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Disclaimer:This series is about funny English found in Japan. Japan is notorious for its terrible misuse of English, and sometimes you can really get a good laugh. I’d like to point out something very important, though, WITH THIS SERIES I DO NOT INTEND TO MAKE FUN OF JAPANESE PEOPLE. As an English teacher, it would be unethical for me to do so, and as a language learner, I wouldn’t like anybody to make fun of me, either. What I’m making fun of are THE STUPID COMPANIES WHO ARE EITHER TOO CHEAP OR TOO LAZY TO HAVE THEIR ENGLISH CHECKED OUT BEFORE THEY USE IT. I mean, how much time and money does it take to have someone proof read a couple of sentences, or sometimes even single words?

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One Response to “Funny English – “Confernce””

  1. umi Says:

    Hey Sylvain! Thank you for the comment and the email. I love these engrish things. I was amused at all the smoking posters all over Tokyo. I have one at the end of this entry. And there is also this list from my 2004 trip to Japan. (I like the second one in the latter link)

    I did indeed get your email and replied. I fwded you the reply once again. (maybe check your spam folder?) However, the general gist of the email is that I would love to help with the translations. I don’t know if I can committ to doing whole episode translation, but if it is a summary, I watch it anyways, and it wouldn’t be too much trouble. 10-20 lines of text that stumped you, should be fine, and I will be happy to give you my input. Anything I can help you with regarding that, let me know.