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Ainori is a popular reality show in Japan, aired on Fuji TV on Monday nights at 23:00.

In August 2005, I discovered that Ainori was not only popular in Japan, but also all over the world thanks to Bit Torrent technology. I decided to write a summary of each episode, and do a translation of the weekly photo captions from the official site. What do I get out of this? I get to improve my Japanese, I get more traffic to my blog, but above all, I get the satisfaction of knowing many non-Japanese speakers all over the world can appreciate a truly unique reality show. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to post any comments or questions you may have.

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Ainori #309


Yep, the group got drunk, again. And what happens when these guys get drunk? Why, all hell breaks loose, of course.

It all began when the group started drinking this Austrian wine, called “Sturm”. It’s supposed to contain only 10% of alcohol, but they compensated for that “lack” by drinking more of it, and quickly, as it is the custom in Japan… Events then unfolded in an unpredictable manner, but I’ll try to summarize them as clearly as possible. Here we go…

Offender #1: Suuzan – The man who was regretful thinking about Mie. Suuzan was the first one to go. He started lying on the ground putting grass blades on his head as if it was hair, started crying like a baby, and ended up climbing up a tree where he cried even more, apparently reminiscing about Mie.

Suuzan is now realizing what a big mistake he made when he turned her down. With Mie’s ghost hanging over him, I think he won’t be able to concentrate on any other girl for quite a while. I say he’s a potential contender for Hide’s record…

Offender #2: Hisayon – The lonely girl who was shocked by the fact nobody had an eye on her. Hisayon had her feelings hurt earlier on that day, when the whole group dressed up in Renaissance clothes, but none of the boys threw themselves at her to have their picture taken together. When the group started drinking, the fact that Tagamikun, the boy she likes, and Goki were having a lot of fun drinking didn’t help either. She suddenly felt really lonely, and after a few glasses went to sit separately from the group and started crying. That mobilized Goki and (surprisingly) Outlaw, who didn’t try any dirty tricks – on the contrary, he seemed to be genuinely supportive. Must have been the wine…

Offender #3: Izumi- The woman who had one way feelings towards the 20 year old Tagamikun. Then, Izumi started to look after Suuzan, who was obvioulsy in pretty bad shape. Pretty drunk, too, she tried to climb up the tree he was in to join him, and doing so flashed her panties quite unabashedly. That didn’t go down too well with an overprotective Alec, who was screaming at the top of his lungs. After spending some time up there, she joined the others back, tried to comfort Hisayon, and suddenly decided it was all Tagamikun’s fault if Hisayon was crying. She walked up to him and said in a crude manner: “This is all your fault. Don’t you get it? I don’t wanna be anywhere near you”.

Brrr, what a bitch! It felt like Takano was back or something!

Offender #4: Tagamikun – The innocent, heartless boy. Right, this guy had absolutely no clue as to why Hisayon was crying, and was trying to understand so much why Izumi told him (wrongly) everything was his fault. The real victim in this series of disorderly events… 

 Offender #5: Alec – The man who set his mind on Izumi. Now Alec got so excited when Izumi started getting too close to Suuzan, he was practically jumping up and down. And the panties incident really worked him up! He got so suspicious that on the next day he went to see the driver and asked for the fateful plane tickets. Yep, next week, Alec is going to declare his love to Izumi, and will most probably go back to Japan by himself. Too bad, he was so funny… 

:-) Ainori 309 – Special treat for non-Japanese speakers :-)


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8 Responses to “Ainori #309”

  1. jennycubachi Says:

    This has got to be one of the weirdest Ainori episodes. This is just one of the most eclectic groups in the show’s history. I believe Suuzan will actually go to Japan to look for Mie in an unexpected turn of events. At least, I wish that would happen. Alec why do you have to go!? I really enjoy this humorous side of him. He has no chance with Izumi, she is just to caught up with Tagamikun. Maybe her feelings will go to another guy…I wonder who?

  2. Crazyah Says:

    OMG!! idiot baka pabbo!!!!! this Alec dude is a real idiot lol!!!
    but I sort of feel bad for him now,everybody knows he’s going back home “ALONE” next week! lolx

    and Awwwww poor Suuzan T^T he must’ve really liked Mie to still feel bad about rejecting her..I hope he decides to leave the show to go after her soon XD heh would miss him,but I think they’d really make a cute couple!

    once again,many thanks for the summary sylvain!!!

  3. Stephen Says:

    One of the most bizarrely fascinating and entertaining episodes of Ainori I’ve ever seen! For a while I’d been in a low-key Ainori mood (in fact I procrastinated a few days on watching this, when previously I would be getting the popcorn ready before they even finished downloading) partly due to the fact that I couldn’t really feel for any of the new batch of characters after the very sympathetic and likeable Hide/Arashi/tk/Aya/Mie/Umechan group. But with this episode the mix finally paid off for me as I was held on the edge of my seat the entire “drunk afternoon” scene by just how unpredictable and fast-moving things were getting. And Alec’s choice at the end was the sweet, gooey frosting on the cake. Whatta bunch of misfits!

