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Man, I’ve had this fever for like a week now. It’s a real weird virus, like a mild headache with a sore throat, but no runny nose. It’s not enough to feel like I wanna lie down, but it’s just enough to make my head kinda light… I feel lazy. Most teachers at my school have similar symptoms. I feel like shit. Luckily I only have two classes today, and I’m showing a movie. But tonight there’s that darn PTA meeting. I gotta lot to blog about, but just don’t feel like it…

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3 Responses to “Fever”

  1. M-J Jones Says:

    Interesting life you lead.
    Just wanted to tell you that your [...] doesn’t seem to work on your blog (at least with Firefox). Is the problem connected to Polyglot?

    Indeed came across your blog from http://fredfred.net/skriker/index.php/polyglot
    ‘cos I’m considering installing Wordpress but I absolutely need a bilingual blog and a friend of mine needs a trilingual one.

    Being a complete newbie to both php and Wordpress, I wonder if you have written down the procedure needed to implement Polyglot with the tips you got from Malyfred. If so, it would be nice to see it on your site (or to receive it by email).

    Hope you’ve recovered from your virus and can enjoy the summer.

  2. M-J Jones Says:

    Another question came to my mind.
    With you system, do you have to translate all your posts into the 3 languages or

    * Can you leave out one translation?
    * Can you have a post in only one language (and not necessarily the default language)?

    Merci et bonnes vacances

  3. M-J Jones Says:

    Noticed you have your beautiful wife’s blog on your site? How did you set this up? Did you do a new installation of WordPress for her in a subfolder? Or did you do it in another way?