Ainori #316

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3 Responses to “Ainori #316”

  1. jennycubachi Says:

    I got a feeling Suuzan is inching closer towards returning to Japan to find Mie. I really have high hopes for the (hopefully) would-be couple. It’s really heart wrenching to see Suuzan torture himself based on his decision. I hope all works out.
    Hopefully Outlaw can return to Ainori. He is a great character and undeservingly was at the receiving end of the stupidity of “professionals.” Will he return to Ainori based on the fact that the show will officially apologize to him?
    Izumi seems to have a good chance. However, is it just me or is Tagamikun still a mysterious character in the show. I feel as though I don’t know much about him.

  2. NewYorkJihen Says:

    I hope Suuzan retires himself and goes back to Japan for Mie also. No one else will come close, and he probably knows it. But if he finds her, will she accept him? She might have moved on already…

    Outlaw was all over the place. Towards the end he was likeable, but he did flip out. However, there was no hint that there’s a new member next week to replace him? So maybe he does come back.

    I don’t think Izumi has a chance. Tagamikun wants a girl closer to his age. Even though she was cold as ice, there where times when her kind side showed through. I may be way off here but I thought she would have actually made a good match with Alec, if he wasn’t such an idiot.

    Yes, Tagamikun and “Souri” are complete mysteries. Suuzan gets all the airtime. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing him. So what if he can cry on cue, who cares? The new, young kids need to act up a little so they get a little more camera time. I’d also like to see something about Hisayon, something besides cooking.

  3. @タイ Says:

    Hello. I’m a huge fan of ainori from Thailand. As you’ve said, thanks to to Bit Torrent technology. Even I went back from Japan, I still can enjoy this reality show and persue my Japanese lesson. Glad to know there are many fans all over the world and glad to come to this blog :)