Ainori #308

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あいのりの新しいMCは。。。ウェンツ瑛士!? どうかな?芸人として加藤晴彦とまったくレベル違って本当に彼でいいのか?確かにあいのりのメンバーズと年齢近いし、人気があるかもしれないけど、あいのりのMCになるのにどうだ?テレビ経験も少ないし、ただヤングなイケ面だけなんだろうなぁ☆まぁ、心配しながら頑張ってもらいたい。。。かな?







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10 Responses to “Ainori #308”

  1. Crazyah Says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Wentz Eiji!!! HOTTNESS!! LOL
    another great reason to watch AI NORI EVERYWEEK!!
    once again,thank you soo much for your summaries,you’re the best !~

  2. stefii Says:

    ughh. I havent read the summary yet, simply because im guessing theres a delay in the releasing of the bittorrent version.
    Well, im not a huge fan of wentz. in fact, i dont like him at all.
    I see him try to be cute and funny, and i just hate it. Hes not cute, and his attempts at being funny dont cut it.

    a little harsh. i know. ._.;;
    but i dont like him. :P

  3. FunkyPanda Says:

    I thought wentz was half german half japanese?

  4. Sylvain Says:

    > Funky Panda

    Wentz’s dad is German-American, and his mom is Japanese.

  5. jennycubachi Says:

    Why did Haruhiko leave the show? I don’t know about Wentz. Maybe it will take a while to get use to him as a host after being so accustomed to Haruhiko.

  6. Marta Says:

    Holaa a todoss!!

  7. NewYorkJihen Says:

    I have no opinion about the new host. I do have an opinion about Alec. I’ve been somewhat of a defender of him, but his cluelessness this episode is astounding. Even Outlaw is starting to act reasonable. But check out Goki with the insight into Suzaan’s feelings. She must be a smart one.

  8. sophy♥ Says:

    i love wentz eijii!!! ♥
    he is sooo cute… :)

  9. joselin Says:

    hola me parece ami uno de los chicos mas lindo queconoci me gusta mucho eiji wentz

  10. lara Says:

    Eiji likes Becky, cute couple