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Geoloc is the small map you can see at the top of my sidebar, pinpointing the approximate location of whoever is looking at my site. Awesome, ain’t it? Thing is, they cut my 15 day trial version within 50 hours, without any reason. I got an email saying I can renew my subscription from the members area, but when I get there I’m being told I’m not a member, and the regular way to subscribe is not available due to “maintenance”. A glitch? The one on my wife’s page works fine, though. I’m a little pissed off right now because it’s a really neat guizmo and I’d really like it to work… :-(

Update 16/06/2005

It’s been two days since I’ve sent them an email and still no reply. Screw them! I’m using my wife’s Geoloc, until they care to reply…

Update 17/06/2005

!#$%&!#$%@*I can’t believe it! Now my wife’s map is gone too! And of course no reply yet. The site has been down for “maintenance” for fuckin’ 48 hours. In cybertime it’s an eternity. If you wanna distribute software through an official site, I think you should be more alert, or at least explain what’s going on. I’m sending them another not so polite email, this time…

Update 19/06/2005

This is getting ridiculous. It’s been five days, and I still haven’t heard anything from them. Although their website has a seemingly professional look (except for a few obvious typos in French), I bet Geoloc is the product of ONE GUY working in his basement, oblivious of the potential business and reputation he is loosing. Please click on the “Large Map 大地図”link under my Geoloc map to view my personal way of protesting against such lateness / laziness.

Update 20/06/2005

It gets better! Now the registration option is available, and so is the trial version… But there are NO LINKS TO SUBSCRIBE, ANYWHERE! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Later…Scratch that! The registration option is down, again…

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2 Responses to “Geoloc”

  1. Vijay Krishna Says:

    Try FeedMap – – it is an alternative, but it works the other way round. It shows your (the author’s) exact location on a map, and a list of bloggers in the vicinity

  2. eauho Says:

    une alternative a geoloc