    So Alec’s star burned bright and quickly, and as far as the goofball aspect goes, he put TK to shame. May his legend be remember for years to come…

  4. Miriam Says:

    This episode was amazing. So funny and so much going on. I’m also hoping Suuzan will go to Japan to go after MIE. They’d make a cute couple.

    Even though Izumi was a bitch this week (unjustly attacking Tagami-kun), I don’t think she meant to be. She just misunderstood why Hisayon was crying. I like how she has the guts to say what she thinks and I hope she’ll stay in the show for a while.

    It’s incredible, I’m actually starting to like Outlaw. Did anyone else notice at 15:50 how he encouraged Goki to comfort Hisayon. Lifting her arm like that. I thought that was so sweet.

    And I’m sorry, but Alec is so getting dumped the next episode. I’m already looking forward to the new member. I love this show.

  5. Pauline Says:

    OMG! HAHAHA, what is going on with Alec and his pea-sized brain. This man just doesn’t know when to stop. And I agree with Stephen, I miss the old group of members. This new group has good looking people, but they just don’t have those personalities I’m attracted to. Except for Suuzan. He’s cool.

    Who I really miss is Hide though. It’s like I’ve seen him mature and grow up so much, and now, he’s like a son gone off to a far away land. Truly very sad.

    Tagamikun is this innocent little boy who just wants to have fun. Why can’t they stop pestering him. Them oldies…..

    BTW, how is Wentz Eiji doing as the new host? I haven’t been able to watch this, and I mostly rely on your summaries. LOL. Is he any good?

  6. Takoyaki Says:

    First off, I’d like to thank Sylvain for all of the instant summaries week after week! Merci beaucoup, Arigato, Thanks eh!

    I’ve been an faithful Ainori viewer for almost 3 years now and been enjoying this site for a few months now, I can’t sit silently anymore after this episode. Argh, Alec.. I enjoyed Alec’s “Imagination” and will miss him. I hope he will be replaced with a character as interesting as him!
    Argh, Suzzan. Time to go home, I feel he’s loosing his creativity and soul being on this show, he’s falling apart and I don’t think there is a chance that he’ll find anyone before he totally looses it.
    Outlaw, has potential.. Kind of reminds me a bit of Kota kun from a few years back (Just recently got married to his Ainori match)

    Finally I’d like to say, I have a feeling we’ll be stick with the 50year old duo for a while, should be an interesting ride.

    Lookin’ forward to next week,

  7. NewYorkJihen Says:

    This episode was so awesome. It was the best episode I’ve seen. Suuzan should retire himself. Takoyaki said it, you’re right about his decline. I don’t think Izumi was bitchy at all. She only had concern for Suuzan & Hisayon, how can that be bitchy? For a change I respect and like her. I do agree with you, Miriam, about Outlaw. How is it possible that in such a short period of time he went from despicable to likeable? Of course when they edit the show they construct characters carefully using choice film cuts, so in the beginning they only show Outlaw’s obnoxious side, and now they show his empathetic side.

    This is my prediction: Suzaan is more than “poisoning” his outlook on life, he wants to be poisoned by his manhood, the love only two men can share! He will make his love proclamation to Suzaan! The new host Wentz said it! Think about it. As a host he deals with women only one way. They are attracted to him physically. But there is never a real connection. He has his canned behavior, the obnoxious groping that works in Shinjuku but not on Ainori. But he makes the love connection with Suzaan. (I know this isn’t really going to happen, but I would love to see it.) Best episode ever!

    P.S. goodbye Alec we hardly knew ye.

  8. Julien S Says:

    This could be called “ainori in the twilight zone”….

    Le STURM a fait basculer Ainori dans une expérience hallucinante.
    On ne comprenait plus ce qu’il se passait. Suuzan est parti en vrille le premier en rampant par terre et en arrachant de la pelouse pour s’en faire des cheveux…
    Je pense que le staff avait prévu un épisode “alcoholisé”. L’alcohol révèle les japonais et donne lieu à tous les débordements.
    Contrairement à vous, j’ai particulièrement apprécié qu’Izumi fasse une action contre Tagami. Ce gamin considère qu’Izumi et Hisayon sont déjà des vieilles. Comme beaucoup d’hommes japonais, il ignore les femmes après un certain âge. Finalement, à part avoir une gueule de gamin innocent, qu’a-t-on vu des qualités de Tagami ?? Il est très superficiel. Il n’a pas la profondeur d’âme de Suuzan. Qu’il rentre avec le cafard et qu’il soit rapidement remplacé !