears’ tattoo: not “Mysterious” but “Strange”. And “Big Daddy” in Kanji = “Large Father”)

    But the best is:
    Hanzismatter is a site dedicated to bad kanji tattoos, with the highlighted all time favorite entry, “Crazy Diarrhea” (I can’t remember where I first heard about this. If I got it from here my apologies.)

  11. Irene Says:

    I am back. I used to leave a comment on your Ainori series when Hide turned down Omami and Takano’s love declaration. Since then, I’ve been following your blog. I just noticed that your Funny English series is an eye opener. I mean not only to Japanese people, the natives of English and those people whose second language is English as well. For example: Leon said,”Your blog are belong to me”. I think that is funny, too.

    You really did a good job Sylvain san! Keep it up!